Monday, September 16, 2013

Another week full of Miracles in BangKhae

Hey Family, Wow first off! Happy anniversary mom and dad! 29 years. And still kicking! Only another 40+ more years to go! Hopefully Dad makes it:) And thanks to everyone for there birthday e-mails, I really appreciate it. In Thailand nothing special happens when you are 21. Because you could already do it when you were like 16. So haha. No special priviledges. But ya. We will go do something fun next Monday. Today we are going to the market and buying some stuff. So this past week was another week full of miracles. It was awesome Sister A from Chiang mai got baptized. And also Sister New and Sister Ice here in Bang Khae got baptized! It was a great baptismal service! We had Brother Bam(his first baptism) baptize Ice and Brother Gamoan baptize New. It was great. The speakers were awesome and both Sister New and Ice felt the spirit so strong after. New's two little boys. Simon Jr. and Poom had a great experience. They really are starting to warm up to the church. Poom is even reading the Book of Mormon. We are just working with Poom and how we can help him have a good group of friends. But Simon Jr. is so young he will follow his mom and sister. It was so awesome yesterday evening after church we went and visited them at there house. And both New and Ice had changed so much. It was amazing. They had such strong testimonies. They shared there baptism experience with all there neighbors and friends. It was way awesome. There whole attitude was just so great. They love the gospel so much. Now we just need to work with the two little boys. Question: Do you have any good ideas on how to help the boys have a better experience at church? We don't have any young men 10-16 in our branch. So we are looking on how we can help them have a better time. But Sister New is being super good about helping them and it was a really good decision to have her and ice get baptized before. Besides the baptism, we saw a ton of miracles. Brother Peter came back to church again. And his daughter now has a baptismal date for October 13. We traveled basically to the Burma border to go teach them(under an hour to Burma). We went over two provinces to teach them. And was it worth it! About a total of 3 hours on a bus. And it was awesome. We went and saw his house. And he loved it. He loves feeding us food. It was funny after done at his house he was driving us to the bus stop. And he says,"Elders I don't know why, I decided to come back to church with you. I have been visited so much. But you two feel different...I know that we were the 3 best of friends in the Pre-mortal life." He went on to tell how his life had just gone down hill after his calling as Stake Sunday School President. But he is so happy how now he has found the way back into the arms of the Savior. It is easy to say. Peter is one of the most Christ-like people I know. He talks about how he didn't find true happiness in this life till he learned to serve others. And he serves us so much. Yesterday he made us omlets so we wouldn't be hungry after church. Everytime he calls. He says if there is any trouble with anything. Call him and he will be there. Really he is the best example of a person that I want to be. He is a great story. And I won't ever forget him. He has truly changed how I view service and loving others. He helps us teach whenever he comes into the city. He is helping us find other LA's that live out in his area. I want to challenge everyone to be like Brother Peter. And forget yourself and go serve others. Life is short, but the impact you have on people goes past the grave. We also saw two huge miracles this week. Tanya an investigator from English just got the message. She opened the Book of Mormon. Realized that this is what she needs and then started to share the Gospel with her friends. She came to the baptism. She came to Church. She is a full time investigator and wants to be baptized. She is awesome. It really took 1 day until she was converted. It was so awesome. We call her on Monday. She wasn't interested at all. Then all the sudden. Comes to Englsih hears a spiritual thought. Reads the Book of Mormon. Boom!! Spiritual truth. What she was looking for in her life. It was awesome. So we are looking forward to her accepting a date this week. Secondly Brother Grit an LA in the Elders Quorum presidency. Came back to church last week. He wants his 8 year old son to be baptized. And realized he messed up. And doesn't know why he stopped coming. It was awesome. It won't be a convert baptism. Brother Grit and his wife read and pray everyday just haven't been coming to church. So it is way good. Nemo there son will be getting baptized before the year is over. It is so great to see Melchelzedik priesthood come back into the fold of Christ. To see so many miracles happening in our area. There are so many more that have happened this week. But I don't have the time to explain all of them. Just know that the Lord is blessing the work in the area. It is going forth. Stronger than ever. The Sisters are having a baptism here. We have planned atleast 5 more baptism between now and October for this branch. The work is progressing and fast. The Lord is hastening his work and I know that he wants a temple here in Thailand. I know that this is the true church. I love it so much. I love serving the Thai people more than anything. I haven't seen better members in my life. They try so hard to be the best they can. In a Buddhist country it isn't easy. But they are fighting against all temptations. I love them so much. I love helping them come unto the truth. And even more I love helping those who have fallen away come back unto the truth once more. To help those you are my brothers and sisters to find the Light of Chirst. I love the work of the Lord. I know that the Lord has great things in store for this branch and for the people of Thailand. I am so grateful for a family to have raised me up strong in the gospel. I really owe it all to you. To have the faith to do what the Lord commands of us and to help his children return to him. I hope that you all have a great week. And thank you so much for all you do. Love, Elder Landon Simonsen

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