Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday Week!

Hello Family,

Well This Week was great! First off I started by last Monday by getting surgery on my In-Grown Toenail! Haha! Super Fun. I walked in to get it checked out. We have a senior Elder who is a foot doctor and he saw it and said, "How long have you had it?" I said a week. He said," get on the table and he cut it out! Haha! Anyway I also got to sit down with President Senior last week on Monday at the office and he said that he has read my blog haha!. He said he found it when googling something! So haha super funny! He is a great guy and super easy to talk to. 

Mission Surgery

So anyway to answer some questions. Yes I got the videos, I loved them and thanks for the Birthday songs and the words or kindness! It was fun! No my area isn't flooding. Down a little bit south of me is. About 10 miles away to the south in Samut Prakan. That is where the British Elder and Elder Campbell from Davis are serving.  So anyway the Thai food sounds great. Nothing better than Pad Priaw Wan, Pad Thai, and Massamang! Ummy! When you come over that stuff will only be 1 dollar and tastes way better for sure! Plus pineapple over here is like 20 cents and you can't buy vegetables that aren't fresh. It will be hard to go back to fast food! haha!  And yes, Pin (yupin) said she will make me a cake and some food for my birthday. We will also go to Swensen's the ice cream place. So ya anyway for General Conference we get it about a week late and only at some places do they have it in English. I'm not sure if we get to watch Saturday sessions or not. 

Anyway transfers are coming up on the 27th. So I will get mail on Wednesday so any birthday letters will come on my birthday. Also we will be having Speicalized training. So that will be fun! haha! So I will see all the guys in the zone. It will be fun we will go get lunch at McDonalds or something. That is a special occasion!

So the week super good but we still are struggling getting lessons on the invite.  It is kinda funny. Elder Wagner said he has never seen an area where you are obedient and have no success until he came here. He had better stats in the office when you are in the office for 6 hours a day. We straight up don't know how to get more investigators! It is crazy! We invite everday for atleast an hour. But nothing. It is hard. So anyway we are going to start a booth at the mall. So the people who are interested come to us. We just aren't finding the people through inviting. Well we still have all the investigators. Yupin, Guy, and Best.

English class is going great! We have about 85 students right now. And we are retaining a lot. We are really pushing to teach English first, then the gospel. We give our spiritual thought and done. It is good because we want people to know we are here to serve them whether they are Christian or not!

Anyway I sent a picture of switch offs with Elder Pipat we went to a Thai BBQ and we had some fun with an all you can eat meat place. It had Pork, Beef!!!, Bacon, Chicken, Fish, and everything! So anyway! it was great! Good stuff. I learned a lot from Switchoffs! Don't invite by the North Korean Embassy. They don't like Americans! haha! Jing Jing! Truth! It was weird! They had a bunch of Communist stuff! I guess that is crazy about the Muslims attacking the American embassys. But remember you are judging about 5 percent of the religion! haha! most are generally pretty nice that we run into! So don't be scared for me. 

Thai Barbeque
Well time is up So I love you all and thanks for everything! Thanks for the birthday videos they are awesome! It was fun. I know that this church is true and I am so glad to be here and serving the Lord. This week we studied a lot about desire and why are we here serving. Jing Jing. So I thought. Why am I here? Well I can pin point it to a few things. My family! That is the first thing. My father served a mission, my brother, and my Mom raised me to go on a mission. I want to share the happiness that my family has with others! That is the truth! I want to help the people here in Thailand know why the family is important. The other fact is I had no other thought from the time I was little, that families are important.  "I hope they call me on a mission in Primary" haha! so keep that up. I love it here.  I was called to serve here for a reason and I know that the people here need me. But more importantly I need them! I have grown so much on my mission. I have learned that it isn't about how many people I baptize. It is about how many lives you influence for the better. And that is why I love teaching Less Active members. I love bringing souls "back" unto Christ. I love helping people understand that there is more to life than achieving nirvana and being in a state of nothingness. That you can be with your wife again. With your children again. I love this church!

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