Monday, August 13, 2012

Transfer Week


O today was beatufiul! Dogs with Rabbies barking, no rain clouds out yet! A cool breeze, first time I haven't seen pollution in forever! I love a nice morning after a night of loud rain! So Happy Mother's Day Mom! Why aren't you on Skype? Jk. Only Thai/Lao Elders and Sister call home today. But yesterday was awesome! We sang the King's Anthem and the Queen's Anthem in Church! I don't think any other country is more proud of there kind than this one! Every morning at 8 and every night at 6 the country almost everyone stops and pauses while the country plays the King's Anthem. Very awesome! 

The Montana trip looked good/fun! You two should do some advertising for Montana it would help boost tourism there! So about packages yeah I am just waiting till this transfer to get them on Thursday! It is crazy after the transfer in September we will get I think only 3 new missionaries until January next year! Why? Because we have a limit of 120 missionaries that can get visa's. So we want Thai missionaries! Also, because they have a lot of huge groups like mine who came with 16 people. Then we reach Salary Cap! haha! Also because there were groups that only had sisters and then they finished and then the group in December only had 1 Elder.  Pretty weird, but cool! So I got your letters with the pictures really awesome! Added them to my file! On the shirts yes wait awhile because I still have 5 I haven't worn. Because they get wrecked in the washer at this house! 

Ok So Dad asked about 2 things I am used to how hot it is? Definately no.... It gets cold and rainy like yesterday. And then today the sun is out and I start to sweat! (It will rain in the late afternoon most likely.) The humidity! Haha! It is really awesome! You can really feel it sometimes and it almost makes you sweat more than the heat!  It sometimes gets pretty humid and it feels like you are in a steam room and breathing in water. Super awesome. 

So anyway the teaching pool is going alright! We have some more potentials and we gave Nun a new date for September 1st. Also Mak's Family is doing way better!  He is coming to church and stuff and he got his Triple Combo yesterday!  For all holiday's people go back to their home towns are in Thailand. Kinda cool. Hamster Guy Tanapong brought his friend to his lesson! Very awesome! So we (Me and Elder Pipat on Switchoffs) taught a couple of 70 year old Thai people! It is funny even though they are buddhist and eventually might want to learn. Thai people are overall very willing to listen to what we have to say! So very awesome! It was fun. Tanapong carries a bible in his car because he believes in God and Buddha. So he thinks it will help him drive safely. We told him to put the BOM in his car also cuz it will save him more! Plus he asked why do good hampsters have to die? And where do Hamsters go when they die? Ya I don't know that answer! But at least Tanapong doesn't believe in reincarnation.  So anyway Nun is doing great! She says she just feels good when she meets.

We got a few good potentials and hopefully they go somewhere! Besides that since they moved the office all of our Eagason's/ Pass along cards are out of date/ only have one working number. But they won't print new ones here until they finish the olds ones.  I guess we better hurry and pass the old ones out. 

Alright have a good week! I will keep you posted on what happens! Sorry this week I didn't have to much time to e-mail because I was E-mailing the Mission President.  Anyway I will have more time next week!

Hope you all had a great week and I loved hearing from you.

Elder Landon SImonsen

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