Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Hello Family and Friends,

Well I guess first thing first I will answer some questions Mom Transfers are on September 27 if you wanted to make it. Happy Birthday Dad this week! I sent a card. I really loved the quote! Very awesome makes me want to pray with more desire!  Today I played Football with Todd Heap's little brother at sports day, he will be walking on to BYU after so maybe I can get some hook-ups there! He is probably the most chill guy I know about sports he is competitve but never shows it, just calm. So it was fun to throw the football for the first time in six months! He took some snaps from me and we tossed the old pig skin around! We had sports day today! All 3 zones from Bangkok came! Super fun. Got to play B-ball with Elder Davies like MTC days. Good stuff very fun! I sent a couple pictures home from the activity.
Zone Sports Day!

So the Parasite is dead and gone. It was the craziest thing that I have ever had or looked at. Haha! But ya no side effects that I notice yet!  It is still rainy season here. It is supposed to start flooding here in September again. That is when the flooding starts to happen after a month or two of rain. So it will be interesting to see what happens! 

So anyway for the week. We worked very hard! We tried about everything again to find new investigators! And we finally got one. Not what I was expecting but then we also received 5 referrals this week!  It was awesome. Basically we realized inviting forever isn't as effective. So we visited members and worked with LA's and everything. We are starting a scripture study class on Wednesday to help people learn about the Bible and the BOM. It will be fun. So we also helped Yupin open her shop for Thai food. We helped her move in a bunch of stuff. Eli is returning I think this week. So I will meet him and hopefully teach him the gospel. So I am excited. We found a brother of one of our  Former investigators who is a little interested. Our problem was getting return appointments, but most people were interested. We got about 6 Potential investigators this week that just need to be followed up with and things could be good. Obviously some people just feel bad for us and let us in, or Feel Grang Jay which is a word in Thai that I can't describe in English. It is like when you don't want to do it but you do it anyway. Or you feel obligated to. You just learn with the Elders cuz you don't want to hurt their feelings. Many things. AKA Grang Jay (said like pie with a J) So anyway it was fun this week working a lot with Recent Converts and LA's.  We had two people who haven't been to church in about 5 years to come back to church. One only stayed for a little( Brother Mike from Japan, doesn't know Thai) But then Brother Moo. stayed the whole time, He wants to change his life.

This week I realized that it is important to just help the people you serve here in this ward and to help everyone in this area have more faith, more strength, and to increase the membership of the church in anyway. I realize that it isn't always abouting getting baptisms, but also when you can bring back members who haven't been back to church. Because as I have said early it is easier to help someone feel the spirit when they know what it feels like. So that is fun I have seen lots of blessings this week in my missionary work. It isn't coming by lesson stats at all. Infact that stat is low. But we teach members and strengthen the ward. Because this ward really needs help. They have never had Home Teaching or Visiting Teaching. Infact we visited Bishop Brajack this week. First Time in 6 years missionaries have been to his house! We felt honored and sad because he is bishop and no one visited him! But then the next day he was released as Bishop and we got a new one! Haha! In Thailand they don't tell anyone until the day that you change Bishop's so anyway that was crazy. The only people who know are the Bishops that are switching! Well that is about it for the week.

So anyway I also forgot to add! Thanks so much for helping me cook! Every Comp I have had doesn't know how to cook. Amazing! I was like wow thats weird! Because I didn't practice but I guess secretly I watched my Mom cook meals all the time. I know how to make everything! So yay! Thanks! I make spaghetti and french toast, stews, tacos, anything Thailand allows me to make. Basically anything that you guys have ever made. Just tastes not as good. I forgot to thank you all for helping me be self reliant. So thanks!

Any other questions? Ask away! Sounds like Mitt is doing good and that will be exciting for the election! Do I vote? haha! Go Mormon's!! Anyway it has been a good week. I don't have to much time cuz We are about to go eat some Eason food! Woot! Ok see you later Family!

Love Elder Landon Simonsen

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