Monday, September 30, 2013

Loving the Work Here!

Hey family! Man this week was just an awesome week! First off thanks for all the e-mails and stuff! Dad I still don't believe you did a back flip and a front flip!! haha! Sounds like the family is all doing great! I can't believe it is already October! There are like a million Birthday's this month! haha! Well to answer some questions. Ok well comments because I had no questions. That is great you got some tickets planned to come back here! How long are you planning on coming back? Week. 2 Weeks? Well sweet. And Home Coming talk on the 23rd! haha! Already planned! Sweet no sweat! It will be weird talking in front of a crowd larger than 50-60 people haha! But I have lots of great stories I would love to share. As for the week. I can't explain how much the Lord is blessing our area! Yesterday guess who I sat by at church??? You may have guessed Brother Brayun the member with Polio. He is awesome! So much faith. He is just an awesome guy. It just pains me to see him walk though. He has no cane or leg brace and still walks on his leg. About half way through church he was just sitting on the couch. Leg all swollen from walking. We are working on getting a wheel chair for our church. But I know the Lord will bless him. He can't walk far at all. But he does has a three wheeled motor cycle car that he drives to church. It is like a mini motorcycle and looks way cool! Also Brother Peter is doing great! This week he got a call from a member in the Stake Presidency. They are thinking about giving him a calling as a councilor in the Stake Young Mens Presidency. It is awesome! To think that one month ago. This man. That I sat across from eating lunch would soon be influenicing every young mans life in the Thailand Bangkok Stake. I wouldn't have believed it. But now I know that the Lord prepared the way for this to happen. Brother Peter needs to bless the lives of the youth here in this country. He is amazing. He has helped my testimony grow. Everytime I meet him I can feel the love he has for his fellow men and for the church. I want every young man in this Stake to know Brother Peter. It was the best thing that happened this week. But close Second is the fact that his daughter has such a desire to be baptized. We had a baptism of a girl in the branch this past week. She is an investigator of the Sisters. And Blay wants to be baptized on October 27th. We taught the Plan of Salvation and when she heard that she can live with her Brother who has passed away and with her family again. She knew this is what she wants. We are now working on helping Beem. The mother accept a baptismal date. This family is awesome. I couldn't imagine not knowing them. I am really so blessed to know them. Not only that but Poom and PP accpeted baptismal dates for the 27th of October as well. They are awesome. Both of them came to church despite the fact there mother and sister weren't there. So it is great! They really have a desire to live with there family again as well! It seems to be that really when it comes down to it. Who doesn't want to live with there family after this life. The people who raised you. Who you love. And what a great opportunity it is to know that these things can help you live with your family. We also saw a huge miracle this past week. As Dad said. The only reason why our work here is going so good is because of the members. This past week we got a referral from a member. They were just aquaintances. But hey. You can share the Gospel with anyone. This person's name is Gone. He is really cool. He is about 50ish and I called him up on Wednesday. Got to know him and said his friend gave us this number. Then he asked,"Are you Mormons?" I am like aaah. Yeah. He is like, "I have so many questions to ask you!" I was like, "And we have your answers. When can you meet." He was like how about 2 hours? I was like sounds good! Meet you at Big C(America's Walmart) Met him. He is awesome!! He was like I have been to so many Sects. And all of them teach to differently. People say you claim truth. Boom!! Restoration. Moved on to Plan of Salvation. Moved into all we need to do is be baptized. He was busy for a few days. But we have an appointment for Wednesday! I really hope it goes somewhere! He is way cool! The work here is really going fantastic! No complaints. We went to the Hospital to take care of Elder Steiners sleep walking and talking. And the doctors prescribed him a mild trancalizer pill. haha! So he took it and hasn't slept walk for two days! haha! Way funny! THey say the reason he does it is because of stress and working everyday. But hey, it beats strapping him to the bed! He is really awesome! We get along super good. Easily one of my easiest companions to work with. Fun guy. And work is going great. Really there is no where else I would rather be. I am so excited to have general conference here in a couple weeks (for Thailand). I love hearing the words of the prophets! I know that the work we are doing out here in Thailand is the work of our Lord and savior. I love this work so much. I am grateful to be able to serve and give to the people here. Really they don't realize how much they bless my life. I really can't explain how grateful I am to share the Gospel with those who don't know Christ. I hope that you all have a great week! Love, Elder Landon SImonsen

