Monday, March 11, 2013

Awesome Week

Hey Everyone,

Well let me answer some questions and make some comments! Way awesome you met Elder Wilkos mom at the store! We tell stories about our families all the time! So basically he is like my other brother. So Dad asked about the missionaries in Laos. I know the work is going really good up there. I am not sure the stats, but President usually sends out a monthly letter.  I know that it is a lot like Mongolia and can't go invite or anything. Strictly referrals. Also they teach English Everyday. Part of the agreement to let in missionaries.
About Rainy season. Well it rained like 5 of the last 7 days. But besides that sunny! It usually doesn't rain all day, but the weather here has been way nice! Rainy season officialy starts after May. So we actually just hit summer break. So our June, July and August is Thailands March April May. So fun fact. they have a different school schedule than us! Also I sent moms card on tuesday for her birthday. We went bowling and I left my caledndar at home and I forgot how old mom was turning! I guess 47 then checked and it is actually 48:) haha! it feels weird to skip birthdays so sorry. But I got the day right haha! Plus All thai people think you look like 30 and think dad looks 55ish. haha! Kinda funny.
So a little about missionary work! We weren't able to find a new invesigator, but we made lots of progression with the ones we have! So Chay is doing good.  He is says he knows the church is true. Phone is doing way good, but is still reading the Book of Mormon. Phone is a vet and she is really open to our church.  Pawn is doing great! We traveled about 50 minutes to an hour into the mountains to teach here. Way far! Farthest I have been to teach! way cool! Got some pictures with them in the mountains! She is doing great! My favorite progression of the week is with Sister Bu! She is about 55 and lives with her son and his wife. She works at the hospital.  So we taught the restoration and about half way through she was like I think I am going to get work off on Sundays so I can come to church. She has already read like 2 chapters and is really interested. Way awesome I love how much she has progressed! She calls Elder Wilko,"Coco" and me Simon. so it is way funny. She is way cool. The work is going really good and I hope that me and Elder Wilko stay together for another transfer we are doing some good work!
So yes we also had mutual this week! we went bowling! Way awesome! The Youth are really good here. So it is way fun! I will attach a photo! Also we had about 54 people at church this week. So numbers are going up! So we are seeing progression here! We got to meet with the President of the Branch and talked about members and callings and how we can help, way good meeting. Love serving this branch! Ok besides that we are going Elephant riding today! So I don't want to take to much time! The work has been going really good! I really love the people here! I know that the church is true! I love serving the Lord and giving it my all! I want to wish Parker the best of luck on his farewell talk this week! I know you will do great! Happy Birthday mom on the 16th! Well family and friends love you and have a great week!

Elder Landon SImonsen

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