Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greenie Switch Off

Hello Family!

So to start off the week, on Monday we needed to switch off for Tuesday. So we missed out on a little of P-day so we couldn't go bowling:( So we will fit it in soon. So anyway I went with Elder Harley who came in with me from the MTC. Greenie Switch off! It was the Bomb! We both aren't too hot at the language yet, so basically it felt like day 3 at the MTC with your first lesson! I sent a picture with him in another e-mail tracting! Ok so me and Elder Harley taught Brother Sprite it was super good we taught about prayer. We also taught the last lesson with Brother/Sister Lida. Ya kinda sad. But she just didn't want to learn after we taught about the Plan of Salvation. Haha so imagine two greenies teaching that lesson with a person with concerns. So ya we could have done better!

K on Wednesday we had Zone Conference! Ya that was fun! I played the PIano! Haha and I gave the missionary purpose in Thai for the group! President and Sister Smith are so nice I already feel like I have known them forever! We had great lesson on repentance, church attendance, and did some role plays and everything! So then they cut our Ties! And said goodbye.

So I talked a little bit about Elder Heslop! He is an awesome guy. he knows Ben Keaton, Sam Jensen, Sterling Ward. All the guys I wrestled with in Junior High. And he is good friends with Richard Buys! So that was fun talking with him! We have a small zone of about 14 or so missionaries. It is usually in about the high 20's but they made cuts because the Asok zone. Anywho we got 3 of the new Thai missionaries in our zone. They got here early. And one is in our district! She is awesome! She gives me jelly bellies! Haha! She really is pretty funny!

So anywho we have been teaching an Investigator Brother Beaver. Beawer in Thai. And he is the guy who just came to church and we taught him 3 times last week. He has been to church 3 weeks in a row. But he is stuggling with faith and prayer so hard. All three lessons we taught about how you need to ask questions when you pray.   We finally got him to pray more than at those two times. Like when he reads. But then we realized he says the same prayer every time he meets with us!  But he says he knows these things will help him and that he wants to know that this church is true. He really wants to go to the temple also. So he is an awesome investigator.   I love this guy! He is a funny person who is super shy and comes to church about an hour and a half early! So that is fun!

So this week I was calling the investigators on my phone day and wanted to call Sister Mamm. Who is doing great! But I accidently called sister Nan. Who's name in Thai looks close. So I was following up with the Sister in our Ward about her pray and reading.  And she was answering all the questions. And I was thinking wow Mamm is doing really good. And then when I looked at the phone I noticed I called the wrong person. It was pretty funny at church when I saw her! She asked why I asked her all that stuff! I said to ask her if she had any questions! So Sister Mamm this week is doing great! We orignally had her baptismal date on the 9th of June but since we have Stake conference and can't confirm her on Sunday. We moved it up to the 2nd. She was so excited because she finally realized all the help that the spirit gave her in her life with decisions she has made while learning with the Elders! She has a super strong testimony! And knows these things to be true! So this Saturday she will be getting interviewed for baptism! She is really funny! But she is doing really good and am excited to help her. She has so many friends in the ward and she says that the spirit feels good when she comes to church!  This next  picture is of Bishop Brajack! He is the funniest person alive! and yes his arm is around me!

This week is transfers! Wow I have been here for Six weeks! The time goes way fast out here! It does really seem like yesterday when I was graduating! Time flies! So today I learned it is pretty cheap to send things home in envelops! So that is good! Today we are going to probably go to a market or to the mall. That is fun! There are lots of things to do at malls here. Usually you have a black market in the basement and nice market up top haha! English is super fun also! This last week I had to teach the gospel portion of English which is where you basically give them a intro and ask them if they want to learn more! This week we are doing a Showcase which happens every six weeks. We are doing a talent show and people are going to sing in English and dance and stuff! It will be fun! I will take some pictures! So that is it for this week!

It sounds like home is fun! And everyone is doing great!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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