Monday, September 23, 2013

Great Birthday week in Thailand

Hey Family! Well, this week was awesome! Kinda a different week, but super awesome! The B-Day was so great! I really loved the packages and stuff. Had some great presents! We got to go out and eat at MK which was pretty good! They specialize in Duck. Super good. Sister New and her family want to go out and eat with us! For Lunch we had pizza and Swensen's Ice Cream cake! I know very American! But they love that stuff here as well! And on September 20th Thailand gave me a present! They started selling Mountain Dew here!!! I know it is crazy! I will send some pics! They look awesome here! Besides that super awesome Birthday. Members gave me treats. And Brother Peter gave me a birthday card! If you have time. He sent me a friend request on facebook, add it!. His name if in English is Songran. He speaks perfect English. So feel free to ask him about coming back. He is the most Christ-like guy around!! Love him to death! So as for missionary work this week! It was a pretty great week! Well kinda good! It felt like we ran out of time! Gosh!!! Sometimes it feels like we have no time in the week. Right now we are working super hard to maintain the Recent Converts we have! We have about 9-10 people baptized in the last 5 months here. And it is ridiculous. Mainly because some are starting to become weak in there testimony. So we are working super hard with the Branch to do Hometeaching. We got our New Elders Quorum President and he called some counselers this past week. So we are working on maintaining the ground we have right now. We made huge progress this week. The Branch had there first Branch Council meeting in a year or something like that. So we are starting to get this branch clicking. We are trying to get the youth strong because that is the future of the Bang Khae Branch and if there are no youth. There will be no children in 10 years in the branch. So we are really looking to the future. As President Senior Talked about at Zone Conference we need to focus on the family here in Thailand. Because what helps the church grow is when the families are 2 or 3 generations in. They strengthen each other. They don't need friends at church because they have there families there to support them. It is so key to the church here in Thailand. That is why we are working so hard to get PP and Poom to be baptized. Because as a family they are stronger than just a single convert. So this past week we have been working with Tanya! She is doing awesome! She comes to church and is learning. Loves commandments. She just is lacking the faith right now. But then at church she heard the Sister Missionaries teach a lesson on missionary work. And how it is a blessing. So she calls us up and is like. He next Saturday can I come and invite people to learn about Christ with you!! We were like sure!! So hopefully this helps her faith! She is awesome loves keeping the commandments. She knows that this is what she needs to do. Just hasn't understood the answer yet. She says she feels so good when she comes to church. Learns. Talks with us. So it is looking good. She hasn't accpeted a baptismal date yet. But she wants to be baptized super bad. So pray for her!! As for Blie (peter's daughter) She is doing great! They came to the sports day activity on Saturday and we played a bunch of sports together with peter and her. Way awesome! Peter is a stud! This was there 3rd week back to church. He is doing awesome! Love that man to death. We went out and visited him at there house. Met his wife. Who is a soon to be investigator. She loves the missionaries. Just waiting for her time. So it is great. Then Brother Peter drove us to visit some other LA's Brother Tommy and Sister Jiao so awesome! He is a stud. Had a long time to talk with him. An hour and a half. Talked about life. And found out a ton. He loves me and Elder Steiner because he says we have given him the opportunity to live a part of his life he didn't. He had a super ruff childhood and teenage years. And he explained that is why he loves everyone because no matter who you are. You deserved to be love. Something that he didn't feel when he was younger. We got to the church and he gets out and is like. Elder you know me better than my parents. I really love Brother Peter. I haven't seen a member like him yet. He is a special breed. He will cry about everything! He read with us about the Priesthood power and he just started to cry. And he was like I am so grateful to have this power on Earth. He loves Christ and the Gospel more than anyone I know. He would give everything for it. Sister New and Ice are doing great! Poon and PP are ok! We are really becoming great friends with them. Just teaching them at the same time I swear is impossible. It is just way hard to get all of them to sit down as a family! But they are doing great! We were sitting at MK for my Brithday Dinner and PP (Simon Jr.) was like wow! We can't eat yet! We need to pray! It is awesome to see how much he has changed and accepted the Jesus Christ. We are just still working on giving them a date and helping them have friends at church. Right now we are doing so much RC and LA work I don't really know what to say. But I do want to share a little snippet from an experience I wrote to Grandpa Simonsen. We have an LA Brother Brayun. And we have had planned to visit him for a while. But yesterday we finally got around to it. Yesterday we headed out to go find and teach Brayun. I heard stories of him before and I knew that he a disability of some sort that prevented him from coming to church. He couldn't walk far distances and couldn't walk around the church. Well as we were going to find this LA I got a prompting to go and grab a photo of me and my grandpa. So I questioned it. It rained all day and was still pouring. I thought it might get wet. So I ignored it. Started to leave. Another time, "Go and grab a photo of you and your grandpa." I was like. Ok I will. I had no clue why. But Sure. Grabbed it and put it in my scriptures. Long story short. We found his house. Talked with him(for more detail feel free to ask Grandpa) Found out he had polio when he was younger. Well I placed the photo in my scriptures in 1 Nephi 3:7. Which we had planned to read with him. Opened my scriptures, he saw the photo. And I went on to describe my Grandpa and his challenges and how he has been made strong through these challenges. But often times than not. He needs the help of his family, his fellow members. We have a plan to go help Brayun lift stuff at his office. He doesn't have a leg brace like grandpa. He can't get into buses and trucks. And has a hard time. But I left letting him know, that we loved him. That God loved him and God knows his challenges and God will help him through these challenges. I love Brother Brayun. He is a great man. He has a strong testimony. But when things were hard he looked for excuses to not come to church. We are here to help him. It was great to have that photo with me. We instantly connected. I learned his story. He knew my story. We became friends and that is how you bring back people. That is the key. If you want someone back. Love them. Get to know them. Know there problems. Hear them. Most of all HELP THEM. They need someone to lean on. A strong hand to help them. Someone to carry them when they are weak. I know Brother Brayun will come back to church. If it involves me carrying him. I will. I love that man to death. It grieves me to see him in pain. He can't walk far. But I know that there is a way to help him. That way is through Christ-like Love as Dad explained was talked about in his meeting with the Area 70. Love is the key. Love is what we need here in Thailand to get a temple! I love all of you and hope you have a great week! Sincerely, Elder Landon Simonsen

