Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the Move to Chiang Mai

Hey family!
This was probably the craziest week ever! So Tuesday I got a call right! Well I am moving! So I pack and get on the Bus Wednesday. I was sad leaving the area! So I get up and leave my baby(the area we opened) and Elder Wilko stayed. and so did everyone else. After that, I was on the bus. Got a call. I was training. Half an hour later I got called Wasn't training. ha-ha! So long story short. I got to Bangkok found out I am going to be District Leader in Chiang Mai. My District consists of 10 people three areas including my own which was white washed. 3 greenies and the Zone Leaders. Way fun. My companion is just finishing up training this week due to the short transfer. So he is starting his 3rd transfer. His name is Elder Jesse Cosper. From Alpine Utah. And he kind of looks just like Ryan Gosling from the Note Book.   He is way awesome! I am way excited to serve with him!  Way funny and relaxed guy! He will be fun to work with and he really wants to work hard! I am so excited to White Wash with him! Anyway I am serving with Sister Rodriguez (she was in my Greenie area and MTC) so that is crazy she is training so I will most like be here when she goes home. So I will have spent about 12 months in her districts! ha-ha!
Well this area is going to be fun! So many foreigners. The most of any city in Thailand. Song Kran there were so many Farangs it wasn't even funny. This is the place that is most toured in Thailand. So that is fun. They have tigers and mountains. It is still in the North right next to Chiang Rai. Crazy. So this area has 2 branches and my Church starts at 1 o clock. This week was combined for General Conference. But good news is we have so many foreigners from the Philippines and the U.S. that we translate every week! We didn't have to translate Conference though. But did get to listen in English( we wore headphones.) So me and my companion are in Branch 1 with two sisters Sister Orchard and Sister Sararat(Native Thai/Greenie 19 year old Sister 1st Thai young woman) So way cool then the others are in the other Branch. So they thought that I helped out Chiang Rai so much they need me here. They had 70 people at church 5 weeks ago. Now they are averaging about 35. So that is probably the reason they white washed and sent me and Elder Cosper in.  We are visiting the Branch President today. And trying to get things started. We won't have bikes due to no room on the buses because of Song Kran. Because everyone and their brother plays in Chiang Mai. One of the craziest cities to play. Way fun! So I was called here for a reason and am really excited to help out the Branch here and have an opportunity to serve my District. Also Elder Slaughter from Kaysville Utah is in my District he is serving in Lambang the Province right next to us. But they are in our District because it is an hour drive or so. 
So as for investigators really we have 1current one and some former investigators we are working with. This ward has a lot of LA's and I love doing LA work. It is just maybe even more rewarding than baptizing people. So wish me luck. I have a lot on my plate. But I know that the Lord has called me here to be a District Leader for a reason. And I plan on not letting him down. So that being said. General  Conference was great! All the talks were just fantastic. I loved how clear the testimonies of the speakers were. Especially the Prophet and Apostles. Elder Holland is always a champ!

So anyway Song Kran. A little thing about Chiang Mai. Is that the old city or the middle of the city is surrounded by a moat. It is a square and around the whole moat everyone from the surrounding provinces, tourists and everyone drives around in their trucks and they have Ice water and they shoot you! and pour water on you! it is crazy! We had squirt guns. Pails, buckets. Shirts. So anyway on Saturday and Sunday we had to wear our Church clothes. And that is always fun. All your pass along cards get soaked, all your books of Mormon are in bags. So basically no one is safe. You don't take your Camera unless it is waterproof because no where in the city is safe. ha-ha! It is a Free for all! Biggest water fight in the world. Sister Rodriguez got some pictures of us and is sending them to us. So I sent a picture attached of all of us wearing our Song Kran Shirts. Ha-ha! Elder Cosper got this shot! way funny! We are al wearing crocks. We also wear bags that have hello Kitty on the front of them! So I will have more pictures next week! But it was way fun! Good stuff. Not to much to report on. We left our bikes in Bangkok and so we have to walk everywhere. So basically I will be getting tan! Way fun!  I am looking really forward to serving here! Chiang Mai is awesome!
Anyway thanks for everything you do! I love all that you do for me! See you next week! Love ya!
Elder Landon Simonsen

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