Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello from Thailand

Hello Family -

To answer your question, the water is way cleaner than Mexico and we drink it everytime we go to the road side shops and stuff. But usually you try to drink bottled when you can. So that is what we do with the water but it is pretty safe. Definately this place is pretty up to date with technology and stuff.

That is awesome about Chase and Brian going on missions! And all my other friends are leaving too! That is exciting.

K as for skype we are getting on at 8 o clock A.M. Bangkok Thailand time. So I will leave it up to you to do the math. I can't. haha! So 8 a.m. with emphasis!
K so this Sunday at church was fast and testimony. It was excellent. I gave the opening prayer in excellent Thai. haha (not really) but it is really the exact same. Besides that fast sunday is the same. People don't have any problems getting up. They are very spiritual people.

Well after that we had to teach Aaronic priesthood. They only have about 6 Aaronic priesthood holders but we taught them about missions. How you get called, where you serve, Why we served, What you can do to prepare now, and so on. So that was really fun to do. We had them practice giving out pass along cards.

K so we had this guy from English show up at church and he is interested in learning a little. He goes to school in Alaska at Anchorage or something. Anywho he is way more interested in English than the gospel. We all didn't know who this guy was but then I remembered like 2 weeks ago we met him on the train and talked to him.

So for this week our investigators are doing great. We extended a baptismal date to 2 more. Brother Egg and Brother Nung. These names are spelled in english for you, so yes they are weird but here in Thailand pretty common. So this week we are doing really good, Dim came to church again and is finally able to learn more with us. But Mam is progressing the best right now. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she only had a problem with coffee. And she quit the next day. haha. So that was awesome! As for Bing, he believes in pure budhism.  But yes we are doing good here. We have a lot of investigators right now. And a few potentially good ones. With this German Thai family. The Dad is German the Mom is Thai. They are really interested and we have taught them and they are looking for the truth. So that is good.
This place is awesome! Honestly the people here are so humble, I found out this week that lots of the members are poor and are struggling for money and that when they converted to the Church they no longer have many friends except for people in the Church. It is kinda sad, but they know it is true. They all give up so much, to pay tithing and everything but the members that do pay tithing are blessed. A few members bore testimony about it. It was great. The people here really have had to fight to know these things to be true. It isn't an easy path but it is a path of reward. We know where we are going, we know why we are here. We know we will live again after this life with God, Jesus Christ, and our families! It is awesome. I love this gospel. I am looking forward to talking to you all next week! So remember 8 o clock A.M. Thailand Bangkok Time. So do the math! I love you all and you should be getting my letters soon. It is really cheap to send letters. I sent 5 for about 130 baht. So 4 dollars ish. Very good! It is sweet so we can write!
Everyone is doing great, I am looking forward to hearing from you on Mothers day.

K so I will see you all next week! Love you and keep up the work back there in the U.S! So I am looking forward to calling. and I will see you next week. Also When it rains here it pours!!!!!! For like 5 minutes it just is like you get wrecked by water. Probably like texas. But then stops for the rest of the day!

K love you all have a good week!
Elder Landon Simonsen!

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