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another week full of Miracles in BangKhae

Hey Family, Wow first off! Happy anniversary mom and dad! 29 years. And still kicking! Only another 40+ more years to go! Hopefully Dad makes it:) And thanks to everyone for there birthday e-mails, I really appreciate it. In Thailand nothing special happens when you are 21. Because you could already do it when you were like 16. So haha. No special priviledges. But ya. We will go do something fun next Monday. Today we are going to the market and buying some stuff. So this past week was another week full of miracles. It was awesome Sister A from Chiang mai got baptized. And also Sister New and Sister Ice here in Bang Khae got baptized! It was a great baptismal service! We had Brother Bam(his first baptism) baptize Ice and Brother Gamoan baptize New. It was great. The speakers were awesome and both Sister New and Ice felt the spirit so strong after. New's two little boys. Simon Jr. and Poom had a great experience. They really are starting to warm up to the church. Poom is even reading the Book of Mormon. We are just working with Poom and how we can help him have a good group of friends. But Simon Jr. is so young he will follow his mom and sister. It was so awesome yesterday evening after church we went and visited them at there house. And both New and Ice had changed so much. It was amazing. They had such strong testimonies. They shared there baptism experience with all there neighbors and friends. It was way awesome. There whole attitude was just so great. They love the gospel so much. Now we just need to work with the two little boys. Question: Do you have any good ideas on how to help the boys have a better experience at church? We don't have any young men 10-16 in our branch. So we are looking on how we can help them have a better time. But Sister New is being super good about helping them and it was a really good decision to have her and ice get baptized before. Besides the baptism, we saw a ton of miracles. Brother Peter came back to church again. And his daughter now has a baptismal date for October 13. We traveled basically to the Burma border to go teach them(under an hour to Burma). We went over two provinces to teach them. And was it worth it! About a total of 3 hours on a bus. And it was awesome. We went and saw his house. And he loved it. He loves feeding us food. It was funny after done at his house he was driving us to the bus stop. And he says,"Elders I don't know why, I decided to come back to church with you. I have been visited so much. But you two feel different...I know that we were the 3 best of friends in the Pre-mortal life." He went on to tell how his life had just gone down hill after his calling as Stake Sunday School President. But he is so happy how now he has found the way back into the arms of the Savior. It is easy to say. Peter is one of the most Christ-like people I know. He talks about how he didn't find true happiness in this life till he learned to serve others. And he serves us so much. Yesterday he made us omlets so we wouldn't be hungry after church. Everytime he calls. He says if there is any trouble with anything. Call him and he will be there. Really he is the best example of a person that I want to be. He is a great story. And I won't ever forget him. He has truly changed how I view service and loving others. He helps us teach whenever he comes into the city. He is helping us find other LA's that live out in his area. I want to challenge everyone to be like Brother Peter. And forget yourself and go serve others. Life is short, but the impact you have on people goes past the grave. We also saw two huge miracles this week. Tanya an investigator from English just got the message. She opened the Book of Mormon. Realized that this is what she needs and then started to share the Gospel with her friends. She came to the baptism. She came to Church. She is a full time investigator and wants to be baptized. She is awesome. It really took 1 day until she was converted. It was so awesome. We call her on Monday. She wasn't interested at all. Then all the sudden. Comes to Englsih hears a spiritual thought. Reads the Book of Mormon. Boom!! Spiritual truth. What she was looking for in her life. It was awesome. So we are looking forward to her accepting a date this week. Secondly Brother Grit an LA in the Elders Quorum presidency. Came back to church last week. He wants his 8 year old son to be baptized. And realized he messed up. And doesn't know why he stopped coming. It was awesome. It won't be a convert baptism. Brother Grit and his wife read and pray everyday just haven't been coming to church. So it is way good. Nemo there son will be getting baptized before the year is over. It is so great to see Melchelzedik priesthood come back into the fold of Christ. To see so many miracles happening in our area. There are so many more that have happened this week. But I don't have the time to explain all of them. Just know that the Lord is blessing the work in the area. It is going forth. Stronger than ever. The Sisters are having a baptism here. We have planned atleast 5 more baptism between now and October for this branch. The work is progressing and fast. The Lord is hastening his work and I know that he wants a temple here in Thailand. I know that this is the true church. I love it so much. I love serving the Thai people more than anything. I haven't seen better members in my life. They try so hard to be the best they can. In a Buddhist country it isn't easy. But they are fighting against all temptations. I love them so much. I love helping them come unto the truth. And even more I love helping those who have fallen away come back unto the truth once more. To help those you are my brothers and sisters to find the Light of Chirst. I love the work of the Lord. I know that the Lord has great things in store for this branch and for the people of Thailand. I am so grateful for a family to have raised me up strong in the gospel. I really owe it all to you. To have the faith to do what the Lord commands of us and to help his children return to him. I hope that you all have a great week. And thank you so much for all you do. Love, Elder Landon Simonsen

