Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy in Bangkok

Hello Everyone!

First off Dad asks this question everyweek and I always forget to answer it haha! Does the adapter work? Of course it does! I use it everyday. For my alarm clock and to charge my camera. It does fry certain electronics, like Ipod's and stuff. So it is good to have. I also wanted to address Dad's question of what Bangkok is like.  Where I serve not many big buildings but You can see Downtown Bangkok from our building which is tall (about 23 floors) But the tallest buidling in Bangkok only has about 45 floors or something like that. They aren't into huge buidlings. But I will send the picture next week. Anyway so yes I still teach english everyweek. I teach ABC with Elder Pipat. We teach people how to go to Grocery stores and to help Farangs who are tourists get to the BTS (Bangkok Transportation System). It is fun! Because that class is basically all Thai so I teach with a Thai person so he can help explain stuff. We make a good team! Fun fact, Teaching English is one of the few reasons we where allowed to come into Thailand.

Ok so anyway the language is coming really good. I am at the point now where I can do basically whatever needs to be done. But vocab is still really hard. I am still learning words not related to church vocab which is fun. But at the same time hard, cuz you don't use them as much. But the language is good and is still really good. I can definately understand a lot better that I can speak. Anyway ya it is fun Mom asked about the Primary Program. They usually sing once a month and sing about 3 songs everytime. There are about 6 or 7 children in the primary. So haha! It is fun. They don't split off into classes or anything. 

So anyway this was the best week of the transfer so far! Haha! We had more lessons this week than the whole transfer combined! We got 10 again! About time. We had been really struggling to get lessons the last few weeks. But it was really good. Those potential investigators worked out! "Best" is a referral from a person who lives in Asok (Downtown Bangkok, not that scary) She is 23 years old and is really interested in families and everything. She is doing great and came to church on Yesterday! So we have hi hopes for her. Also we have Gey(Gee) he is cool and is interested in families and the Plan of Salvation. 

Well the funny thing about this week is the best part wasn't even the teaching or finding investigators. We have been working with two people/ families this week. The first is Mike Oggai he was born in California and a week later moved to Japan where his mom was from. Anyway he doesn't speak Thai to well so we talk to him in English. Kind of fun story. One day we just saw him on a Motor Cycle and invited him to church. He didn't come for 2 weeks. But then last week he came late to priesthood. And only stayed for about 15 minutes. But those 15 minutes changed his life. Last night he invited us over to come eat with him (My first time being invited to eat dinner at a members house, besides FHE!) So we were excited because he only wanted us to come, no members. He has been inactive for about 5 years.  I don't think I have felt the spirit as strong as I did in that lesson. I haven't seen anyone with that desire to change there life. He said that the day we talked to him for 1 minute on that Motorcycle he felt good. And he wanted to feel good and change his life again. He is awesome and has a great family.  All it took was us to listen to him and his concerns. All we did was listen. It was great! 

Also the other person Ron Grey from Idaho. His parents were members but some reason he wasn't He moved to Texas, where he was baptized. He then moved to Thailand and became inactive.  But for some reason the Mormons keep finding him where ever he goes. They found him while he lived in Korea. And everything. The funny thing was we didn't share a gospel message with him. He just wanted to talk. But for some reason he said, "Ya I was reading about the church in Thailand yesterday, then you guys show up today!" Funny stuff. Because his house was the last house in a street with a dead end. And the better part is we were actually talking with his wife who was Thai. We were talking about her Garden when Ron came out cuz the phone rang. It was awesome. You can tell from his story that he was supposed to be found. So he invited us over for some Soda's this week. But we just want to show we are normal, we want him to bring up the gospel. 

Anyway another fun story this week is after we helped a member move and I carried a huge TV down 4 floors of stairs by myself. We went to a Eason Food restraunt with Elder Pipat and Thannawut. We did the usual Order 5 dishes and share thing. The next day all four of us where on the Toilet! haha! Lets say we aren't going back there!

Well This week was great! This transfer has been hard. I have a great companion. Great District. And Great Ward. But no matter what we did. No matter what we planned. Everything. Every plan. Fell through. Elder Wagner and I thought what are we doing wrong? Well. That's the point. We weren't but we were being tested. Finally after 2 weeks of inviting and being tested. We finally have a good investigator pool again. But there is still a lot to happen! We still have a lot to do. I know that when times are hard, it is so easy to give up. But with hope, faith, and Charity (Moroni 7) We can do anything. Really you can trace anything back to hope. Because with hope for the future anything is possible. Without hope the present is the hardest time of your life. The key is always looking forward with hope and faith. With these things you can accomplish all the Lord requires of you. You can Endure to the End and by Enduring to the End live with your family forever! Which is the thing that we all hope for most! Eternal Life with our Heavenly Father and the ones we love!

I love all of you! Have a good week!


Elder Landon

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