Monday, August 6, 2012

Safari World

Hey family!

Sounds like a pretty crazy week at the zoo and everything! Sounds like everything is going great and you are all staying busy! Today Me and Elder Pipat went to Safari World with Elder Saunder, Harley, Intuang, and Richardson. Very fun! Coolest zoo I have ever been to! You can get right up to the cage on everything!  I could have pet an alligator, I didn't.  I pet an Elephant, Tiger, (the calm one) Giraffe, some Bird, a squirrel, almost a puma but I thought it was going to bite my finger off! Haha! It was crazy! The animals here are wild! I didn't pay to ride the Elephant or hold the baby tiger but I could have! One of the tigers kept on growling then jumping on the weak fence. So sketchy but awesome! They had a sweet Elephant show where Elder Harley volunteered to have the elephant walk over him! That was funny!

Elders at Safari World

Me and Baby Elephant

Ok now to answer some questions. So packages! Thanks for all of them and I'll remember the advice dad! The language is coming awesome! At points it is still hard when there are topics on something I don't know. But I am confident I could probably teach anything gospel without a problem. I follow about 95% of Church the other 5 % comes from when they talk about other stuff!  I love the ward I am serving in. Anyway besides that. Investigators and stuff. We have found a few new investigators. No new families yet. But as of right now just the same.  We are teaching a 15 year old so that is difficult even though she is super interested. I think I talked about her last week! Water Melon! haha! She is cool and we can't give her a date until her parents say we can give her one! Nun is still progressing.  So everything is going good, Elder Timothy is trunky but he will help me teach.  "Su Su Da Bi"  So anyway things are great!

Ok so for the week I learned a lot! I had some good thoughts about things for Cam to share with the new missionaries that I wished I would have learned before my mission that I learned at Zone Conferece this week! Super good! I forgot my study journal so I will tell them next week! Anyway Zone Conference was awesome! I love President Senior! He has style and knows how to keep things fresh! In ways he reminds me of you Dad! Keep it fun but still spiritual! He is a great guy who really teaches by the spirit! I got to eat lunch at his table and he has some really good stories from his life! He is so funny he cracks jokes about people who don't smile! I really like the mood that he brings to the mission. The Conference was on Faith and I realized how much I have grown and how much I need to grow! Very weird but true! So I want to really work on some stuff this week! Anyway besides that we talked about retaining members so President Senior Implimented a new key indicator. (Rescue Mission) or Bringing people back! So anyway this week we have been working with LA's alot! Especially males! Because it is easier to help someone re-experience the Holy Ghost than making someone feel it who hasn't felt it before!

So I went on switchoffs with Elder Cottrell (Same age as Cam) Haha! Love him, but he is going home in a week also! So very trunky also!  The only one that isn't trunky is Elder Pipat! So anyway Splits where fun! We visited LA's and RC's and taught a few lessons! As usual good day! Which made me think about something! I wonder did the great Elder Cam Simonsen ever get trunky? So haha you can reply to that! Anyway so today we went to Safari World Zoo. Me and Elder Pipat. Because Elder Cottrell and Timothy wanted to sleep and get haircuts or something. So we had fun with some Elders from Bankapi. Elders listed above. Awesome zoo! I would maybe go there again. Except they write the Khon Thai Price in Thai and the Farang price in English. They make us pay 3 times as much! So I am happy to go with Elder Pipat!

Bridge at Safari World

So this week we found 2 New investigators both Christian! I think that Khet Prawet (My Area) Feels more like Spokane Washington than the Thailand, City of Angels mission!( Thailand, GruengTheeb) Just hotter! It just shows that anywhere you go in the world that you are still doing the Lords work! I thought that was awesome about Brandon Vankomen because you know what all we need to do is follow the spirit while inviting and we will know what to say! Sometime it is frustrating because people shut the door without hearing our message. So anyway follow the spirit and you will know what to say! It is true! Something we try to do!

Well that is about it, I forgot to write down things I wanted to share so I was a little unorgainized! But hey! I will tell you what! I know that this Church is True! I know that without a doubt in my mind! I go out every day teaching people to be better and to follow Christ! This gospel is the only way to live with your family again! I love my family! Love everyone and have a good week!

Lauren and Ryan! Good luck with that Cute One year old! Haha! She is cute! Got the little video snippet! She is cute!

Mom and Dad! Love ya and thanks for the packages! You are the best! Enough said!


Elder Landon Simonsen

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