Monday, September 24, 2012

Transfer Week

Hello Family and Friends,

Sounds like a pretty eventful week! It was awesome to get all the e-mails from the family! We don't have to much happening in the area this week just moving. haha! Ya I know I am moving for sure but I don't know where. So I guess I will keep you posted next week with that. Anyway to answer some questions. It feels really good to be 20, I don't feel like a baby in the district anymore. The Birthday was awesome! We went to Swensen's on Tuesday (Elder Pipat had switch offs on Wednesday so he wanted to go on Tuesday) Then on Wednesday we went to Burger King! MMMm. So good. We had Specialized training on Wednesday and the Zone sang happy birthday. Then after we ate. Then later that night, Sister Yupin threw a surprise party at the church for me. She said she wanted us to teach her so she could give me a cake. Then about 15 of the members sang happy birthday. After that the Sisters in our District had a scavenger hunt after planning for me. About 20 reasons why I am the best brother(in our mission we call people our Dad's and Moms if they are you trainer, my mom is the senior sister in the district when you are trained. To keep it short in mission terms sister Rodriguez is my sister. So that is the reason for that.) Ok anyway that was fun. Got some pictures. I also got two cakes. Carrot cake from Sister Nong and a Butter Cream cake from Sister Yupin. Anyway it was a great birthday.

Ok anyway this week was great. We had Stake Sports day and it was a mandatory thing for all Bangkok missionaries to go. We are trying to make the relationship better with members in Thailand. That is the first thing that is important in our mission. Because it is a fact without the members we can't do missionary work here. So anyway. It was super fun but as my pictures will not send through the Myldsmail thing I will send them all in a package. Maybe in a letter? Seems quicker. Ok! Sounds Good!

This week I will be moving to a new area! I love it here in Srinakarin and the members are great! I love them all. This ward is really fantastic. I am sad to leave though! I love working with LA's it is something that I realize is important. If anyone gets the chance I encourage you to read "To The Rescue" talk by Thomas S. MOnson in April 2001 General conference. It is a beast of a talk. That is our purpose right now in our mission.
This past week, Mike wasn't able to come to church but he wants us to come over on Wednesday before I go. To say bye. Ron is doing great. We only had about 10 minutes to talk to him this week though. So anyway good week they are great people and I hope things are good for them. Yupin is as strong as ever in the gospel. She really wants to help with missionary work. So we are putting up an English banner at her restuaruant on Tuesday.  Sorry about the short amount of time. Pictures where all messed up and stuff. But I had a great week!
Also this week it started to flood really bad. Outside of our appartment was all covered in water so it is getting pretty intense it is a good thing I have great shoes! haha! Love ya all! I am so glad that things are all going well. 
Well love you all and thanks for the e-mail!
Elder Landon Simonsen

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