Monday, April 29, 2013

Wonderful week in Chiang Mai

Hey Family,

Right now I am on switchoff's/splits with Elder Slaughter. So I will be in Lambang tonight, tomorrow for English, and Wednesday morning. It is a 2 hour bus ride but it will be way fun! Elder Cosper is really excited to lead the area. So we will have to basically greenies on splits here Elder Harris with Elder Cosper. Way awesome! It will be a great learning experience!

So anyway I had my second district meeting this week. One on the 17th and one on the 24th. This week is Zone Specialized training. So I get a week off. But I love District meetings! Last week I had the missionaries in my District teach about something that they did well.   And it was great to listen to all of there experiences they have had on their missions! I love learning from others. But it is so great to be able to work closely with missionaries. I learn so much everyday! It is great! Couldn't ask for a better district!

So this week the investigators are doing really great! We have Got and he is a champ! He came to church. He is so ready to be baptized it is crazy.  He is so cool. He loves reading and praying. Brame is also still doing good. He  really loves praying and repentance. He said he has received an answer to his prayer. So I guess he is doing good. We also have Mathew. He is a stud! He learned with the Elders before but we hadn't been able to contact him till we found out he worked at a bank with a member. So we went and visited him. He still reads and prays everyday. His phone just got damaged from water at Song Kran(When we came in) and we couldn't talk to him. So we were really happy to meet him. Then a new investigator Guy. He is pretty good. We are working with some Part Member families. A member is having us teach her mom. Eet And we haven't met her yet but hopefully we can.

So this week we visited members a lot! That same day we visited our Sunday School President Brother Daw.  Super strong member. Lives about an hour away and hasn't been visited in a long time. But he stud up when he taught and appreciated us and the Elder's Quorum President President Som Chay (former District President) and his wife came and drove an hour to visit. President Som Chay has a great family! They have a missionary out right now and almost 3 more going out! ha-ha!  But their daughter has her papers in! Way awesome! They help the branch a ton!


This week we also went to a Branch party! Called, "Forming a Zion" and they want to do it every month. Me and Elder Cosper asked Sister Sararat what Thai people like to eat that is American. And she said Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. So we made like 12 sandwiches and cut them into 4's then walla! A master piece! Huge hit. Tons of members asked how we made them and everything! It was hilarious! But way cool, We got a picture but it is on Elder Cosper's Camera. I am on Switch off's so I will e-mail it next week along with a tiger photo.

So anyway we have been having a lot of success. It has been really good! Elder Cosper is a great and it is really nice working with him! I am super Blessed to be here. So cam asked or mom. what we do on P-days here. Today we drove up into the mountains and went to a way cool Wat called Doy Su Tabe. Way nice. Got a picture with a Monk from Chonburi (Kinda by SamutPrakan on a map) in the gulf. Then after we went to a safari place to eat a way cheap buffet but it was closed but we fed Deer. haha! Then everyone wanted to take pictures with the tiger for 100 baht. So we did! haha! 3 dollars teenage tiger way boss (but I got thrown into it quick so those pictures are on Elder Cosper/Adams camera. So next week) Next week. Maybe a waterfall, zoo, hill tribes, elephant riding. It is basically Chiang Rai. But a lot more tourists! And we have 3 greenies who want to ride elephants in the mountains. We will probably do that! It is fun to do stuff as a district! We all fit into 1 red truck way awesome! Ha-ha! But that is it for the week!


Also we ran into the Karoney's that American family here. Way cool people. They took us all out to Mexican food on Thursday! ha-ha! Then randomly today we ran into them at The Duke's (Steaks, burgers, and Stuff} Foreigner food. and then they bought our meal. Way to nice! Mainly cuz it was Elder Harris's birthday. And they wanted to pay for his. Then the just did it for us. Such a nice family! Way cool people!


Well the Lord is pouring out his blessings here on the Chiang Mai District! I am privileged to serve here! I know that this church is true and that the Lord is preparing the people here to learn about the gospel. I love the Branch I am Serving in! The members are awesome! They help so much! Best District ever and I love serving my Heavenly Father! I love you all and I will see you next week!

Elder Landon Simonsen

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