Friday, March 1, 2013

Great week-in Jiang Hai (As spoken in North)

Hey guys! Sawadii Jaw!

This week was great! Ya on the bike thing we are actually going to put a flyer on our bike! The other Elders have them already, but we still need to make them up. So English class as you know is great! So we advertivse like everywhere we go. Flyers, signs in restuarants, wherever we can. So anyway we went to a Hospital and invited some nurses. They said they will have about 20 people coming to English tomorrow. We set a goal for 40 people by next week. It is way awesome to see people come unto Christ. We have about 2 new investigators from English this week. Way awesome. I will talk more about them. We usually don't bug people about learning. We share a spiritual thought everyweek. And so they are all exposed to the gospel. To answer some other questions before I go on. Cam asked about tall people. I have met about 4 Thai people over 6 feet tall.
Well lets talk about the week. As you know English class is awesome! We are really doing good. We had an appointment with some people on Saturday from English. There names are Ling and Phone. Way cool people. 30 year old females. Owns a pet clinic and wants to study in America. They have lots of friends who are Mormon but have not really wanted to learn, but they started. It is funny to see how the Lord works. Just like Pawn who we actually call Chay. He is from English. So basically lots of people from English. But Ling and Chay both came to Church so they are doing pretty good. Phone had something she need to do. Phone and Ling are friends so they learn together. But they are way interested in the gospel. They have come to English for two weeks, but after I gave the spiritual thought on studying the scriptures and how they answer every problem. They really wanted to learn more. They said they have lots of concerns and want answers. So we are teaching them. Plus they speak way good English. Chay knows that what we are teaching is true. He says it just feels right. So it is way good. He can still make the 10th.
This week we had a member get his mission call. Brother Gone our Branch Mission Leader is 19 and is going to Thailand. I will see him in the mission. It is awesome! He is going to be way good. I am going to be way sad to see him leave, because he is the best BML ever! Then also we road our bikes about 30 minutes to a jail and the 30 minutes back to go teach a referral with Sister Beam that is the girl that facebooked mom! So ya way cool. Her dad is a prison guard. She is 19 and is really open to Christianity. So well we will teach her. Except we prefer if she went to the church. because if you didn't know there are lots of mountains in Chiang Rai. So up and down up and down. Way different than Utah mountains. These ones pop up out of no where! But it was crazy to ride out so far and like have nothing out there! The girls name is Praw! Way nice. So fun stuff. I swear I lost like 20 pounds riding my bike! haha!

So anyway we had Zone meeting on Friday. Which means you don't have like any time to do anything. You ride 3 and 1/2 hours to Chiang Mai then back. So way fun good meeting. Learned alot about working with the Branch. It is a really important thing. We have been making goals to visit 1 member a day. It really helps us become friends and to help us be familiar with them. Way good. But anyway way cool experience. Well we have this thing in Thailand where you do missionary work everywhere no matter what area. So I did. While waiting for a bus. We stopped and got some drinks. Anyway so walking out of the 7/11 which is basically like a grocery store. Elder Wilko said lets talk to this guy, who is smoking. I was like ok ya man. Then I talked to the guy next to that guy. Named A. He is way cool. So he was like I am way open to everything. I said, that we teach about Jesus and about how we can be happy and just talked about life for about 3 minutes. Then got his name and number then left! So then like 10 minutes later I called the ZL's and gave them the referral. They called him and said can we meet. He said ya I have had lots of problems in my life that I want help with. It made me really realize that it doesn't matter who gets the final result. But when I see A in the Celestial Kingdom I will know that if I didn't open my mouth he might not have been found.
I always find it crazy how the Lord works. But it is amazing! I really love it! That is really how my testimony grew this week. That and we saw two investiagtors at Church. I can really see the Lord's hand blessing Thailand. They are different than anyone else in the world. If you asked me why do I love Thailand it is the people, not the food, mountains. But I know that this work is special. That is why the Lord is hastening his work. The people who are prepared need to be found. I am so excited to see 58 new missions, I love seeing the Gospel bless the lives of people.

Well I hope you all have a great week! And Plus did Grandma ever get her letter I sent her? If not I will send another one. It should be there by now! Anyway love you all. Cam and Serena keep it up. Good luck on Boards. When do they come up? And the Lauren/Ryan clan. Almost have a baby next month:) I am the first to say congrats to Landina! But anyway have a great week! Love you all!


Elder Landon Simonsen

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