Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics in Thailand

Hey Family! (I wish I could just write -ilia on the end of my word to make it Thai!)

So anyway it sounds like you are doing great and keeping busy with all the projects! K so on packages you better make sure it gets here by transfers which are on the 16th of August. They made a new rule about you can't pick up packages on P-day.  I'll get it on the 16th If I don't get it on the 16th I get it on September 27th. So plan packages on transfers. So anyway yes for the package you know me! So guess what I like! Most likely a type of food! Cuz I'm loosing my body! I'm almost on the fifth notch! I started on 2 now I'm on 4 and 5 is the last one! haha! I'm scared!

So I hit my 6 month mark last week on the 25th. I didn't burn anything. I like most of my ties! To answer some questions, I'm not sure if they watch the olympics or not. They sold the Coke Glasses at Mcdonalds. They like soccer more so they would probably watch that!

So even though this next part might sound sad, it is alright. Hey i'm doing missionary work and sometimes things take longer than you want, but you got to keep having faith! Sister Nun won't be getting baptized this transfer. She has a couple of questions that she is still looking for answers, so anyway she might be getting surgery on her wrist today which would prevent her from getting baptized for a few weeks. She is also very sick with a bad cold right now.  Well as for Mak, Ooy, and Taam. They didn't come to church when they said they were an hour before (reason unkown)  We just need to help the faith and help them see why reading, praying, and coming to church is important! Well we also got dropped by Ice Cubed this week! haha! They are really focusing on school and said they would learn when they are done! So at least we planted a seed and gave them a BOM. As for O and Off the positive we gave O another date for September 8th and they both came to sacrament meeting! Off isn't sure when he will leave again on the ship. So we encouraged him to act like he isn't leaving and keep on coming to church and reading!

New people who started to progress we have a christian lady named A who likes learning and reading the BOM but not sure if she wants to leave being a Catholic. So on Thursday we want to help her understand why we have authority from God. Note: This will be the second time I have used the Bible on my mission! haha!  We also are teaching a 15 year old girl. named Water Melon/ Moe. She is cool but teaching kids is hard, with the parents and everything being buddhist. But she likes reading the BOM so thats good!

So anyway as for cool things. Yes the weather is getting worse. It rains nearly all day and when it doesn't rain it is blazing hot! So very weird. Flooding hasn't really started yet, that usually happens in August or September. But the weirdest part is when I get cold! You get wet. Then all you want is a blanket! OK SO I WANT SOME HOT COCO for my package! Send me some of that! They don't have it here and it is nice to have! Haha! I am getting sissy! As for P-days you use your own money for everything here. So when we want to travel out of our area we can't use our travel money. So yes basically it is hard to travel. Today I will probably write letters and go to the mall. Haha! Most P-days we do activities but when you have everyone in your district going home by September except you and a person in your group (Sister Rodrigues from my MTC district) So we are the only two who don't go home within 3 months I think.

But hey things are going good and we are averaging about 11 lessons a week this transfer!  Fun fact in the September 27th transfer 70 percent of the mission will be 1 year or under in the mission! Missionary wise! So very young.

Besides that nothing planned really for today. We might go see the alligator farm next week!

I also attached a picture of one of our new investigators who has 24 hamsters! 2 Rabbits.  And he spends about 3 hours a day bathing them and stuff! haha! He also has a hamster cemetary in his yard! His name is TanaPong Very cool guy! Also a picture of The bamboo store!

I actually need to send my package home! I got a few pairs of Sabbay Pants and Ties. So next week I will probably send it home! It will probably be my Christmas package!  

Also send me some of that Ice Cream you made today! Sounds good!

K love ya Fam! Thanks for the letters!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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