Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chiang Mai doing work

Hey Family,

Well I need to answer questions before I forget. Transfers is coming up on August 14th. So the next one after that is in like October! haha! So good luck getting a package to me! No biggie if you don't I will live. So yes it is rainy season right now. It rains everyday at least once. And usually unexpected. And then you just get wrecked. Last week we biked about 45 minutes and visited the family from Canada in our ward. Josh is the assitant branch mission leader. And it was a great meeting! Really good family. It was so fun because his little son had been praying all week that the missionaries would come and visit there family. So it was great to go and have dinner with them. He is from Calgary.

So this past week was so great! We saw lots of blessings and met some really great people. Eeam is doing great. She is reading and praying, but not coming to church. But we aren't giving up on her.  We also met a few interesting people while teaching English! It was really good! Air is one of them. And she was just soaking up the Restoration. So we need to follow-up with her. And help her come to church to see how we are different. It was really funny how Air had so many of the same questions as Joseph Smith, like why are there some many churches? Also about Prophets and why we don't have them on the Earth? We loved it because we had the answers to all her questions! Really cool anyway, contacting has been good. We have been searching for families that can help our church grow here! And we found an awesome little family on Saturday. We contacted at a park and a Dad was playing with his Children. So we rode over on our bikes and talked to him. He had two daughters and he loved them so much. His name is Chai and he didn't have time to come to church, but I really hope he decides to learn more. He is so interested in the Plan of Salvation and how he can be with his family forever. Isn't it the question everyone has! And I know that the Thai people love there families like Chai. And they want to live with them again. Mathew is also doing great! He had an awesome story about how he had been prompted so many times to talk with us. He said, he has seen us for 5 or more years walking around in 2's and everytime he felt prompted to talk to us. Until he finally talked to us last week. He asked us the fastest way he could get baptized. And I told him every commandment. And he was good with all of them except he has a wife and a girl friend. But he is almost married to both of them. So we were like. Well. Choose one preferably the one you are married to and be faithful to her for time and all eternity. And I am not sure what he was thinking. But I really hope he keeps this commandment. The members really like him and he is amazing! He has read a ton in the Book of Mormon already! So I hope he gets a conformation of the truth and I know he will choose the right! He has a plan to be baptized on August 4th. So we pray he will be ready!

 Saw went back to Bangkok. But we have some awesome potentials as usual. Contacting helps you meet a lot of people. And we actually just got a referral from a member who is here. And wants his Thai wife to learn about the gospel! haha! Ya! I love referrals!

This week we had a few really interesting things happen. Sister Yim went back to the Hospital. And she is doing way better. Her Intestine was twisted, but it was a huge blessing. We got her in the hospital and actually we got to give her a blessing before her second surgery with Elder Marvel (Senior missionary I served with in Bang Na) He is an awesome guy! I really love him and his wife! Anyway all they needed to do when they opened her up was pull one fiber and it untwisted itself. It was crazy. But a huge miracle. She has lost 35 pounds, she has been sick this whole transfer! Crazy! She is a trooper and she is recovering great! Sister Senior flew up and is with her at the hospital So we can stop worrying about her and just go do work.

English at the college is going really good! As I mentioned we taught two people at the college. Both about the restoration. There are a ton of Christians that go to this school and they all wonder about the Book of Mormon. Why do we have it? What is it about? So it really is a great opportunity. I hope that we can get some interested people out of it!  I love serving and just helping them anyway. It is really good. President is trying to really focus our finding efforts on the younger generation and help out the young single adults in the church here. To be strong, go on mission, and to help the future of Thailand. So you need to find them. He is seeing if we get a lot of interested people here at English. So I really hope it keeps going good.

Well that is all I have for the day, we will be going up to the mountains next week for sure! But I really love this Gospel. I love the Plan of Salvation. It is my favorite message to share with people because I know how much I love my family. And I know I am not the only one that wants to live with those I love again. And seeing people everyday who hear this and love there family, but are blinded by the things of the world. It really makes me sad. I love them. I love the people here. And they are so great. And all I want for them is to come unto Christ, to have a purpose here on this Earth. I am just so thankful to have the knowledge of the truth and to be able to try my hardest to help others have the same knowledge. I love you all and I love the Church. Have a great week! Happy Pioneers Day!

Much Love,
Elder Landon Simonsen

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