Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Week here in Thailand

Hey Family,

Man this week was really awesome. So first I want to answer some questions. Packages yes I get them all. I get all the cards. Here in Thailand we have no problem getting stuff.
I am way happy for Brennan! I loved being baptized! I remember it was such a great feeling of peace to know you are on the road to living with your family again. Really that is our message. We teach about families and their importance! Looked awesome! Elder Parker Simonsen had a great opportunity to help baptize that young member here last week. Happy for him! That is awesome. I love nothing more than seeing families come together in the church.
As I helped Peter come back to church. I let him know why I was happy. It is because of my family. It is because of the Atonement. And how no matter what we do. No matter how far we turn down the wrong path. God still loves us. And the only one that gives up on us is ourselves. But I know that God won't give up on any of us. The Savior never stops holding out his hand to help. Too many times I see people give up. I see members fall away. I know that these people only need a hand. A helping hand. A shoulder to lean on. A friend that will support them. The reason Peter came back to church wasn't because I was the best Thai speaker or for some other reason. Beside the fact. He knew I loved him. I have seen first hand people change their lives. But all they need is someone to help. I know that everyone reading this, will be suprised to know. That they have influenced the lives of more people than they know it. There are fellow members in the church. Family members. There are more people than you think that need your help. Look for those opportunities.

Well this past week was awesome. As you know. We went to the bat cave. It was awesome. We met Albert and Batman. Saw monkeys. And it was way fun. It was a really good FHE with Peter. The best way to help anyone is to be their friend. Be someone they can trust. So his Daughter Blay is looking good for the 17th.

Poom and PP are doing great. We taught them the Restoration again and asked them if they believe in God and Jesus Christ and if they believe Joseph Smith was called of God. And they believe it. They want to live with their family again. We came to the conclusion they are more ready now than ever. So we are happy for them. They have a date for the 17th as well.
This week was way good and we saw some crazy things. Some success. And so way happy. Work is going way good and Elder Gage is a stud. What a great missionary. I love him to death!! Besides that nothing really new. Today we are having a zone sports day. Playing dodgeball and football and stuff. So it should be fun. We have a busy week ahead of us! 

Well family I love you all and have a great week! Thanks for all the e-mails! Plus it is great to hear the Redsox won! Halloween here wasn't really anything special. Basically at all. haha! We went out and ate with the other Elders. It was fun. Nothing crazy. Thanksgiving should be better:)

Elder Landon Simonsen

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