Monday, January 28, 2013

One Year Mark!

Hello Family and Everyone,

Ok so this past week was pretty good as in terms of missionary work. Well before I get into the advents I will make some comments. The Impossible sounds like an awesome show! And you said I wonder how I speak Thai. Well to tell you the truth it takes awhile! haha! It took about 6 weeks to finally be able to seperate the words they were saying. Then the rest you can finally pick out vocab you don't know. But they speak so fast. You don't get use to that until about transfer 3. Then you are a pretty functioning missionary about 6 months in. It takes talking with them a lot to get to be able to understand. But I for sure couldn't learn Thai without the help of God. We get that all the time! How come you speak clear or speak so good. And you have only lived here for... Well it is because the Thai people need to hear the Gospel and I can't teach them if I can't speak Thai. It is an awesome blessing to see how the Lord helps us missionary's learn so many languages. It is a sign that this message is true and needs to be spread to the world.

Cafe Rio sounds so good! And Carrot Cake. And Taco Bell. Yummy! haha! Anyway I got your package acutally on Wednesday because we had a Zone meeting. So I have it already thanks! I was hoping for Pistachio Pudding! But nope. haha! Next package! I am holding you to it! I loved the pudding!

Dad asked about if they watch Football. I am assuming American. But only a few do. Most don't. They love basketball. They like the Lakers and the Heat mainly. Such bandwagon fans here:) But ya almost everyhouse has a TV. Lots have computers. They have guitars, instruments, radios, Iphone 5's, Ipads (espically all the members) Probably 50 % of the members have ipads. They have wifi. Thailand is very up to date technology wise.  So ya they watch Thai Boxing, Soccer, Thai Soap-Opera, ya movies. good stuff.

Ok so I will get on to the week. It rained for the first time in like forever yesterday! So nice! Anyway Ya this week investigator wise wasn't so hot! Brother Pee is doing awesome. Last night we had dinner at his Sisters house and Brother in laws. Sister My and Brother Beck. They are two awesome members in the ward. We having been visiting a guy named Ot. The guy with that Gibbon/ monkey. and Nade his friend. Ot came to church and he started to read the Book of Mormon. Narong is doing alright but we haven't been able to meet with him since he lives about an hour away from church. It is so hard we have about 3 people who live about an hour to 2 hours away. We have to use buses to get there. So it is way long. But missionary work is coming. We have about 3 or 4 member referrals we are working with. But hey I think I said last week missionary work is never always in one direction. So ya!

Ok well I guess I notice that the past few weeks I have been leaving out my signature part! So a way that my testimony grew this week was. I saw lots of recent converts get callings this week. It was so awesome to see. We have been trying to get callings for them since they got baptized. It was a strength to see new members of the church  willing to serve in the ward because they want to serve God. The new converts have such strong testimonies. And when you talk to them they have such a great desire to share the gospel and to help others. I really made me appreciate the callings that I have had in Quorum Presidency's because callings such as a missionary calling. And infact any calling in the church is just a greater opportuninty for us to help others Endure to the End.
Well ok thanks for everything and have a great week!
Love you all!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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