Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elephant Riding

Hey Family and Friends!

Well it is pretty awesome to hear about that announcement that you can e-mail other missionary friends! Way cool! So anyway I will cut to the chase no I didn't move! ha-ha! This transfer is 4 weeks. Then the next one is 6 and guess what! We got a call on Tuesday and President Senior wants me and Elder Wilko to stay here for the next two transfers. So unless he receives other revelation we will be together for 3 transfers! So you will see him on Mothers day! ha-ha!  I love being with Elder Wilko and plus we got a Greenie in here! His name is Elder Omer! And he says he remembers you from the airport! He says, "Hi"! 

So anyway sounds like Parkers farewell went way good! So he has another 9 days until the MTC! Man time fly's! Good luck Park! So I also got your packages from Bangkok we didn't go down but Elder Saunders brought them up. Thanks I even put up Kira's picture up on the wall for some Easter Decorations! Looks good! Right next to the Prophet! ha-ha!    Sounds like San Antonio was fun! 
And hope mom's b-day was great! So for St. Patrick's Day we made Green rice and we had green Sweetened Condensed Milk that you put on Bread. It is like a way good thing here! Put some sprinkles on it!
So anyway as for the week! It was a pretty successful week! For progressing investigators Bu and Pawn are doing great! Bu reads everyday and she loves to meet with us! She is progressing really good! It is so awesome she loves getting visits! It is way cool! She is just a typical nice Thai lady! Then Pawn is doing great! We did our really long travel up to her house again! She loves the plan of Salvation and she really feels the love at church! It is really great! She is doing good! Brother Lang is way cool. He teaches English up in the middle of basically nowhere. But he had us come and say hi to the students he was teaching so I have a picture of that! This week we found a new family. We only met them once but they have been coming to English for about a month. The mom's name is Duan pronounced like Duran more but not quite. It is actually a vowel we don't have in English so I can't type it! But her name is kind of a mixture between those! She has a son that is 11. Named G Force. Way cool family. They own a noodle shop in the city. So way fun! We have been really trying to help the RC's here in the Branch so we can keep the strong. It has been great! So besides that nothing to much on investigators those are the ones that are doing pretty good! So for this coming week. We have Zone Conference on Friday then something on Saturday then District Conference on Sunday. So I will be in Chiang Mai (The province below Chiang rai) For about 3 days. So work is going to suffer in our area a little. But hey the Church is True! So that will be fun!
Today we went and taught a special English class that is going on at this members hotel (AKA we get a discount if we stay there when we come back) They are having a huge English convention and they wanted Farangs that can speak Thai! They loved it! It was for a bunch of little kids but hey! All good! Way fun! So yes that is about it for the week. Love serving Thai people! They are really pushing for speaking English because of the ASEAN which is like the EU but in South East Asia. So way boss!

Last P-day was great. The snake that I held weighed 200 pounds!  And the Elephant riding in the river was awesome! So ya it was way fun! Today we are going to go get some buzz cuts probably! Thai haircuts can either look good or just end up not staying good for long. So just buzz in off! ha-ha! Plus hot season is coming up and I sweat a lot. But surprisingly in my area it is way cooler than in Bangkok! So that is it for the week!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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