Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another great week in Thailand

สวัสดีครับ ครอบครว,

How are you all this week? Seems so great! I have now been Graduated two years. Wow. Congrats to Nancy and Randy(I finally have your name down:)) On Friday way cool. Sorry I can't be there but I give you my blessing.

Ok so on with the week! What a great week! So way cool story. We found a man (The LA we helped come back) has been LA for 13 years and 2 months exactly. Cool part...He collected all of his tithing and fast offerings for those 13 years and 2 months and paid them yesterday at church! If I don't know a strong member. I would say that he is. When I saw him walk into church with that bright smile. You knew he was a changed man. He truly knows who's church he belongs to. I learned the importance of tithing from him. And how we owe God so much for all the blessings he gives us. For some reason he didn't come to church, but even though he didn't come to church didn't mean he didn't believe Christ was his savior. So he made sure that he would give back to Christ as much as he could. It was way cool to see.

This past week we have been working on setting realistic goals. Goals that mean something. Because often times we set a goal that is in reality a vision. For everything in life we have a vision, to be a doctor, a parent, to have a car, a house, anything. All of those are visions. Not goals. And to get those visions we need goals. If we want to get a baptism(our vision) we need to set goals that are real, heart felt. And that will be stepping blocks to help us get to that vision. It is a really interesting concept but we are finding lots of great people right now! So are diligence is starting to pay off. So on Friday we got a call from Brame and he was like I want to come to church. So we were like ok.. we didn't call to remind him because we wanted it to all be on him. So then he came stayed all three hours and after church we talked and he wants to be baptized. He said he know that these things are good. And he wants them in his life. Also we are working with another person. Her name is Awm or Arm with a w. haha! Anyway she is a friend of an RC/LA. Who we are working with. The RC/LA is named Chawd and his is way cool. 20 and goes to college. A little shy. but wants to come to church. He can come to church next week. And his friend Awm lives next door to him and wants to come to church as well. So way good.

So the work is going great! The branch is great! we had 73 at church and 11 in Elders Quorum best number yet! So things are going up and we are maintaining! So really good! Working with Elder Cosper is awesome he is a great hard worker and we are seeing lots of success. I am blessed to be working with him! Fun Story real quick! We were visiting an LA and standing at the gate! Here in Thailand every house has a gate or a cement wall. The cement walls have glass bottles broken and built into the top to make it spiky. So as we were standing at an LA's house, his wall was way short about waist high. But anyway I felt prompted to talk about how there was glass on the wall. Even though we all know about it, and it was dumb to talk about it. So I was like, "Dude, why does every wall have glass bottles on it?" He looks down and see the wall and then on his foot a huge king scorpion the size of his hand! haha! On his shoe! Way crazy! THen I learned to follow promptings even if they seem weird! haha! So way funny. didn't get stung. but huge and black!

So anyway last monday we went to a snake show. Cobras, tree snakes, jumping snakes, python. Way cool, kinda hard to take, "Boss" photos but it was a exciting. Way cool. The guy did some thing to make the snake limp and I held it! haha! way cool. a little snake but awesome. Today we aren't doing much, Elder Cosper needs to make some pants cuz his ripped out so we will go look at some prices today.

That is way cool that Bishop Hinckley is your home teacher! Tell him hi! He is so great! That will be way fun! Thanks for the great e-mail mom! We both now that I am way more lucky to have you as a mom than me as a kid! haha! You are the best! We (missionaries) always talk about how much you grow and become better people when you are out here. You learn so much about being a better person, a better parent. You understand things that you didn't understand before. So looking back. Thank you for what you did for me!

Well family! I love you all! And have a great week!

Elder Landon SImonsen

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