Monday, September 30, 2013

Loving the Work Here!

Hey family! Man this week was just an awesome week! First off thanks for all the e-mails and stuff! Dad I still don't believe you did a back flip and a front flip!! haha! Sounds like the family is all doing great! I can't believe it is already October! There are like a million Birthday's this month! haha! Well to answer some questions. Ok well comments because I had no questions. That is great you got some tickets planned to come back here! How long are you planning on coming back? Week. 2 Weeks? Well sweet. And Home Coming talk on the 23rd! haha! Already planned! Sweet no sweat! It will be weird talking in front of a crowd larger than 50-60 people haha! But I have lots of great stories I would love to share. As for the week. I can't explain how much the Lord is blessing our area! Yesterday guess who I sat by at church??? You may have guessed Brother Brayun the member with Polio. He is awesome! So much faith. He is just an awesome guy. It just pains me to see him walk though. He has no cane or leg brace and still walks on his leg. About half way through church he was just sitting on the couch. Leg all swollen from walking. We are working on getting a wheel chair for our church. But I know the Lord will bless him. He can't walk far at all. But he does has a three wheeled motor cycle car that he drives to church. It is like a mini motorcycle and looks way cool! Also Brother Peter is doing great! This week he got a call from a member in the Stake Presidency. They are thinking about giving him a calling as a councilor in the Stake Young Mens Presidency. It is awesome! To think that one month ago. This man. That I sat across from eating lunch would soon be influenicing every young mans life in the Thailand Bangkok Stake. I wouldn't have believed it. But now I know that the Lord prepared the way for this to happen. Brother Peter needs to bless the lives of the youth here in this country. He is amazing. He has helped my testimony grow. Everytime I meet him I can feel the love he has for his fellow men and for the church. I want every young man in this Stake to know Brother Peter. It was the best thing that happened this week. But close Second is the fact that his daughter has such a desire to be baptized. We had a baptism of a girl in the branch this past week. She is an investigator of the Sisters. And Blay wants to be baptized on October 27th. We taught the Plan of Salvation and when she heard that she can live with her Brother who has passed away and with her family again. She knew this is what she wants. We are now working on helping Beem. The mother accept a baptismal date. This family is awesome. I couldn't imagine not knowing them. I am really so blessed to know them. Not only that but Poom and PP accpeted baptismal dates for the 27th of October as well. They are awesome. Both of them came to church despite the fact there mother and sister weren't there. So it is great! They really have a desire to live with there family again as well! It seems to be that really when it comes down to it. Who doesn't want to live with there family after this life. The people who raised you. Who you love. And what a great opportunity it is to know that these things can help you live with your family. We also saw a huge miracle this past week. As Dad said. The only reason why our work here is going so good is because of the members. This past week we got a referral from a member. They were just aquaintances. But hey. You can share the Gospel with anyone. This person's name is Gone. He is really cool. He is about 50ish and I called him up on Wednesday. Got to know him and said his friend gave us this number. Then he asked,"Are you Mormons?" I am like aaah. Yeah. He is like, "I have so many questions to ask you!" I was like, "And we have your answers. When can you meet." He was like how about 2 hours? I was like sounds good! Meet you at Big C(America's Walmart) Met him. He is awesome!! He was like I have been to so many Sects. And all of them teach to differently. People say you claim truth. Boom!! Restoration. Moved on to Plan of Salvation. Moved into all we need to do is be baptized. He was busy for a few days. But we have an appointment for Wednesday! I really hope it goes somewhere! He is way cool! The work here is really going fantastic! No complaints. We went to the Hospital to take care of Elder Steiners sleep walking and talking. And the doctors prescribed him a mild trancalizer pill. haha! So he took it and hasn't slept walk for two days! haha! Way funny! THey say the reason he does it is because of stress and working everyday. But hey, it beats strapping him to the bed! He is really awesome! We get along super good. Easily one of my easiest companions to work with. Fun guy. And work is going great. Really there is no where else I would rather be. I am so excited to have general conference here in a couple weeks (for Thailand). I love hearing the words of the prophets! I know that the work we are doing out here in Thailand is the work of our Lord and savior. I love this work so much. I am grateful to be able to serve and give to the people here. Really they don't realize how much they bless my life. I really can't explain how grateful I am to share the Gospel with those who don't know Christ. I hope that you all have a great week! Love, Elder Landon SImonsen

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