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Week full of Miracles

Hey Family, Well I need to start off with my over the hill jokes for Dad. Dad you are so old that when you go in a museum the security guards grab you and try to put you back on display! Dad your vision is so bad that when you look in the mirror you think you are watching star wars episode 6 when Hans Solo is in Jaba the Huts palace! (I will let you guess who you are) Hey, Dad. Noah Called he said he wants the paddle to his ark back. Dad you hair is so white that when you where the color red little kids always come and tell you what they want for Christmas. Dad your so old when you scuba dive people that see you think they just saw an artifact from the Titanic. Dad the only thing I regret is to say, is that the next time I will be hearing you say, "Landon!!!!" I have the right to put you in a nursing better watch out:) Papa Well ok so those are about half the jokes. I had written. But I am running slow today. But I hope you liked some of those. So as for the week here in Bang Khae. It was easily in my top 10 weeks as a missionary. So I hope that the rest of this letter can make the top 10 as well. This past week was crazy. I got food poisoning twice in one week. Luckily for me I hate staying home. So I worked through it. Way better. Plus I'm not on my time I'm on the Lords time. So the past few weeks, we have been working hard to build up our investigator pool. We have this thing called balanced key indicators. Shows you are working over the bar kinda. They are super hard to get. 2 People at church, 2 new investigators. 10 member/RC or LA lessons and 2 baptismal daters. May I remind you this is Thailand. For our mission these numbers help indicate you are working your tail off to get these. It is super hard. I have only got it about 6 times on my mission. 3 being every week in Bang Khae. Since we came here we have had a goal as a companionship to get these numbers every week. It is hard. Finding new investigators isn't easy. But this past week. We went and did all we could. Found 1 guy named A (a male) he is the security guard at our building. Use to be catholic. We are working on him. And the rest of the week we couldn't find that second new investigator. So I want to start by telling you a great story of a member named Brother Peter (Song Gran) he is a Thai guy. He has been inactive about 8 years. This past Wednesday we had the opportunity to travel about an hour to go visit him. He lives in the Province to the west of Bangkok. So we traveled out there to meet him and a few other people in the area called Nakampaton. There are about 10-20 members out there. They used to have a branch (closed down now) So we went out found this guy. One of the most awesome members ever. He is knows the bible better than anyone I know personally. He loves the church, loves God, loves Jesus Christ. Served as the Stake Sunday School President. But for some reason hasn't been to church in 8 years. This past week. We worked with him so hard. He gave us 2 referrals. And is helping us find lost members. One of the most active, LA members I have met. He is awesome. He is like a teenager at heart, but is 50. He I know is the reason I came to Bang Khae. He lives far away. But he came back after 8 years. The day I met this guy. I felt something different. I felt like he was my brother. My father. I loved him do death. His son passed away 2 years ago. He would be about 21 right now. He told me as we sat down at lunch as we looked at each other. He saw his son in me. That he knew that I was there for him. I knew that the reason I was here in Bang Khae was because Peter needed me. He needed someone like me. But his personality and my personality are like two peas in a pod. And I know that God truly sends you places where you are needed. We don't know God's plan for us. But he has one. And he put Brother Peter in my path I prayed for Peter all week. I wanted him to come back to church. I didn't know how it would happen. I didn't know what to do, all I knew to do was pray. The whole week he helped us find and teach people. We were hoping that having him help fellowship investigators would help him come back. As Sunday morning rolled around nothing changed. No calls nothing. But as we sat in church at about 9:30 in walks Brother Peter. And his daughter. The room got a little lighter as he walked in. The members recognized a familiar face. A face that has