Monday, August 27, 2012

Parasite's Gone!!

Hey Family,

It was awesome to get your letters and everything! Wow this week was flying by! Wow I can't believe that it has been a month since Kira's Birthday and Summer is over! School is starting and I can't believe I was at college this time last year! It was awesome I now have almost all of my friends address's I have to admit it is hard to always find time to write everyone because P-day goes by quick. It was good to get Joe's e-mail and see how he is doing! Looks like he is doing good and it really helped me with my faith! Anyway so you probably want to know about the worms or whatever. So I guess they have problems with that a lot so I called Sister Senior and said, "Ya I have worms" I kinda felt like I was a dog or something. It gave us a good laugh cuz I sounded really funny asking! So anyway they are good I think! Haha! The symptoms are gone so ya. They just sent me some pills and stuff. I loved your quote of Dumb and Dumber Cam! Gave me a laugh! Thanks!

Anyway that sounds pretty crazy about the breakins and stuff because this morning we were talking about how serving missions bless's our families and that is pretty awesome! So that is awesome about Brian's Farewell I am excited for him because a mission is where you need to be at this age. I honestly don't know what I would be doing in my life (ok going to BYU) but anyway I have learned so much, and there are things out here that you never realize until you get here. I honestly can't thank my parents enough for what they did for me. Because you know even though I thought that I didn't even pay attention to the little things like just the simple act of caring for others helps me care for other people out here. But anyway it makes me see how much a mission changes you because wow! I realize that I was really lacking in areas of Christ-like attributes. haha! But we aren't perfect so that is why I need to be here!

We are trying hard to get this area pumping again.  This area is hard and this week we invited about 10 hours and no one let us in. So ya.  We literally invited and couldn't find people. This week was just a week to test my faith. But I know that sometimes we just go out and plant seeds so that is what I like to look at! Planting seeds someone else can harvest. So with that said, this next week better watch out cuz Elder Simonsen is harvesting the fields! Cuz they are ready! So anyway besides that. No investigators.  Hard week but we are just finding those new people! So I'm praying hard I ask for the same from all of you! Thanks! I need it more than you can think. But at least I always keep a positive attitude! That is one quality that all my companions say I have! I always smile and you won't ever not see me smile (Unless you don't keep commitments) but I will always stay positive even when times are hard. So Suu Suu Daw Bay! Keep on fighting! Anyway besides that! No nothing much on investigators, we are rebuilding! Hopefully starting some ways with some programs we are trying out.

Anyway I gave a talk in Church on Sunday haha! Awesome! First time which shows that they trust me enough with my Thai to speak in church! It was only a 7 minute talk but hey! It is a start! I talked with Elder Thanaawut! He is cool! Talk went really good it was on The Blessing of Service. But anyway I am sure that the little primary girl who gave a talk was better than me! Haha! Jk. She did really good though! 

Lauren gave me a great quote! Thanks a bunch for that! I will keep staying positive for sure! I hate negativity! Thanks again!

It seems really weird that life just keeps going on outside of the mission field because I see the same thing everyday, I wear the same thing everyday. But the feeling of being a missionary is the best feeling you can have. I don't think there is another feeling like it. You never have another opportunity to be here in this area, with this companion again in your life. So I want to make the best of it. I probably won't see another baptism in this area. I accept that. But I want to hear later in life that people I taught here got baptized. It might not be until 10 years from now or 20 years. But a seed was planted and it just needs nourishiing! I love you all and thanks for everything that you do! You all really know how to keep a person uplifted! I know that this church is true! I know that the priesthood authority of God was restored on earth. I hold it and I plan on blessing the lives of everyone that I know or talk with on the Streets of Thailand!

Dad I am sending your birthday card! So I won't forget this year! Haha!

Hope all the family is doing good!

Love ya all,
Elder Landon Simonsen

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