Monday, July 23, 2012

Life is Good

Hey Family and Friends!

Anywho for the week! Started off pretty crazy last Monday! We went to FHE with YuPin who says she is my second mom! Haha! So The person I think mom is facebooking is Ma Nong. Yupin's real name is Ajan Wanida Suktawon or something like that. I am very bad at translating to romanized characters! Ok so anywho last monday I ate BLOOD.   It is a Blood of a chicken that they cut off the head and put in buckets to let it get jello like.(I cant remember what that is called) But then they put in soup for flavor and it dissolves a little so your soup is red and bloody. Very interesting but I ate all my soup like my mommy taught me.  Very interesting! I eat cartlidge of chicken bones alot which is the ends of the leg. Haha.  Besides that FHE was very fun.

So anyway kinda of a funny story we went on Switchoffs again this week and I was with Elder Pipat and he always calls me a fake Farang (White Person) Because I eat fat of pigs and stuff and sushi and fish. He says I am the coolest white person he knows. Because I eat like a Thai person. Haha! They love fat on pork and steak and stuff. And I eat it, cuz they make it taste good. Anywho we went to a Japanese food restaurant which was an all you can eat sushi and beef and pork and chicken and shrimp place and had a good time. So That was fun.  Elder Pipat, gave me good advice on a mission in Thailand and dealing with different things that you won't see at home.

So investigators this week. We have our 3 new progressing investigators called Ice^3  Ice Cubed, They are three college students Giag, Wan, and Ice. They are doing great we have taught them 3 times, Giag is the 1 male. The others are females all around 22. So that is fun, they learn English and Chinese at our church. They are starting to read and pray and we are hoping to give them a date this week. Sister Nun our super star is doing great! We moved her baptism day up to August 4th! So that is awesome she has such a strong testimony of the church! She told us a story of how her mom was asking her why she didn't Wai Phrat or do buddhist stuff anymore her answer was because she knows that when she reads the BOM and when she prays she feels something inside her that she didn't feel before.  So she has a solid testimony right now and I am looking forward to helping her with becoming a member. Besides that Mak's family is doing really good lately! We showed the restoration DVD and they loved it and they understood better. We just are still working with the core foundation on the BOM and Joseph Smith and stuff. So I hope everything can go good with that. But missionary work is going good right now so I hope we can keep it up!

It was funny this week one of the New Elders went on Switchoffs with Elder Pipat in our Area and Elder Pipat acted like he didn't know English to him. So it was fun. Kinda funny because I have seen how much I have grown from the time that I entered into the mission! So crazy stuff! I am running out of time. But I did attach the photo of Sabbay pants they are fun pants to wear here. So if anyone wants them I have a few pairs and was thinking about getting them for people. One size fits all! So yes good stuff!

Yes we had international night and it was fun we did a prestation on America and they wanted me to explain  american football, rap, and hiphop. So they wanted me to sing Lose Yourself by Eminem and then I helped Elder Timothy sing Lincolnpark "In the End"  Imagine that!

Well I love all of you and have a good week!

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