Monday, March 25, 2013

Week of Traveling

 Family and friends,
Well as you know Thailand is like the best ever! As you know already we went to Chiang Mai on Thursday night. Then came home Friday night. Then went down Saturday Night. Returned Sunday night. I spent a total of 13 hours/ more on a bus in 4 days! Way crazy! But fun! We got to eat some Mexican food! Way good I haven't had Mexican food in forever! Yes! It is like the best! Anyway besides that We had the best meetings ever! I loved listening to President Senior! So I guess you saw my buzz cut! Looks good no! I left out the part how we slept on Tile for two nights in Chiang Mai! With no pillows or anything! It was a way good experience! I have never actually wanted to wake up before that!! ha-ha! Ya it was a ton of fun! Zone Conference was great!
Well before I forgot I want to give Parker some advice before he goes!  The best advice I can give you is love every moment of your mission! I can promise you that as you stay obedient and love the people you serve you will have a successful mission and will be so happy. I can't promise every moment will be easy. And I know you will have companions that are hard. Everyone does. But as you try to become a more Christ like person and turn to the Lord you will be able to overcome any trial that comes your way. I know that as you dedicate your time and service to the Lord you will have so many experiences that will change your life for the better. I know that you are going to be a great missionary. Remember that those people in Colombia need you. They need Elder Parker Simonsen. There isn't another person who could do you job in that country. Coming on a mission was the best choice I made in my life. And I know it is for you too. As you go and do the Lords work you will face trials. But as my mission president said, "Anything this wonderful(the Gospel), is worth any trial." I love that quote. Parker as you go out love the people and they will know what you teach is the truth! I know you are a stud! So man I love you and I will be sending a quick e-mail every once and a while! I wish you the best of luck man! It is the best 2 years! 
Well actually we just found out we are going to Bangkok on Sunday night! Elder Wilko needs to renew his Visa! So ya another 24 hours or more on a bus this week! ha-ha! We just got the info as we were e-mailing! So as for the question on if we give talks or not! We more or less just bear our testimonies when we give talks. I have given 2 actual talks. The rest have been like, I share a scripture and talk about it. We have a different role in Thailand. We actually teach the investigator/new member class about 2 times a month.  We basically just answer lots of questions about how to use the priesthood and stuff! Or they read out of the teaching of the prophets book. Then ask the Elders to explain. So to say I have talked from the pulpit a ton probably like 15 to 20 times on my mission. But only 2 actually talks over 15 minutes. So ya that is that!
English is going so good! We found a new investigator that is way interested! Her name is Fah! She is awesome! She is from a hill tribe that is by Pu chi Fa! That tall mountain! So she actually speaks a tribal language! She never got to go to school. But she can read a little! She also is about to marry an English guy! He is coming back to Thailand in 2 weeks haven't met him. Looks nice! So we basically teach everything in English and Thai because there are words that she doesn't understand from both languages! way interesting! But she loves learning about prayer and the Plan of Salvation. She really loves her family! They all speak a tribal language, called Akan! It is a Romanized alphabet like English! She is doing way good! Also Bu is doing fantastic! She loves the gospel! She called us this morning! And was like we need to meet today! We were like ok! She has really gotten an answer about the Book of Mormon! She reads a ton everyday! I think she is done with 2nd Nephi! She was on 2 Nephi 9 last Tuesday! Way awesome!  Then We also visited Pawn doing awesome! So anyway after that we just did a lot of service! We helped out brother Su Gid cut his grass with the syth looking thing and an old Machete! ha-ha! boss! Anyway that was fun! We have been really helping out by trying to serve! We are actually helping Brother Leng that guy who speaks English who teaches those kids. And we are digging him a trench this week for his fish pond!  We are really trying to just help! So we will take pictures!
So last week at English we had about 40 people again it is going so good! We have increased the number from 5 to 10 people a week to 40. And it is way good! We have 2 classes an Advanced class and a basic class. I teach with Elder Saunders and Elder wilko teaches with Elder Omer! English is going so great! Anyway I will get you some pictures of where we hand out flyers for English. It is called walking street tons of cheap stuff! I will send a pictures way cool!
But anyway have a great week! Also for General Conference We watch it about a week later! What we do is get it off the internet. And when that is out we download it onto a flash drive and watch it on the TV through a converter at the Church! So ya! Way fun! Well today we are going to a place called the black house! So should be fun!
Elder Landon Simonsen

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