Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Dearest Family and Friends,

Wow first of all looks like some seriously good food! What is a smore? Sounds made up. jk. I know you got the Grahm, the mallow, and the chocolate. Sounds delicious. Can't get it here. Sounds like Fathers Day was Great! So I hope everyone reading this knows that I love them and Happy Fathers Day.Still can't believe it has already been a month since we skyped at Mothers Day. Where has time gone? Goodness! And Dad glad to hear you are still playing B-Ball! 

Not to mention Good luck to Cam on the Boards. Sounds intense but you will do great bro! And Serena is awesome! Way hard worker! Keep it up girl because you will be rewarded in the end! Hope you two are doing great! Happy one year anniversary again! Way cool! One year down and eternity to go!

Well so I am glad to report that this past week was amazing. I could possibly say the best week of my mission so far. We saw so many miracles and saw so many blessings. Where to start. Well I will start with อ้อม(Awm) and her younger brother อาร์ม(Arm) Arm is 15 and Awm is 19 they are so cool. We have been working with Chad he is an RC/LA who lives next door to them. He is from a hill tribe called Galiang AKA The Long Neck Tribe.  It is actually not practiced as much (putting rings on your neck.) but they are still out there. I have only seen one person out in public with the rings on their neck. Anyway Awm and Arm came to church this last week. They are so great!  So I am way stoked! They are awesome! 

Not only that but we also met a way awesome person named Saw สา She is awesome way cool. She actually was a walk into church on Thursday when we were meeting with an LA เบิ้ม (Bewm) A 25 year old lady (Saw) came over to the room we were in knocked on the door. And up hill from there. We taught her about pray and everything. She actually said she was meditating and something told her to come to this church and learn. And we just happened to be there on that day. haha! Way cool. Anyway we gave her a Book of Mormon and she read Joseph Smith's Testimony. Loved it. Called us the next day and wanted to meet right away. So we did. Then she came to 5 hours of church on Sunday because she loved it. She wants to get baptized and she loves the Spirit. And She has a desire and we can work with that! So it is really cool! I am excited! Plus Sowm(Man making Thai names into English is so hard!) Combine So with mmmm. He is doing really good. Really wants to know why our church is different than other ones. He said in Thailand we have three christian sects. Catholic, Protestant, and Christian. haha! He was like which one are you? I was like none of them. And he was confused. Then, as usual you explain how we are the true church that was restored not a sect. So it was really fun. 

This week we had some great opportunities to serve! We mowed the lawn in the Garden of Eden. Way good fruit there! We helped an older lady in the ward with her huge garden! and She has every Thai Fruit you can thing of. Mango's, Coconuts, Mango Steen, rose apples, star fruit...etc. Way cool. I forgot to get a picture but all four of us Elder had way sweet Thai hats on. They actually looked mexican but way cool. haha! Then on Saturday we cut the Branch Presidents lawn with clippers. Yes those things you use for bushes at home. Was it fun. Hmmm. Kinda. But the most important thing was we made a good relationship with the Branch President. He is a great guy. He has a great desire for the branch to be better, so we go and serve him a lot. It is really good. He is a really nice guy.  So we do are best and he likes us. So it is really good. Things are great in the branch right now. We are actually preparing things to build a 2nd chapel here in Chiang Mai. Thailand. They should be splitting into three branches next year. So really awesome! This next week we are going to go look at a plot of Land with the Elders Quorum president! So good good! Things are going up and the work is progressing here. As for the daters we had. Well...lets say the Lord gives man there agency. That includes agency in learning and changing religions. We know we tried our best to help them know that we have the restored priesthood authority on the earth today. And through faith, repentance, baptism, etc.  So we know we did our best in the end. And in the end the church is still true! Plus we saw so many different miracles this week. The Lord blesses our lives so much!

Thanks for all the e-mails! Loved them and I hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Landon Simonsen

P.S. In Sacrament I had a girl from my BYU singles ward there! haha! Sarah. She is cool. I remember we actually hung out a few times in college. So haha! Small world. She is actually engaged to one of the people over here doing an internship. David Covey. haha! So it was way funny. Because I completely forgot her name and was like why does she look familiar. But she remembered me, Joe, Mike and was like man you guys were hilarious! It was way fun being in your ward! So props to my bro's out there for being great!! Well that is about it! Kinda funny experience!

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