Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello Everyone,
K so the picture attached is me eating a grass hopper. With Elder Olive on splits. He is the ZL.  Plus, I am sweating like crazy.  It's cooking here!

Ok so for some question answers.  We do about half of our teaching appointments a week at the church. Cuz we get a lot of investigators from English or their families don't want to learn. So we teach at the church a lot and the members are so willing to help. Cam asked the question if I am teaching anyone. We have 9 progressing investigators right now. We had 8 at church this week and last night while knocking doors! Which isn't against the law. We went into an apartment complex thing it had a courtyard (very small) with houses around it. We found three potential families to teach. All with about 4 people in them. We are teaching them tonight at about 6:30. So the funny thing about Thailand is you don't really know people's real names.

O ya so you can try to find The Trio Garden in google. That is the name of the Condo's we live in.
Our Apartment
Ya that is some crazy sweet updates for the week! Jazz, Mitt. ACL's haha! Thanks for everything! Ya and that awesome group of missionaries coming in from Thailand is pretty neat! The rumor is( President Smith said), for now on the missionaries coming in will be greater than those leaving! So we are growing it is true!

Ok So for this week P-day! We were going to play soccer today! But instead we helped the Ward Mission leader move.  So that was fun. But yes they love soccer here. One of the members told us yesterday that you have to know to play soccer if you want to get into houses! So ya they love that sport. But usually for P-days we play sports. Go to zoo's like the Aligator farm or the Snake farm or Elephants and stuff. So it is cool. As for friends nearby. They are spread everywhere. Mostly in the Bangkok area. Lots in the middle. But I think only 2 in the Eason (east) where I am.

Ya as for my week. You are probably wondering about the grasshopper. So insects are a hot commidity here! They are like starbursts or like halls coughdrops. Everyone eats halls but anywho. So we were going to start with a cricket cuz it is tiny. But I thought hey I know I could eat a cricket. So I tried the Grasshopper. It was worse than the liver. It was super crunchy and I managed to swallow half! It was so scratchy and you could feel the leg in your throat. Ya it was gross. It was probably the most crunchy thing I have ever had. But it was better than eating a cockroach.  Anywho. They have silk worms and everything. But I threw up when I tried to swallow the second half of the grasshopper. Ya I am a sissy.  But you are trying it when you come here! Ya I went with Elder Olive he is a sweet guy! Love him to death! He always cooks for us on Sunday nights Spagehtii.
Speaking of food, check out our sea side dinner! Haha!  I love the dirty rivers too!

As for the weather. It was so hot this week! Could you send me the weather update for the week? Anywho so it does rain. For like 10 minutes a day. Then it is just Scorching. They had 3 people die on Tuesday from being dehydrated! So we had to drink 2 liters of water every mornig. Still do to! Straight from President Smith himself. Supposedly it is way hotter than last year!

Ok as for the week. We knock doors a ton! And it is actually very effective. It is probably the hardest thing ever. But nothing to bad. Most people just have dogs. Or you talk to them and ask questions and they act like you aren't speaking to them. But eventually it all works out! We taught 2 lessons yesterday off of inviting. And we also found a referal who wasn't interested at all and kept walking away from us. Then we gave him a BoM and he listened and was super interested! So miracles happen! So ya things are going good. We most likely won't have a baptism until June if things work out alright. People here have lots of things to overcome. Whether it be giving up budhism, because they don't want to be disowned by the family. Or it be they have been living with there boyfriend for 10 years and have 3 kids. There is a lot. But I know that this Gospel will truly help them! And it has! You can see the change that occurs when people learn about the Plan of Salvation or about families. It is awesome!

So as for English it is super fun to teach. This week I taught all by myself for the full hour and a half. They love to learn slang. like..."What's up my homie?" Or. "Hey Boss", "What's Crackin". It is awesome they have a super hard time with the words choose and shoes. And the V's and stuff. I love teaching English.

So the area is really booming right now. The church is really starting to grow here. We had 119 people at church. Some stake members. But we had 20 investigators between all three companionships in our ward! So things are good here!

I'll tell more about crazy people next week. But taxi drivers are the worst haha!

Love Elder Simonsen

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