Monday, November 26, 2012

Last Week of November

Hello family,

Sounds like a great week! Thanksgiving looked awesome! I did spend Thursday at Uncle Mustaches. Pretty good! Then on Saturday we went over to a part member families house in North Bangkok. There name is the Pinvises (Pinwisaid) So they are awesome it is a Thai guy married to a white woman. Anyway it was the best food. Unfortuanately they didn't send us the pictures yet. But it was really cool I hope I get the pictures soon. But I do have a few of the group that was there! So anyway. We had about 30 people there. 6 missionaries. Two from Ban Kheen (in our zone) then the sister missionaries and me and elder susi! It was delicious food. We had a guy that reminded me of Brother Gome from the Mobile Home Park.  He could sure cook a turkey. Imported I am pretty sure. They actually might raise em. Not sure. Anyway we had a full farang (white person family) Then a guy that served a mission here about 20 years ago, married a thai wife.  Then just a few single people from the international branch in North Bangkok District So it was awesome. Fun stuff. Since we are in Thailand and everyone has messed up taste buds they made a cajun turkey. And they put some Chilly pepper in the Deviled eggs! So good! We had 3 turkeys, two normal ones. No yams(can't find em), Stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes. And pie! Woo Hoo! Pie is delicious. I forgot how good american cooking was. I was at first scared because I was thinking I don't remember what it tastes like. So I didn't want to be disappointed! But it was delicious! Good thanksgiving day!

Ok so anyway We had Stake conference this week! So great. Yes it was at Arnoma Hotel. They announce two more wards in February So they are changing from Branches to wards. So we are still growing. It is really good. I also got to see Yupin (Pin) She gave me a flower to wear, she said, "my son needs to look good for the picture." and I met Eli.   It was so awesome to see her. I talked to the Elders that are serving there. And they say she doesn't ever stop talking about me. She always says that Elder Christensen was the person who first converted her. Then Elder Simonsen was the Second person to convert her. So I was really happy to see her! Then I also met Sister Mamm! It was awesome she is still super strong in the church! So I am happy with my Recent converts! It was really fun to see all the people from the old ward they all came and were way happy to see me. It was way crazy to move super close. It usually doesn't happen that you stay in the Bangkok stake for as long as I have! So I am honored!

K well Anyway for investigators this week. Nothing much things are going good but, I think it was kinda like what Blake said in his e-mail. You know how there are huge houses with big gates. That is mainly my whole area. Then the other half is apartments, you can knock doors on those but the people get pretty mad about being bothered at their house. Anyway we are kinda struggling finding right now! A thing that they just barely started in our mission is Contacting. Like street contacting (we kinda did this before) But inviting or knocking doors has been deemed as super ineffective in our area and basically in Thailand. So we go out to parks, malls, busy areas and They call this process, sifting the wheat. Very awesome stuff! It is really hard work, but we know that we will recieve blessings if we keep on being diligent and doing the Lords work! That is why we are working with LA's to hopefully find them and to help them, but on the way get referrals contacts and family members of the LA's to be interested.

As for investigators. We still only have two progressing good! That is Pee and Pin They are doing really great. So anyway that is the only thing right now. But I don't have to much time today we are going to go to Asok (downtown bangkok and hit up the shopping mall for cheap stuff. The greenies in our district still haven't been there so we are going to go with them. We are also getting haircuts today.

So this week a way that my testimony grew was at District Meeting. We talked about 3 Nephi 13:21-23 We talked about things in our life that we treasured as it talks about in verse 21. That things we treasure are things in our heart that we truly desire. That we want. We were then asked to write these down, then put them in the envelope and but your treasures away for the remainder of your mission. It was awesome then it goes on to talk about Sacrifice. And how Sacrificing is something that we give up. We all make sacrifice. Being parents, having children. Making a decision where to work, go to school. Then it goes on and talks about Consecrating. Consecrating is giving everything you have to God. These verses helped me realize that I don't only need to be on a mission in Thailand. But that I need to be on a mission giving my Savior everything I have. That the time is short you serve the Lord so consecrate yourself to serving him. It really helped my testimony grow on why I am out here. That you can apply this to our real lives that you will sacrifice for those things that you treasure. And you will consecrate your time and efforts to your family, wife, children. Because those are what we treasure in life. But as a missionary I am consecrated to serving the Lord. I am truly thankful for my great family, the opportunity to be on a mission. I have seen the blessing from being out here. But the thing I thought about most. And I brought it up in district meeting. Is we all want to be that weird kinda socially awkward missionary when we first get home. Because if you aren't you didn't consecrate everything you had to the Lord. It doesn't mean don't be yourself. It means try to be the most Christ Like you can be. That is something that I really appreciated this week. Thanks for your e-mails everyone. I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Landon Simonsen

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