Monday, February 11, 2013

Waterfalls and White Temple

Hey Family and Friends!

So hey everyone I guess first off I realized I spelled Chiang Rai wrong every time last e-mail:) haha! Anyway besides that this week was awesome! The other Elders had two baptisms on Sunday! It was way fun to see that because the lady who was baptized named Nee me and Elder Wilko helped a lot! She will help the branch a lot! As for my companionship things are a little slow. Basically we compare Chiang Rai to Kaysville, Utah. haha! All the streets have random names and you can't find them without a map.  We just remember Landmarks and give roads names like Dragon Road and Stuff. But we know the area pretty well. We haven't been out of the city yet but I am really hoping to soon. We first want to build a foundation of the city before we move on to the province. So for investigators we do this thing where we go and find LA's and then when asking for directions or something we just talk to everyone. So basically we try to multi-task all the time. We have a lot of people that are interested and we have an appointment with lots of people tomorrow because they want to come to English. We are still working with Nam and we are teaching a new person today at five. Natapawn. So it will be way fun.

English class is awesome we have been really promoting it since we have been here. Signs, flyers, passing out cards. So we bumped it up to about 20 people. Way better than 5 people the week before! So things are going good! This area is really great. I can say know that there really is nothing harder than opening an area and not having investigators.  They don't come easy, thats for sure. But this Branch is so good at helping us teach and giving referrals. All of the referrals have just been in the other area. But hey we are working hard and I know if we will be obedient and keep having faith we will find!

So yesterday at church President Senior, Sister Senior, Pres. Seniors sister and family and then Pres. Senior parents came to church. Then a family of 5 that where vacationing came! It was crazy! But way fun to translate. Also they said they would be calling. Their names are The Johnson's and then the Seniors they live in Utah and said they would call you! So look out! haha! They were awesome people and it was a blast to translate for them. It was a great day and they got to be here for the baptisms. President Senior came up to interview 6 people to go to the temple this year. so that is way awesome to see people go through the temple and help them prepare!

So today we went up to a waterfall! Way beautiful! Then we came down to a White Temple it was way fun and cool! The weather is awesome here!  Well it sounds like everything is good! Also Elder Wilko said his little sister is way good friends with hunter. I think her name is liz! So ya! small world! Way fun! Well love you lots and I should have more time next week! But I want to send some pictures!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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