Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phu Chi Fa-Mountain Hike!

Hello Everyone!

So today we went to Phu Chi Fa! Like the tallest mountain in Thailand! It was way fun! We woke up at 3 in the morning! To see the sunrise! Way fun! Great day. And actually after we are going Bowling and getting haircuts! Woo! Well Hello Governor! How is jolly good old England! that seems way awesome I totally want to go someday. Sounds great. I forgot to tell you about the White Temple we went to last week. It is a kinda art work! And then there were some other significant things! But it was way cool. Kinda interesting.

So let me tell you about the week it was pretty fun! Well to start off. My tire got a wire in it. So we went around for like a day riding with Elder Wilko riding on the back of his bike. I attached a picture! Way funny. We looked so funny. But at English class we had 12 new people! It was so good! We have about 30 people right now. The week before I came we had 5. So we are really improving it! So good! Hopefully we can get more! But the class is awesome.  It is way fun because Elder Saunders from my MTC district teaches with me in the Intermediate Class.

So we found 3 new investigators this week. 1 Napat works for some company called Unicity and she let us teach her. Then after she told her about her job.   But we found her friend Jame yes Jame not james. Anyway so he is way cool and has a family, he just isn't free that much. But is pretty interested. But the biggest blessing we saw. Is from Pawn or Blessing in English. So anyway he accepted a baptismal date for March 10. He is doing pretty good. He has to work on Sunday's right now,. But he really wants to know the truth! So hopefully he stays strong.  We have been doing a ton of LA work because well we want a church building in Chiang Rai. And we need 80 people to have one. So we need members so we are trying to bring them back.
Well so on switchoffs this week Elder Saunders and I went to the owner of our houses store.  She was speaking in the Northern language with Elder Saunders the whole time. I am still learning it. But I can follow. haha! She is way awesome. We talked a little bit. And they are way nice.  But we do know that her family was part of the 1st 10 people that started the church in Chiang Rai. So we want to get them back. We also worked with our Elders Quorum President.  We visisted a few others but it was a way good week! So ya it has been way fun working with the Branch here, they are all way helpful and great people. We have been encouraged by the District Counselor to have Mutual! So he told the Elders that we need to start doing mutual and that it is our responcibility to make sure it works. They are really pushing Youth programs here to help them stay active and go on missions. So it will be good. I will keep you posted on it. We already have a sports night every Saturday and are able to mingle with the members it really helps us get to know each other. Also working with Elder Wilko has been a blast. He is a great missionary.  We are working hard and blessings are soon to come. We have a baptismal dater and I know things will keep going up as long as we stay obedient so it has been really great.

I guess that is about it next week. I sent another e-mail so hopefully you got it! It sounds like everything is going great.  In Thailand they drive on the left side I hope it isn't weird getting back into the habbit of the other side. Well for one thing we get fed but not a lot. If we schedule appointments we will get fed. But we need to schedule them, members love feeding missionaries. It is part of the culture here to feed others. And they take lots of pride in having people eat their food. Well I am going to send some pictures a little from last week. The Thai guy with us is our driver. He gives us a way good deal! And then he helps us get to the destination. Last week was 6 dollars a person for the waterfall and temple. But we all paid 8. That sounds cheap but in Baht it adds up way quicker. then this week. 15 dollars a person. But it was a 2 hour drive. Still in our area! haha! K have a great week!
Love you all!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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  1. Hi! I love reading your posts and looking at your pictures. My son Aaron will enter the MTC on May first and head out to Bangkok in July- or so we hope. We are so thrilled for him!