Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Well family! Looks like a fun week! And Happy Fathers Day!

So it sounds like the wedding went great! You will need to send me a photo album! Of all the pictures, since I only saw three! But they looked good and I didn't see my cut-out in the family photo! Disappointed! haha!Ya it is to bad I wasn't there to give like a toast or something. Or dance or be funny. I guess it is a good thing that I didn't get to do one of my notorious wedding jokes! But anyway it sounded great! And Serena looked great! Very beautiful! And Cam you looked very handsome in your Tux! Very awesome I love gray! Good color! Everyone else looked good also! So I don't want to have to name everyone. One thing is though remember to keep my cut-out put it in my room or something!

So some fun stuff this week Last Monday we went inviting in a christian neighborhood and got kicked in the teeth very fun and hard and rejected! haha! Super fun! First house we went to the guy spoke perfect English and was like Dude you are Mormons you can't be out after six and all this stuff. Then the next one had a huge aluminum cross in the front yard, that guy was crazy! So anyway those are some fun stories. Lately Buddhist people just ignore us at the door. We get in a few times but nothing serious it made me think of Matthew 10:22, " And ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake: but he that Endureth to the End shall be saved." Great scripture and the key is just to keep enduring! Missionary work sure isn't easy but when you find those people it is rewarding. Inviting is hard but it needs to be done to find those people prepared for the gospel.

So this weeks new investigators are Jeff and Oooh. Haha they are sweet! Oooh is protestant and she is pretty open to learning with us her only thing is getting baptized again but she says after the second lesson she already believes in the BOM so that is super cool. Origianlly Jeff was the referral we got. He is a taxi driver and is Buddhist but understands super well. We taught him the whole restoration on the first lesson and he remembered all of it! haha. So those are some really good people we will be giving Ooh and Jeff a baptismal date this week. We met them twice already and they were doing great on the second lesson. So any who we still have our daters Mak, Ooy, Taam. They are doing great. The only problem is that Taam doesn't understand the gospel in Thai so today we are teaching him in English. That will be interesting! I haven't taught in English before!

Anywho we are still trying to find investigators to teach. It is interesting most of them just stop answering there phones! haha! So we are trying to rebuild. We usually get about 4 to 5 new investigators from english and they are usually families.  But usually they meet once and then are done, they just want the English. But it is efficent so it helps us out.

This week we had Zone Specialized training! President Smith came. Officialy the last time I will see him. Haha! he is great! It will be weird getting a new mission president because President Smith is probably the most caring person in the world! He loves Thailand so much and he loves the people. He is a perfect example of what missionaries should be like when they leave! I took some notes on his advice for after the mission.  I am excited to meet President Senior because I know that he was called here for a reason to help Thailand.

That is about it for the week though very good week overall. I attached an e-mail of a giant pig I saw while inviting. I was going to take a picture next to it. And then it started to stand up! haha! We also ran into a giant lizard about 3 feet long that eats chickens. It was in a chicken coop. The chicken coops here are like chicken wire and you see in them. It was a freaky lizard with a huge long neck and stuff. Didn't get a picture because it ran into a hole though!

I am so grateful to have a great family! Who are all doing what is right! I am glad that Cam and Serena were able to be married in the temple. It truly is an awesome place and I wish I could be there but obviously everything happens for a reason and I am supposed to be here because there is someone here who needs Elder Simonsen to teach them the gospel. I realized today that you don't know when you are going to move from your area. I could move in two weeks or in another 3 months. You just don't know. The only important thing is that you stay faithful and strong in the area where you serve that you give everything you got even when you are about to leave. Because that one person might not be the person you baptize. It is that person who just takes that pass along card and doesn't look at it for 6 months. It is about planting the seeds! I love it here. It is hot every day. I sweat everyday. I am tired everyday. But I have never been so close to the spirit everyday. I wouldn't trade those feelings for anything in the world!

I love you family and have a good week! Happy Fathers Day Grandpa Ford, Grandpa Simonsen, Ryan, and Now Cam! And especially my own Dad! thanks for everything and have a great day!

Love Elder Landon Simonsen!

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