Monday, June 25, 2012

New Mission Home

Hello Family!

Today is great! Well I finally get to pick up my suit! The pants were a little short so they made em longer a little. Fit good though! And the suit turned out great! I wish I could send the picture! But I don't have one. So you will have to wait till next week! I also go my Thai name tag. They still have english on it, but at least Thai people can read it. And all the new people still call me Elder Simon. haha! I guess that the -sen is to hard to say!

So I love answering questions. First thing first we gave Sister O a date. ( I love trying to english tize names!) Anyway Sister O/โอ๋ has a date for the 4th of August. And she is doing great. She works on Sunday's right now but she meets with us like 2 to 3 times a week. Which is good! So we are trying to help her keep the commandments. She is awesome though she understands the Gospel super well. Jeff understands alright. He can't meet as much because he is a taxi driver here. And if you are a taxi driver here. You are hardly home. So it is hard to meet with him even though he understands the Gospel pretty good.

We also have Nun and On they are doing great. We are going to extend a date with them on Tuesday. Probably for August sometime. But they are super willing to meet and are really interested. We have only met twice but they are reading and stuff! And bringing a new friend on Tuesday. So It is exciting.

As for our family of Three. Mak, Ooy, and Taam. Are doing great. They are struggling with reading. But we finally got to stay at church all three hours. They usually just stay for sacrament. Anyway we taught Taam in English seperate from his family. Well his parents are there. They are all fluent in English. Because they went to another chrisitian church. But Taam can't read Thai and doesn't understand the church vocabulary in Thai either. So it is a different experience. Very fun. This week we taught the Restoration and The Plan of Salvation.

So this week was super fun I got to go on Switchoff's with Elder Cam Simonsen and Elder Ryan Mitchell. JK. I went with Elder Cottrell but he is the same age as them! He turned 25 last week. Ya very good switchoff. You can learn a ton from someone that knows the gospel super well. He has lots of experience. And is very good at teaching. Sometimes it is a little intimidating cuz I feel like he is way older than me. haha. Besides him talking about getting married to the perfect house wife. It was a super good switchoff!

I also got to talk to Eli this week he is one of our investigators boyfriends/ almost married/ lived together for a while. They had a daughter die in March and so they needed to pay off Medical bills so he moved back to America to get some money from something. Anyway he lives in Boston. And he was talking to me about the Red Sox who aren't doing to good. And about the Iphone and Mac computers and stuff. Also about how good American Cheese Burgers are and how steaks are so good! haha! Ya it made me crave Texas Road House! Some real bread, but hey at least I can get a pork burger! Kinda to answer the question if I can get Salmon over here. It is still expensive. They have lots of fish for cheap I just like river fish and stuff. Tastes good! So I really need to send some pictures of the food. It is really good. Eason food is the best. You basically have Pork, Chicken, or, Fish. Super good cuz they have a million ways to prepare dishes here with rice haha!

I taught about 12 lessons this week. So the missionary work is picking up!

Haha so for English class this week I tried to teach that's Sick because it was on Health this week. Ya no one understood it. So I started with That's Cool. And more understood. haha! It is super cool. They are awesome, I have one person in my class who always asks me to sing songs in English. This week he had me sing Jason Miraz I'm in love with my best friend. And the one Some Where Over the Rainbow. He plays the guitar and wants to know how they sound in English so he can sing them. He tells me it sounds so good when a native sings the songs! I thought I was tone deaf! But whatever!

Well I can't believe the Heat won! That is ridiculous! And as for suggestions. I could use a Butterfinger. Cuz they don't have those! Basically any good candybar. They only have Snickers and thats it. You just throw it in the freeze when it gets here. I asked around! America o how I love you and your variety! Ya they only have like 4 flavors of pop over here. but at the Farang market ( American market) They have Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew!

So on Thursday we got to move the mission home. It looks super nice. And big! The new place has 5 floors and they are finished with 2 of them. Looks really good. It used to be a bank. Still aren't finished moving. But The mission president comes this week. We meet him next Suday!

New Mission Home

K love you all! Have a good week!

Love Elder Landon Simonsen

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