Monday, June 4, 2012

First Baptism

Sawadii Khrab!
Ok so I'll answer some questions first! K as for the food, I eat rice every day, every meal except for when I eat Farang food!(McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Company) We only eat farang like once a week. The nice thing about food here is you can get Chicken, Pork, Fish, and sometimes shrimp at nearly every food place on the side of the road. You can get any vegetable you want in it baby corn, carrots, peas, etc. You also can get a fried egg on top! Which is the bomb! Then you put chilli sauce on it! You can get noodles here it is very popular But that is more chinese. But there are lots of chinese people here! So basically when you think of Asia it works for here except beef! You can't get that at the road side stands! Except you eat with a fork and spoon which is way better!
K so today we are going to china town! Getting a suit! Not sure which color. It is about 60 bucks.  Probably Gray! But we will see. My other suit is thrashed! As for the rolex no joke you should have told me last week! 500 baht here for really good quality! I saw about ten last week that were really good quality that had the date time and month and stuff! So I'll look in China town today!
So anywho I got to baptize Sister Mam and it was one of the coolest things ever! Speaking Thai was sure different than english! But it felt really good! So the hardest part was memorizing her name! They go by nicknames here. Her real name is Yuwada Singhamayta! So a long one! haha it was great though! The spirit was awesome there! It is definately something I won't forget! Then we confirmed her the next day. A member in the ward did that though! Also she brought her family. Which was great! It was fun to meet them! Definately it is a cool story how she got baptized.  Once she realized all the blessings she had received while going to church and praying she really just took off and wanted to be baptized. She was super Budhist and so is her family. She was worried that they would be a little upset, but because she prayed and kept commandments she felt that her parents understood. A big part for her was stopping Wei Phrat (Budhist stuff). But she really was great at trying her faith. She gave it her all and is now super happy!
So anyway so for testimony meeting ya I can understand more but lots of the time they go off on stories and I have no clue where they are going with it! it is super funny! I can speak a lot more though. I didn't really notice until you can't tell if someone spoke in English or Thai to you but you know what they said. It is kinda fun. Understanding is coming. But I can basically read anything in any font! That was really hard at first. I definately still need the Lords help though! I am by no means very good at all. I can just teach lessons.  As long as I can share the Gospel I am good to go in serving the lord!
So you asked a little bit about progressing investigators. Well we extended a date with a family! Taam Mak and Ooy. Mak and Ooy are the two others in the photo at the baptism! They are doing great! They are so interested in the church and in learning the gospel.  We just need to teach them about commandments so they can keep them. Haha! But as for other ones we have Som. She is doing good! We watched the Restoration DVD this week with her. We also have Wason pretty interested but can't meet a lot. As for Beaver and Anne. They didn't pick up there phones the whole week! Not good. Beavers is broken, Anne won't pick up! But all is good! We have a few new potential investigators! Tong and Noy. They are really interested but only can meet on Sundays!
So anyway our baptism was the first in the ward since I think January. So it has been awhile and all the members where super stoked to get a new member in the ward! Very fun! Anyway besides that thanks for the good list of words that I could use at English haha! They love slang! But they really have the hardest time understanding it! It is so much fun to help them understand it. Ya we have a huge English class! We have three different classes of about 20 each. So it is a good size.
Anywho the week was kinda slow as for lessons and stuff. We are kinda in a rebuilding part. Lots of the old investigators stopped wanting to learn so we invite a lot. Yesterday we invited for about 3 hours and got nothing! But I guess that is missionary work right! It really makes you sweat good too! It has been raining a lot here lately. It rains almost every day or is cloudy. But it is still super humid and really hot! So ya as for that right now we are just rebuilding our investigator pool! It should be fun!
O ya and yesterday I saw a cool river monster thing! It is about half the size of a komodo Dragon, about the size of Brinkley our Golden Retriever.  It was a huge lizard that swims in the rivers! It is either freakin cool looking or scary. I don't know. But I got my camera out then it submerged into the water. So I will have to get a picture of one soon! It looks cool! haha!
Well have a great week.  The church is true! 
Elder Landon Simonsen

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  1. This blog is so great! I love reading about your experiences - you are an awesome missionary and you have only been out a short time! Just imagine how amazing you will be in the months to come! Keep up the good work!