Monday, November 11, 2013

Some great miracles happening here in Bangkhae

Hey family,

This week was awesome. First thing first. Is that Blay, Peter's daughter passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized next Sunday. So I am way happy! It will be great. She was so happy when she came out of the interview. I have to say probably the happiest I have seen one of my investigators after coming out of an interview. Brother Peter is doing great this week and is even starting to help some of his friends come into the Gospel.  I have still never seen a person who is so in tune with the Spirit. He is awesome. He knows the church is true.
So you are probably wondering why I am e-mailing late. It is because Elder Astle is getting transfered. So kinda crazy. Way random but hey. It isn't emergency. But President is having a mini transfer. So we sent off Elder Astle on a bus by himself and we have to stay with Elder Unsworth so he isn't alone. So we were in a Three some for a little bit. Anyway it is way fun. I love Elder Unsworth. He is like a brother to me. His new comp is coming today at 7 P.M. Also no effects from the hurricane. Either they hit already or haven't hit yet. But I haven't heard anything about it here. All will be well!

Other answers. 72 hour kits. Ya we have a 3 day food supply in our house. They make us keep one when we move to an area. So you always have enough food for 72 hours such as instant noodles water. Canned fruits. ETC. So ya. we are all good! And cool news! Brother Peter Willden the member I talked about last week. He invited us over for Thanksgiving on the 28th. And invited Brother Peter the Thai member and his whole family! It is way awesome! I am excited! So no need to worry about that

Christmas package....hmm. Airheads. Sour patch kids. laffy taffy. I loved the cookies. Jerkey as always is good. Fruity candy. Gushers. There is a bunch of stuff. Pick a few. You know I'm not picky:)  I don't need any clothes materials. You can keep those for home. I want to keep my bags light. 

Well besides that things here in Bang Khae are going great. Right now the mission is really pushing Baptism. I think that it is because President is tired of everyone thinking. The church can't grow fast in Thailand.  He wants us to know the church is the same here as it is in America and South America. Every where. And even though the people aren't Christian you can still baptize them and you can still see success in numbers even here in Asia. It is cool. We have 5 Daters right now. Poom and PP should be getting baptized on the 16th. They are getting interviewed on Wednesday. And then Blay is getting baptized on Sunday. Already passed her interview. We also have to new daters. One is a friend of Peters from the Catholic church She has a date for December 21st. Her name is Dook. And then you also have P he is 21 and from Chiang Rai Thailand. That is where I served with Elder Wilko. He is way sweet. Looking for good in life. He is tired of the parties and drugs and alcohol. Says there is something better in life. He says he has been really sad lately and been looking for a good group of people. Hopefully he goes somewhere. He calls us everyday to see if we can meet. Way cool. I think that the gospel can help him a lot. So it was a way fun story how we met him. Sister Wow our RC was in the hospital and then we got a call from the Elders in Asok which is basically downtown. And they said we have an appointment right now. And We were like cool. And left immediately. So it was cool. He is looking to get baptized December 7 or 8. As you can see work is going pretty well. But hey it is really just the Lord blessing our area. We really owe it all to him for helping the members prepare there family and friends. And people everyday for us to talk to. We also got a referral when we were visiting Bricha and we walked into a market and then there was a Thai boxing match going on. A guy from Polland and a Thai guy. The Thai guy was way bigger. And was owning him. haha! But way random. We ran into a member not in our branch. But he said he has been working with his friend. And he introduced us. And we have a return appointment for Tuesday. So hopefully things work out. It is really fun to see the Lord put you into situations. And how he prepares the way. Sometimes things are random and you don't know why they work out.

Ikaru is doing great.  His only problem is he learns on Sunday and can't come to ya.  But I know the Lord will provide if he will keep the commandments.  So right now we are really just trying to rebuild our teaching pool.  But we know that the Lord is preparing people everyday to hear our message. So we need to go and find them. Sometimes he does it through the members and sometimes through just straight contacting on the streets. But I know that this work is the work of the Lord. We are helping people change there lives. And come unto Christ. Helping them remember the plan that they already chose before they came to this Earth. We just need to help them remember that  they accepted the Plan of Salvation. It is the same church all over the world. I know that all my brothers and sisters around the world are all joining in missionary work. The work is hastening. The mission here isn't even close to the same mission I entered into. We don't even knock doors. We go were the people are. Because we won't wait for them to come to us, we go to them. This is a message of true happiness. Yesterday in Elders Quorum every member was asked the question, "What made you change your heart, to come into the church?" Even members born in the church need to be converted. Honestly, you can never get sick of the question. But the happiness that our message brings is what changed my heart. I see so many people searching for something they can't find. I see it everyday. They look for happiness through money. Through drinking and other things. I see so many people off the path. And it is so sad. But it is what motivates me. And it should be what motivates every member of the church. Go and help those who don't have the light. It doesn't need to be weird. It needs to be sincere. And that is something that I try to do everyday as I go an work. Is to truly care for those around me. Because I want them to know the happiness that I have. And that they too can feel this way.

Well that is it for the week. I hope you all have a great week. Thanks so much for the e-mails and encouragement. I love you all! Remember Jesus Loves You!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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