Monday, December 3, 2012

Lantern Festival

Hey family!

Wow sounds like a really crazy week! Christmas party, mission calls! Everything! So anyway Columbia nice!  Sounds like it will be pretty nice weather there also! Also is pretty cool how I have a lot of friends that are girls serving missions! It is awesome, they help with the work so much! Especially in countries like Thailand where most of the investigators are female! So anyway sounds like the family is going great!

So you had a ward Christmas party this last week! Seems kinda early? This past week we actually got put in charge of Christmas for the ward! Ya yikes! So us with the sisters have to decide what to do now. Anywho. Any good ideas? As for Christmas here you are probably wondering what is going on there. Imagine. America in the summer. For Christmas. But then only the Malls have Christmas decorations and music playing! So actually today we went to Central World Mall. It is in Central Bangkok. We listened to Christmas music outside by this huge tree! Then went in and ate pizza at a resturaunt where a Recent Convert works. Brother Yut. He is from the Samut Prakan branch. So it was really fun.

So actually awesome story. Pin from Bang na. The bishops daughter. Accepted herself the date of December 23. We went on switchoffs/splits. I was with the DL Elder Dixon. We taught Pin and we commited her to read Alma 7. Great chapter about Christ's sacrifice for us. But we committed her to go home that night. Read and pray about it. And the next day (Wednesday) we talked to her.  She said a feeling came over her. That she couldn't explain. It was such an amazing moment to get to talk with her about it. It makes me remember about those times that I received a confirmation of the Book of Mormon or the Church. It is such a great moment to recognize the truth. So anyway. We had the opportunity on Wednesday to go to the Lantern Festival with the Bishop and his family! It was super fun! I have some really cool pictures of it! It was like the 4th of July! They have fireworks and all this stuff! They fly those laterns in the sky. Unfortunately in Bangkok not to many people do the flying laterns. Manly cuz of the pollution. So after awhile you can't see it. Lets say I haven't seen a star in forever haha! Anyway. They have a few. But it is more popular in the North and East of Thailand.

So about Investigators things are still going great! We got a new investigator named Manad He is super cool!  Pee is doing great still. So good. Anyway with faith anything is truly possible! So whenever times are hard have faith and you won't fail. I know that with faith anything is possible. The only problem now is. The transfer is on Tuesday December 18th. It got moved up. So either me or Elder Susi won't be here. I am pushing to stay! I am not finished here! The funny thing is even though this area is about 10 minutes from the area I just served. I love it just as much. Even though Every other area(in the mission about the size of 3 states) I could have gone is farther away. I stayed close to my old area. Cuz there is a purpose to everything, I was needed here. And I love it here!

Well I am out of time cuz we spent some time in the city today. Elder Dixon is going home so we went to see where he got his suit cut! I will probably take you to the same place. 1 suit and pants. 1 pair of pants just to have. 2 custom longsleeve shirts. With initials on the sleeves. Custom intererior, name on the inside of suit. 190 dollars. He finished in 1 week! So ya! That is where we will go. Good deal. Nice suit material. really good.
This week how my testimony grew was through the faith of others. Through the testimony of my investigators. Who overcome so many trials in there lives. I really loved my personal study this week. I to am about to finish up the Book of Mormon. In Ether 12: 27 it talks about how God shows unto men their weakness. But he gives us weakness that we may be humble. That Gods grace is sufficent for them who humble themselves. It goes onto say whoever has faith in God he will make weak things become strong unto them. I love this. God is there lifting us when we are weak. He carries us when we can't carry ourselves. He will be there to help us through every trial and every test as long as we have faith in him! I love this gospel. Dad said, Enjoy being on a mission and being young! I love every moment of it! There is no where better to be. In Thai terms Chiiwid Khong Phom Sabbay Mag. My life is very Sabbay(good or something. no direct translation). I love it here. I am so excited for Parker to go on a mission. There is nothing better. The sad thing is I am almost a year out. Time is going by too fast. But I am where I need to be. And I know that there isn't anything better than serving the people I love. And I love the Thai people!

Elder Landon SImonsen

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