Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Time

Hello family!

Well I need to make today's e-mail shorter and sweeter than usual, because well I don't have a lot of time! So anyway it looked like the wedding is great!

Sounds like Serena and Cam are loving Utah! I will talk to them next week! That will be exciting! And Lauren,Ryan, Kira, and Landina all cute. haha! Sounds like the new home is coming along!

So for my week! Baptism! Yes! Pin is awesome She is doing so good! That baptsim was so special. It was so awesome to ask her about her feelings afterwards! it made my realize how awesome it was to have parents and a family who are members of the church. really good experience!

So as for skyping on P-day. Ok 8 oclock your time 10 oclock mine. They actually Changed P-day to Tuesday. So ya it will be interesting! But fun! So I will see if it works today! I will skype on Christmas here. Christmas Eve at home. That is what has been suggested!

So anyway transfers we found out today! That I am staying and Elder Susi is moving. That our District is getting split. So we will be in a four person district with the sisters in The bangkok west zone. And the Samut Prakan Elders 4 of them. Will be in the Bangkok East zone.

Ok so anyway some fun things is this week we went caroling as a district it was super fun! That is the pictures in the Santa hats! We had the baptsim! Pin is the one by me! And Bui. Is the other one! So we had two baptsims! I also sent a picture of Me and Go at the Stake Christmas Party! We got to go with him and his girl friend! Super awesome experience! Way fun! I don't have to much time so I will send more pictures if I have time after e-mailing presdient! But I loved the Stake party I saw all the members from Srinakarin and they loved hanging out.

Real quick one way that my testimony grew this week was seeing Sister Rote (Go's girlfriend) come closer to Christ. We have seen how she is finally open to talk with us. We have seen the blessing of her wanting to talk with us.  It is really great! But it shows me the power of this church. And what the Holy Ghost can do! I love you all and have a great week! Merry Christmas!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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