been a Elder's Quorum president, a leader, a friend, a brother. He is the happiest guy I know. And he made church a better place by coming back. As I sat with him after church he talked about how he likes how when he sees me at church I am fun, I am relaxed. He says to often are the members here, so stiff, so boring. They don't see the fun in living the gospel of Christ. I told him that is how I have always been. And always will be. He told me he does the same thing. He was just waiting for the right person to help him back. Sitting down with his daughter who is 17 and not a member and him changed my outlook on things. He is best friends with his daughter. He is one of the best fathers I have seen. We have an appointment next Saturday to go teach him and his daughter. Help his daughter be baptized. It is funny how the Lord works. Last month we had a 17 year old Sister Milk get baptized. 2 weeks ago another 16 year old Fah. This week Ice a 17 year old will be getting baptized. Then Ajeen at the end of the month. We have about 6 16-17 year old girls in our branch. Super funny. They are all RC's or investigators. But they are strong. And Sister Blay, Peters Daughter came up to him after church and said she wants to come back everyweek. It is no coincidence that the Lord was preparing this area for the work that is happening. But the work of the Lord is going forth! It was a miracle from the Lord. We got that second investigator. But that isn't important to me. I don't need to prove anything. But the most important part. Is my fellow brother Peter. Has just taken a step towards the doors of the Celestial kingdom with his daughter. I love that man to death. He reminds me of Dad. He just tells me, "around Brother Peter your don't need manners. You can be yourself. Because God loves you for who you are." We can all learn something from Peter. Love everyone for who they are. I love this man. Not only was that a miracle. But Sister New, Ice, Poom, and PP all came to church yesterday. New and Ice are getting baptized on the 14th and confirmed on the 15th. We are hoping to get PP and Poom baptized as well. It was so great to see that cute little family walk into Church. As I sat next to my little brother. Simon Jr. (PP) We looked through the picture book. And it was one of the first times I had seen the kid smile in Church! It was awesome. The family had a great experience. I love them to death. The members are really doing well fellowshipping our investigators right now. So things are looking great. But we really owe it all to the Lord. We are just his servants using the talents he gave us to do his work. Sister Wow also got confirmed this week. It was great. She is doing awesome. She has changed so much from when I first got here. She didn't even where a skirt to church. She would wear her jeans. And then she finally started to wear her skirt and now she looks like a full blown member. It is so cool to see the changes people make in there life. The investigators are coming. The work is progressing. We are seeing success as we go and be obedient. I know that the Lord gives us our talents for a reason. We are who we are for a reason. And because of who I am, I can bless the people who are like me. Because we aren't all the same. The Lord doesn't need cookie cutter missionaries. He needs missionaries all shapes, all sizes, all talents. We are all different. And that is what makes us special. No matter who you are. There is a reason for the gifts God has given you. I learn and learn again. That I was called here for me. I know you guys all know, "The Landon" but I definitely am thankful for parents, relatives, and friends who helped me develop into what I am today. That even though I was sick for a few days. I wasn't letting that get me down. I wasn't going to turn around. Let Satan win the fight. There are people who need you. And I refuse to side line myself while I am in the 4th quarter of the game. There is nothing that can stop the work of the Lord. There is nothing that will stop me from doing his work here in Thailand and when I go home. Just know that Elder Landon SImonsen knows this Gospel is true. I know that there is a reason for everything. Whether it be a trial whether it be success. These things make us stronger. Rely on the Lord and he will help you. Prayer is our only offense weapon in the armor of God. So use it. It will help you conquer any trial or challenge you have. Elder Landon Simonsen

