Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovin Thailand

Hello Family!

So how was the week? My week is pretty good! Sounds like everyone had a busy week with Cam and Serena in California. Lauren and Ryan in Boston. Wow!

So yes that is the big lizard that I have seen a lot! Imagine that but you can see the detail. And its creepy little tongue sticking out! haha!

So anyway Dad asked about missionaries here. We have about 130 right now. I would say probably around 30 of those are Native Thai. So yes about 100 from the states. But then you have like 30 or 40 sister missionaries also. So ya Thailand is growing and everything so it is really fun. I will attach the picture of my zone leader cooking for us! He made Fried Chicken and Khaw Niaw. Or Sticky Rice! He taught me to cook sticky rice. Chicken, Curry, Some Pork Dish! I love learning from him! So that is really fun!

So some update news on my Investigators and stuff! So sister Nun will be baptized for Sure! Yesterday we taught her with Brother Rag and he was making a ward list with pictures and she said that he should just put her name down! haha! She came to all three hours and then stayed for the baptism yesterday at 2. Also she read about 50 pages in the BOM this week! She is doing so good! I am excited for her. Also Yu PIn is doing great also. I taught her with Bishop. And She said she wants to talk to mom because she wants to tell you that she thinks of me as her other son. So fun story about her yesterday she told me that she didn't read more than four paragraphs a day when any other missionary taught her. Then when I kept on calling her everyday to read. She finally started to read 2 chapters a day. She says that I am now her favorite missionary because I helped her become closer to Heavenly Father. It was funny, cuz we taught her with Sister Mamm who I baptized and she said that she felt the same way about me. She said that I have a halo above my head or something. It really made me feel good! It was really nice. I am glad to help. Yupin Says all I need to do is get Eli to start learning with the Missionaries. I should have had Lauren and Ryan go look him up in Boston. Well besides that we have Mak and Family. Doing good but things are looking good for them to get baptized in August.

Ya so pretty good week. So I am sending pictures of the Swadii Khrab Ronald Mcdonalds I was sending that last week. The Snake. The river with monsters in it! And where we invite very jungly! My suit, Clouds that had some cool rainbows in them so I took a picture. I sent a picture of the baptism in our ward yesterday. So ya that was good! Well I love you all and have a good week!

New Suit
On the packages Ya I haven't gotten them yet. Because we have some stuff to do and we can't use taxi's anymore in our mission. You know all the rule changes. Nothing big just that one. In my area we can now ride bikes! Thats a plus! So no taxi's cuz he said other places in the world don't use them and they get more baptisms. So he wants  us to be seen by more people! Which is true. Thats how people know us. riding bikes and buses and Song Taw's haha! Ya anyway! Thats about it! I am doing good and everything is good.
Love You and have A good week!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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