Monday, January 21, 2013

Ancient City

Hello Family,

Well I don't have to much time since today we went to the Ancient City in Samut Prakan. Really awesome! We went with the Samut Prakan Elders and it was a great day. So I will attach some photos of that! So I guess I will just hop into the week after some comments! Happy 13th Birthday to Nathaniel! Congrats on the Marriage announcement Nancy! The baby shower awesome. Dad I won't lie that calling isn't that cool. But congrats anyway:) haha! So do you even get to go to our Church anymore? Or what? Well sounds fun...Chok Dii Na Khrab!

 So anyway as for the week I will get a move on. So I first want to talk about some cool investigators we got. We had a guy who just showed up at church he is from English class. His name is Narong and way interested he really wants to know the truth. And when we invited him to pray it was the best prayer I have ever heard for someone who has had maybe two lessons in his life. He said it is easy, because you just speak from your heart. Isn't that true. Such an easy way to communicate with our Father in Heaven. Sometimes I wonder why we take it for granted! It is a way we can talk about all our problems and concerns with our Father who loves us so much. He is a way awesome guy and I can't wait to teach him more. We are actually meeting with Rote again so about time the New Year kinda messed things up but she is still doing pretty good! Way happy for her! We are acutally teaching a guy name Not today in a little bit. He is great. Has a family of 4 and is really open to meeting. We found him just by him riding his bike past us and he said hello. Then he asked us to go to his house. So pretty fun stuff.  We are also starting to try and visit a recent converts brother who lives in our area. So we are trying to teach him. I can't remember his name. I have only met him once but things are going way good! Yesterday at Ward Council the Bishop invited everyone in the ward to invite 2 of there friends a month to learn about the Church. Whether it is through activities or something. Just introduce the Gospel to them. So it is a very awesome thing that will really help missionary work.
So we visited a lot of members this week. We visited Sister Gong and Brother Boon John. They are awesome. To people who really help this ward function the way it does. So we really appreciate them. We also visited our Senior Couple! The Marvels! They are so awesome. They love missionary work and they invited us over and we helped strengthen them. IT was so good. They really want to help us teach so we are going out to teach investigators and members with them on Sunday. They have such a great conversion story. They are so fun, they even told me to encourage my parents to go on one because the are the best experiences. I told them that my parents plan on it:) maybe in a few years. So ya they are thinking about another one after this. They are from Ogden and she actually did a lot of the Landscaping in Farmington, because she is a small buisness owner and they had a contract to hire a small business so they did. haha! So she knows a lot about where we are from. It was a great day. We also met with the Bishops family! And we met there son Boy. He is so cool. He isn't a member because he lives in the South of Thailand and can't learn. But we gave him a BOM and invited him to read it. We also played UNO so thanks for the Cards! They love playing it here. But they acutally don't have it here. I think you can only find it at imported places. So ya they loved it! really fun and acutally felt like an American FHE!

I also went on Switchoffs this week. It was so awesome. I went with the Zone Leaders in Asok. Or Downtown Bangkok. So really cool. We are really trying to simplify the way we teach. So the Thai people can understand better. They dont understand Gospel words like Restoration, Baptism and Dispensations. So we are trying to simplify because most people here unless they are Christian or have studied before don't really get what these words mean.   Well thanks for everything. I am out of Time! Have a great week! Love you!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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