Monday, August 20, 2012

Still in Bangkok

Hey Everybody!

Well ok yes I'll get the transfer and companion stuff out of the way! Yes I stayed in Srinakarin. And I got a new companion Elder Wagner. He is from Pennsylvannia, Texas, and Utah (where his parents are currently living). So anyway he has been in the country for about a year and something months.  Anyway he was an office Elder the last 3 transfers. He is a very hard worker and we got right to work inviting! He is exactly like my MTC companion so hey very good.  He also just got made District Leader so it will be very good for him and I am excited to work with him.

Me and Elder Wagner

To answer some questions and stuff. So Lauren asked what I eat for Breakfast here. Hmm lots of fruit! I eat Cereal and Yogurt also. Sometimes I make toast. Basically like America. But Thai people  wake up at like 5 in the morning so they eat lunch at like 10:30 or 11. That is when studies end so sometimes I just get some 10 baht fruit and then some rice and stuff. So I hope that answers you question. To answer Dad's question about all the banana's Thailand has around 9 different types of Banana's so haha pretty crazy! I asked Elder Pipat if he could name them all and he new em! It is funny. They are just varieties of color and size and stuff.


So ya investigators are doing good Nun and Mak.  My shoes are still holding up good. I still have wide feet so that will eventually be a problem on the sides of my shoes but you can get shoes fixed here for like 50 baht on the side of the road. So I might just do that if anything happens to them. Plus I have two pairs.  I got all my packages for my birthday thank you so much! I will open the cards and presents on my birthday. I was surprised that you knew me so well! Hot coco(had some already very good) and pepperoni beef jerkey o ya! So anyway! Very cool! Awesome thanks for everything!

K so this week was very fun we went inviting and found some good potentials! I am very excited but this answers Dad question about the city. My area is by the airport and so it is getting more jungly in my area. For example we have buildings and everything that are tall. But in the other area SuanLuang the other District in our area which we go to alot. And is about two seconds away. It is basically the size of Kaysville and our area is Farmington. So they are close together. But in their area they have huge buidlings! So yes I am in the city but not as much as other Bangkok areas! Because I rode my bike for the first time across a freeway! haha! Awesome! Scary but awesome! On the other side of the free way we were riding in a crowded neighborhood. I was leading but I couldn't remember exactly where to turn. So long story short we ended up in the middle of the jungle riding our bikes. Haha! Saw some big snakes. And stuff but anyway ya my area is probably the craziest I am in the city and then once out by the airport Jungle, Rice fields, Wild Animals and Everything! So crazy! 

River Monsters in Ditch

So more about investigators Nun is doing good! She didn't come to church cuz she is working overtime this week!  Yupin is doing good Eli is coming back this month so they can get married! And Mak is kinda willing to meet hopefully we can get him a date! Nun is on the 1st so I hope she can make it!

So good news/ cool news Elder Davies is in my zone this transfer! Very awesome love that kid! He was made companions with a Native Thai person. Elder Songuansak who I had a picture with a few weeks ago. So cool! Then Elder Adams a transfer ahead of me is training this transfer. And then we have 3 companionships where Elders from my group are with the people in the transfer ahead of us! So crazy! Told ya the mission is going to be young.

And yes the weather is still crazy! Wow! Raining and lighting and everything! So anyway! This week I realized I have had a parasite or a worm for about a month! haha! I won't tell you how I know.  Anway, not fun!  I have to get it checked out. Most likely today! haha! Good stuff. Still love Thailand!

K everyone have a great week!

Love Elder Simonsen

P.S. Dad Elder Appleyard lives in the Mitchum Ward. (England) So maybe you served there! He is actually serving with Elder Campbell from Davis High right now. So cool stuff!

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