Monday, April 22, 2013

Way fun week in "Chiang Mai"

Hey family!

So it sounds like all is going well back in Farmington! I am so proud to hear of the things that are happening! I can't believe that Kira is getting so big and is talking! I can't wait to see her in three weeks ish! I guess next week start planning on a time to Skype!  I just kept getting caught up in things. Good things:) For example today we went to lunch with the District President in the Chiang Mai zone. his name is President Ken (Yes he is Thai, that is his nickname) he served his mission in Washington D.C. he is really great at helping the missionaries. His home Branch is Chiang Mai 1(my Branch). His child is also getting baptized on Wednesday. Way cool! I will send a picture of us out at lunch!

As for the week, it has been crazy trying to get to know members, because everyone in Thailand is really friendly and close. So we are friends with members from both Branches. Me and Elder Cosper are actually serving in the smaller of the two Branches. We had 54 at church this week.

So this last week what a blast! I had a baptismal interview with Sister Bing Bing. She is awesome. She is from Burma speaks Chinese as a first language and really limited Thai. So you might be wondering did the gift of tongues take place? Well no, unfortunately. But I used a picture book and spoke the simplest Thai I could. She prayed in Chinese too! Easily one of the coolest experiences  I have had on my mission. I could just feel how much she wanted to follow Christ.  She would answer very simply!  I would ask a question and she would say two words but the beautiful thing was the Gospel of Christ is so simple. Do you believe...? Yes. She is awesome. She loves her family and I could feel that.  It was one of the best days I have had.  But it was way cool. So then she asked me to speak at her baptism. So I got to speak at it yesterday! haha!

So investigators. Elder Cosper and me have been doing great! We found Got this past week!  He has studied with the JW's before but he felt like they were missing something( the BOM) so we taught the whole Restoration and that answered his question on why are there so many Sects! And from then on he has now read to 1 Nephi 10. He is awesome. Met him last tuesday before english and then he came to English. And we met on Wednesday. We also got Brame from English he is pretty cool! He came to church. We also met GaewMaew.  We met him when we were taking a ride his Duk Duk, it is a 3 Wheeled motorcycle thing.  Right away he said Joseph Smith. And we said yeah! And then he started talking about the Book of Mormon, Thomas S. Monson, Christ in the America's and the restoration of the gospel. And we looked at each other. And where like what?? And we asked him if he had learned. He said, no. But his friend really likes our church but isn't a member. We asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon. No he replied. So I pulled it out and said we have church at 1 o'clock can you come. He said he would try. We switched numbers. Said he has lots of friends who are interested. Down side he didn't come to church. But it was the coolest experience ever. How we randomly picked a Duk Duk. And we ran into him. Way good experience.

Right now I feel so blessed to be a part of this work here in Chiang Mai. Thailand is the best place on earth. Great Members. Things to do. Good food. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I know that the Lord has prepared people here for me and Elder Cosper. He is coming along way good at Thai.  Best companion you could ask for. I appreciate every minute I get to work with him. He has the best work ethic in the mission. He talks to everyone. I can learn so much from him. The District is great! I think that I am the most blessed person in Thailand I am working with 9 of the best missionaries in our mission and I love them all.  If you have a map of Chiang Mai. You will see a square in the middle of the city. That is divided into four squares, it has four gates. Therefore every companionship in Chiang Mai gets a section of the Old inner city then it just branches out from one point. The Church is actually pretty close to the middle of the divide which is cool. The 4 sisters live together. About a 2 minute walk away. Our house is 2 doors away from the Church. So way cool so fun being in the house with Elder Adams and Hansen. We are way close in age in the mission. And Elder Cosper is just a boss. I am hoping to go out to Lambang and do swithchoffs here this next week or so. That is the Province next to Chaing Mai. About a 2 hour drive.

English is awesome. We have 8 People in our Church teaching. 2 teach gospel lessons then we have 4 classes on average. About 80 to 100 people. Last week was New years so we had a lot new people from English class! Way awesome! Best ever!

Ya things as District Leader are pretty crazy. I have the largest district you can have in the Thailand Bangkok mission. I basically get done with phone calls at 10:15 every night, not too bad, it is way fun to be able to work with a bunch of people and to help them. But most important thing first is to make sure me and my comp are doing good and I am just happy to work with him. We have District meeting on Wednesday.

O ya and yes we translate everyweek here because we have a kazillion tourists. But plus side is one family is taking us out to mexican food! haha! I also met James Prince and his wife they are in my Branch he says hi! Ok have a great week! Love ya!

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