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Baptism was Great!

Hey Family! This week was fantastic! We had a great week! Last week at Sister New's house. They are doing so good! And Sister Wow also got baptized yesterday! It was awesome! She brought her 3 friends to church and they all started to tear up during the baptismal service! It was amazing! Plus I even got to play the piano accompaniment for the special musical number! haha! (It was an electrical piano!) Anyway I will send you some pictures of the baptism and stuff! So I guess I will answer some questions before I get going more. They do have a Thai Labor Day. I can't remember what month. But ya they do! Happy Birthday to Dad on the 8th! I haven't sent a card yet:( but I didn't forget!) I even made over the hill jokes! So ya should be good! Anyway I thought your comment was pretty cool about big cities! It is pretty true. I think that it is because the people in big cities (at least in Thailand) are just more open to the western world. More open to other ideas and stuff. So anyway this week was awesome we have been teaching a ton of RC's We have about 12 people baptized in the last 6 months here. So we have a ton of RC work to do. Mainly because the missionaries teach the after baptism lessons as well. So our weeks are full of lessons. It is great. We are teaching about 15 to 20 lessons per week. If you didn't know. That is good for Thailand:) That doesn't include contacting, which we don't really count as lessons. Anyway work is really lighting up here right now. We should have 5 or 6 baptism in our branch this month. We also had 63 at church! So ya that is great! It is growing. There are lots of members that just need strengthening here. That are on the border of activity and just need to be loved. The Branch President is a stud. He is just doing boss work! Helping all our investigators and being awesome at giving RC's callings. So things are looking so good. Our investigators New, Ice, Poom, and PP are doing really good. It is so hard to get them all together at one time. Ice and New are ready and are doing excellent. Last week we didn't have time to play UNO so we are playing it this week at FHE at there house. SO it will be excellent. I love there family. Everybody calls PP the mini Simon (which is me) haha! I will send a picture with me and the family last week! So Wow is doing great! She passed her interview and is doing awesome. Already is helping her friends come to church. 3 of her good friends came to the baptism! It was awesome! The branch is also doing a way good job on fellowshipping her and helping her feel welcomed. So it is awesome. We also started to meet with Tanya she is from English Class. Really awesome. She has had lots of trials and stuff in life and she is just looking for the truth. I really hope she continues learning. But it was a great first lesson for her. So a little about Wow because you don't know her. She works for an oil company worked about 14 or so years. She is the manager of her division. She loves to speak English and is way fluent at it! She came to English class. Got taught an introduction lesson. And really thought that there was more in life. She has had previous problems in her life and she knows that the path she has chosen will benefit her. Her father passed away 30 years ago and she wants her family to be forever. She loves them. She loves to read and she has a super strong testimony. She will be an awesome member! Well I need to start going on my Over the Hill jokes before I run out of time!!! I love the work here in Bang Khae! It is going so great! We have one of the best branches in Bangkok! They are growing so much! It is great! The work here is on fire and I know that the Lord is blessing the lives of the people here in Thailand. He wants a temple here. And we need to have the faith to do it! If we all had the faith of momma Simonsen. Then there would have been a temple here a few years ago:) That was a great experience mom! We actually got to watch a few clips from 17 miracles yesterday and I thought of the pioneers trials and how everything will be all right if you put your faith in Christ! I know that my mom has raised me to have faith and you are the best example of faith mom! I know as you keep exercising it, you will see so many more miracles. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Love, Elder Landon Simonsen