Monday, April 8, 2013

Awesome week in Chiang Rai

Mang Ga la bab biab! Family!

So if you are wondering that is hello in Burmese! Haha! It is way awesome! We got some materials in Burmese and are able to kind of teach them. More or less it is us and we tell them to read a paragraph in Burmese. Then they discuss it in Burmese and we have no clue what they are saying. We usually go with Brother Jo. They have a way awesome family. So there names are Newy (husband) Malee (wife), Atipone(son), Lala family friend married Bee (husband). They are doing good.  But surprisingly there are a ton of Burmese people in our Area. They get a long really well with Thai people.

So As for investigators this week. We met with May. She is 45ish. She is from that English camp we went and served at.  So she is great. Also we found to new people Amy and O he is a brother of Yo who is a new investigator last week. Their father and sister both passed away and O is way interested in the Book of Mormon so hopefully we can help him understand it and the Plan of Salvation. O and Yo are both Christian. If you didn't know there are a ton of Christians in Chiang Rai! So that is it for new Investigators. Four is kind of new and he is doing great. He really likes the members at church and loves how we use Brother and Sister.

So Pawn is doing alright this week. She came to church.  But last week I forgot to tell you we went and served at their house and dug a huge pond for fish. We also went to a neighborhood party.  In Thailand they believe when you move into a house you throw a huge party. Invite everyone and then your house will receive blessings because you fed everyone food and let them have a good time. They just brought us out Jelly fish and noodles and it was way good. The brought meat and soda cuz we don't drink. Nicest people ever. It was fun. The next time we went up to teach we got fed by Sister Pawn.  She is like the sweetest lady ever and will do anything for you! And she loves to give us food. Like bananas and watermelon.  She is doing way good!
So this week we saw a huge blessing! Bu can finally come to church twice a month.  She went out and bought an outfit for church cuz she didn't have one.  She is the funniest lady ever. She just talks about how my mom has such beautiful skin(she thinks you are part Asian) Which is why she loves your skin color. Also your dark hair. It is way funny. She is just like Simon you mom is beautiful! Way cool!

Ok so besides that this next week we have Song Kran way excited, except we will be watching conference while it is going on. But it is a 3 day holiday. Anyway good news is we got 61 people at church on Sunday. That is the most we have seen in a while. So hopefully we can keep that number up so we can get a church building in Thailand! Well family this week is good! I hit my year in Country mark this week. Where is the time going! Today we are going to a sushi buffet! yay! Then maybe bowling. I also attached some pictures of the Black House a way big attraction that an artist did here in Chaing Rai! Way cool! Well I love you all have a great week! It was great to hear from you!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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