Monday, June 24, 2013

Chaing Mai is on Fire! (Not literally)

Hey family,

Elder Landon Simonsen here. Reporting on a great week. We saw so many blessings this past week it wasn't even crazy. I don't know if I told you or not but here in the Thailand Bangkok mission we just dissolved area's. We found we were losing investigators when you just getting hitting them back and forth between missionaries like a ping pong ball. So anyway no more areas. Obviously in the boundaries of where you are serving. But you can go anyway in Chaing Mai or your prosleyting area and talk with everyone. So now there is no reason to not talk with people because they probably don't live in your area. And guess what we saw a ton of success with this. Our areas are on Fire right now. We are finding new investigators like crazy because you don't need to worry if you will teach them or not. Obviously there are some exceptions and you work within the province or general area. But it is so awesome to talk with everyone.

So starting off. We found a way awesome guy at the Bowling alley. Named Tiw. He is cool to early to tell, but in our mission we are allowed to go and play sports or do activities with people and then teach them after. It is what we call Ping Pong Baptisms. Because you go and play sports and be normal to show we are normal people and then teach them when you are done. So we are doing this at the bowling alley. Note this is our first week teaching him but it should be fun. haha! Free bowling? I don't know. Anyway After that Awm and Arm are doing great! They have read to 1 Nephi 18 already. So it is fun they are so interested and they are absorbing the Gospel great! Plus they introduced a friend named Meew she is cool. But we aren't sure how interested she is. But she loves praying and prophets so it is good. She accpeted a date for July 20th as well. She came to church yesterday. Saw went to church in Bangkok. Which happened to be Stake Conference. Which was way exciting for her. And also pretty good because I gave her over to Elder Davies who is in Bangkok. He is ZL in Asok where they had Stake Conference so he got to teach her. So she is also introducing her family to the Gospel as well. She said she will be coming back up hopefully in 2 weeks. But until then Elder Davies is teaching her. So way good. We also had the coolest experience this week. Elder Cosper was here in Chaing Mai with Elder Slaught on Thursday for switchoff's When I was in Lambang and Elder Cosper is the best at talking with everyone. So he said hi to a guy from India named Rameze. And he said he talked about having a better family life and stuff through Christ. So anyway, on Sunday in walks Rameze he loved it. He stayed for both sessions of Church and I ran home to grab my English Book of Mormon for him. Cuz we don't really have any to pass out. So I gave him one I have marked in but it is still the word of God. But he was talking about how he had a dream the night before about seeing the white missionaries who could speak Thai and right when he woke up he came to church. It was so cool. He is a stud. He has a baptismal date for July 20th. We taught him with Brother Alex who just got back from Japan Tokyo temple. Where he was sealed with his wife. It was awesome. He has the best testimony ever! So strong. I love him! He is the guy from Italy and has the coolest accent in the world. But I loved hearing about his journey and how he talked about he is now a complete person who has been baptized, endowed and sealed. SO it was great! He is awesome. They are having a child here soon and are way happy to have it born in the covenant of eternal marriage.

Things here are going so great! We are seeing lots of miracles from the Hand of the Lord. This next week we are going to go teach English at a college. President Senior wants us to work at North Chaing Mai university because younger people are receptive to the Gospel. We teach 6 hours a week. We have talked with the Dean over there. We actually had connections through a member who lived in the U.S. for 40 years. And there are a few BYU students doing interns up there. So it will be a great opportunity to serve.

Switchoff's Were great I was with Elder Heras in Lambang. The area is really booming. I am interviewing a 9 year old named Eud for baptism on Wedneday. Then a person for Sis. Rodrigues and Yim on Thursday. So I have a good busy week and my district should hopefully be having two baptisms this week. I know it isn't like mexico but hey! It is great! I love Thailand and I love the Thai people and also all the children of the Lord who we come into contact with. 
Well I love you family and have a great week!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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