Monday, September 9, 2013

A Week full of Miracles

Hey Family, Well I need to start off with my over the hill jokes for Dad. Dad you are so old that when you go in a museum the security guards grab you and try to put you back on display! Dad your vision is so bad that when you look in the mirror you think you are watching star wars episode 6 when Hans Solo is in Jaba the Huts palace! (I will let you guess who you are) Hey, Dad. Noah Called he said he wants the paddle to his ark back. Dad you hair is so white that when you where the color red little kids always come and tell you what they want for Christmas. Dad your so old when you scuba dive people that see you think they just saw an artifact from the Titanic. Dad the only thing I regret is to say, is that the next time I will be hearing you say, "Landon!!!!" I have the right to put you in a nursing better watch out:) Papa Well ok so those are about half the jokes. I had written. But I am running slow today. But I hope you liked some of those. So as for the week here in Bang Khae. It was easily in my top 10 weeks as a missionary. So I hope that the rest of this letter can make the top 10 as well. This past week was crazy. I got food poisoning twice in one week. Luckily for me I hate staying home. So I worked through it. Way better. Plus I'm not on my time I'm on the Lords time. So the past few weeks, we have been working hard to build up our investigator pool. We have this thing called balanced key indicators. Shows you are working over the bar kinda. They are super hard to get. 2 People at church, 2 new investigators. 10 member/RC or LA lessons and 2 baptismal daters. May I remind you this is Thailand. For our mission these numbers help indicate you are working your tail off to get these. It is super hard. I have only got it about 6 times on my mission. 3 being every week in Bang Khae. Since we came here we have had a goal as a companionship to get these numbers every week. It is hard. Finding new investigators isn't easy. But this past week. We went and did all we could. Found 1 guy named A (a male) he is the security guard at our building. Use to be catholic. We are working on him. And the rest of the week we couldn't find that second new investigator. So I want to start by telling you a great story of a member named Brother Peter (Song Gran) he is a Thai guy. He has been inactive about 8 years. This past Wednesday we had the opportunity to travel about an hour to go visit him. He lives in the Province to the west of Bangkok. So we traveled out there to meet him and a few other people in the area called Nakampaton. There are about 10-20 members out there. They used to have a branch (closed down now) So we went out found this guy. One of the most awesome members ever. He is knows the bible better than anyone I know personally. He loves the church, loves God, loves Jesus Christ. Served as the Stake Sunday School President. But for some reason hasn't been to church in 8 years. This past week. We worked with him so hard. He gave us 2 referrals. And is helping us find lost members. One of the most active, LA members I have met. He is awesome. He is like a teenager at heart, but is 50. He I know is the reason I came to Bang Khae. He lives far away. But he came back after 8 years. The day I met this guy. I felt something different. I felt like he was my brother. My father. I loved him do death. His son passed away 2 years ago. He would be about 21 right now. He told me as we sat down at lunch as we looked at each other. He saw his son in me. That he knew that I was there for him. I knew that the reason I was here in Bang Khae was because Peter needed me. He needed someone like me. But his personality and my personality are like two peas in a pod. And I know that God truly sends you places where you are needed. We don't know God's plan for us. But he has one. And he put Brother Peter in my path I prayed for Peter all week. I wanted him to come back to church. I didn't know how it would happen. I didn't know what to do, all I knew to do was pray. The whole week he helped us find and teach people. We were hoping that having him help fellowship investigators would help him come back. As Sunday morning rolled around nothing changed. No calls nothing. But as we sat in church at about 9:30 in walks Brother Peter. And his daughter. The room got a little lighter as he walked in. The members recognized a familiar face. A face that has been a Elder's Quorum president, a leader, a friend, a brother. He is the happiest guy I know. And he made church a better place by coming back. As I sat with him after church he talked about how he likes how when he sees me at church I am fun, I am relaxed. He says to often are the members here, so stiff, so boring. They don't see the fun in living the gospel of Christ. I told him that is how I have always been. And always will be. He told me he does the same thing. He was just waiting for the right person to help him back. Sitting down with his daughter who is 17 and not a member and him changed my outlook on things. He is best friends with his daughter. He is one of the best fathers I have seen. We have an appointment next Saturday to go teach him and his daughter. Help his daughter be baptized. It is funny how the Lord works. Last month we had a 17 year old Sister Milk get baptized. 2 weeks ago another 16 year old Fah. This week Ice a 17 year old will be getting baptized. Then Ajeen at the end of the month. We have about 6 16-17 year old girls in our branch. Super funny. They are all RC's or investigators. But they are strong. And Sister Blay, Peters Daughter came up to him after church and said she wants to come back everyweek. It is no coincidence that the Lord was preparing this area for the work that is happening. But the work of the Lord is going forth! It was a miracle from the Lord. We got that second investigator. But that isn't important to me. I don't need to prove anything. But the most important part. Is my fellow brother Peter. Has just taken a step towards the doors of the Celestial kingdom with his daughter. I love that man to death. He reminds me of Dad. He just tells me, "around Brother Peter your don't need manners. You can be yourself. Because God loves you for who you are." We can all learn something from Peter. Love everyone for who they are. I love this man. Not only was that a miracle. But Sister New, Ice, Poom, and PP all came to church yesterday. New and Ice are getting baptized on the 14th and confirmed on the 15th. We are hoping to get PP and Poom baptized as well. It was so great to see that cute little family walk into Church. As I sat next to my little brother. Simon Jr. (PP) We looked through the picture book. And it was one of the first times I had seen the kid smile in Church! It was awesome. The family had a great experience. I love them to death. The members are really doing well fellowshipping our investigators right now. So things are looking great. But we really owe it all to the Lord. We are just his servants using the talents he gave us to do his work. Sister Wow also got confirmed this week. It was great. She is doing awesome. She has changed so much from when I first got here. She didn't even where a skirt to church. She would wear her jeans. And then she finally started to wear her skirt and now she looks like a full blown member. It is so cool to see the changes people make in there life. The investigators are coming. The work is progressing. We are seeing success as we go and be obedient. I know that the Lord gives us our talents for a reason. We are who we are for a reason. And because of who I am, I can bless the people who are like me. Because we aren't all the same. The Lord doesn't need cookie cutter missionaries. He needs missionaries all shapes, all sizes, all talents. We are all different. And that is what makes us special. No matter who you are. There is a reason for the gifts God has given you. I learn and learn again. That I was called here for me. I know you guys all know, "The Landon" but I definitely am thankful for parents, relatives, and friends who helped me develop into what I am today. That even though I was sick for a few days. I wasn't letting that get me down. I wasn't going to turn around. Let Satan win the fight. There are people who need you. And I refuse to side line myself while I am in the 4th quarter of the game. There is nothing that can stop the work of the Lord. There is nothing that will stop me from doing his work here in Thailand and when I go home. Just know that Elder Landon SImonsen knows this Gospel is true. I know that there is a reason for everything. Whether it be a trial whether it be success. These things make us stronger. Rely on the Lord and he will help you. Prayer is our only offense weapon in the armor of God. So use it. It will help you conquer any trial or challenge you have. Elder Landon Simonsen

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