Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Hey Family,

So this past week was great! As you know we had FHE with the Karony family! They are so awesome! It was our little 4th of July Party! It was delicious Hot dogs/ burgers! Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper! It felt like a piece of America in Thailand! haha! Way good! Besides that we had a lot of business to do for example go to Lambang for an interview! Which was awesome! I attached a picture of Eud with his Uncle and then me and Eud อืด. He is a funny little kid! I will talk more about him later. But ya we didn't really get to work in our area for  real until Friday. So haha! But way great! Transfers are coming up on Thursday. That is when Sister Rod goes home! Hard to believe I have been out 18 months and seeing the Sisters in my group go home! Anyway it is fun to see how much we have changed and grown! We have been in the same district 8 transfers! That is half my mission! And about 2/3 of hers! haha! So way funny!
Last week was great! We got to see a way cool Elephant show. And it was a great park! Good Jungle. Down side, they said I needed to ride solo, so we just walked around the park while the others rode. I guess in the life of Elder Simonsen instead of being to small to ride the roller coaster he is too big! But it was way cool! They actually film a lot there because it is really easy to make it look like a village in the middle of the jungle. Way awesome! Pretty good price. Good family place.
Well got some great news. So Saw came back this week! She is awesome! Came to church yesterday and is really progressing good! She actually wore a skirt and looked like a member already! It was awesome! She reads and loves going to church. We learned about temples and she loves everything about eternal families and baptisms for the dead. Yesterday they combined both churches for the Missionary Broadcast and we all watched it! Saw loved it and loves how our church is about families and how we have so many missionaries who go out and serve! So she is doing great! Really good investigator! Rameez is doing great as well. He got a job here in Chiang Mai and is doing great. He has read a ton in the Book of Mormon and is really doing great. He wasn't able to come to church because he is moving his stuff down to Chiang Mai from Chiang Rai(my old area) 3 hours away. So he is great. Awm and Arm are still doing great but weren't able to come to church due to something at school on Sunday. Downside in Thailand they actually make people learn on Sunday/ do school projects and stuff.  No Sabbath Day Respect! So right now we are teaching Tiw/ I will call him T. T is great. He works at the bowling alley and he really wants to know these things. Problem he works on Sunday's.  So we actually put to test President Seniors new thing where you go play sports such as Soccer, ping pong, B-Ball, etc. And teach them. So guess what we went bowling on Saturday and taught him. It is important that we show we can still have fun without drinking and doing stuff like that. So we did. Talked a little. But we just aren't sure what he needs. We still need to teach the Restoration more straight forward and give him a Book Of Mormon. So we will try that. But he is good! I think it was good to help him see we are still normal people and disciples of Christ. So it was really good. As you know...I know how to make things fun. It might be my gift. haha! But yes I am a people person so thats a plus!
Anyway this week was great! The branch is awesome! It has been great to see our branch grow and to see people come back and be strong.  We also played Kick Ball with the members.  Way fun. They have never played it before! So way fun to explain it! Great members! Love them!

This week was great! I love you and thanks for the e-mails! Have a great 4th of July! Go Fireworks!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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