Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainy in Thailand

Hello Everyone,
Ok so first thing first. No I didn't move. I am still in Srinakarin. I am actually very glad because I will hopefully get to see Mak's family get baptized. The only thing is we had to push their date back to August 11.

So real quick on the investigators we gave Noon/ Nun a date for August 11 also. She came to church and is doing very good. With Oh/O we met her boyfriend this week, he is a ship cook and is looking to change religions. The only problem is he is only home for 1 month then back on the sea for 6 months. basically everyone is the same as last week. We went inviting this week a few times. Not any luck but we are trying. So if you have any good ideas let me know! haha! Maybe I'll try and stand on a box and preach, that worked for Dan Jones! I would stand out a lot being a big white person surrounded by Thai people!

So this week I saw another river monster in the middle of this street where we were inviting. It was about 6 feet long and about 10 feet in front of me. It looks exactly like a Komoto Dragon and is freaking scary cuz it is poisonous, fast and big. So I backed away and tried to pull my Camera out then it ran under a wall on the other side of the street.  Its like a nessy or something!! I also got chosen to get the snake out of the church luckily it was a skinny 3 foot long snake. So I sent pictures of the snake I didn't get one of the river monster. Someday I will get it, but it is just a big poisnous lizard. haha! Also lots of crazy dogs I attached a picture of that also!

Nessie the River Monsters Home

The Snake I Charmed!

So Dad asked about the language, it is coming really good, I am far from excellent or great but at least people say you speak so clear (Cha) and then they ask how long you have lived hear and you say three months and they are like wow!! Are you half Thai? You say no I am a missionary! It is a very fun game. You play it about 8 times a day! haha!

So I guess that I spoke way to soon when I said rainy season wasn't as rainy. It is pouring right now at our place, and rained every day. Get soaked alot, the shoes work excellent my socks have only gotten wet like twice.

So anyway this week at FHE all the male members wanted to arm wrestle me. Yes I won. I know. Haha. FHE is more like a ward activity here. They also cook good food so hey why not go. We get our investigators to come and it is all good.

Well this week was the last week of my training so on Wednesday night we went out to sizzlers! haha. No not like America the steaks are hamburger patties! So I got a nice piece of River Fish. Type I don't know. It was a six dollar meal! Most expenisve meal I have had in Thailand. Usually you don't go over about 3 dollars. Welll on that note I am excited to finally just be a junior companion.

So you asked about the gas prices.  It is about 30 Baht a liter. I don't know how many liters are in a gallon, so I will have you figure out the math.  I think that it is actually about the same as America.  Let me know!
The 4th of July sounded really fun! I miss being in the Parade! I am usually in it in some way haha! They don't celebrate it here. They do fireworks on the Kings birthday which is either in Septmeber or December I can't remember. They don't have an Independce day because they never became independent. haha. Thai people love that story!

Hope you all had a good week.

Elder Landon Simonsen

P.S. I had a dream this week that I played football for the UofU very weird but I scored like 2 touchdowns. I actucally had 3 football dreams this last week. So I don't know if that is a sign that I miss it or not! haha!

Anyway love yall!

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