Monday, September 2, 2013

The Baptism was Great!

Hey Family! This week was fantastic! We had a great week! Last week at Sister New's house. They are doing so good! And Sister Wow also got baptized yesterday! It was awesome! She brought her 3 friends to church and they all started to tear up during the baptismal service! It was amazing! Plus I even got to play the piano accompaniment for the special musical number! haha! (It was an electrical piano!) Anyway I will send you some pictures of the baptism and stuff! So I guess I will answer some questions before I get going more. They do have a Thai Labor Day. I can't remember what month. But ya they do! Happy Birthday to Dad on the 8th! I haven't sent a card yet:( but I didn't forget!) I even made over the hill jokes! So ya should be good! Anyway I thought your comment was pretty cool about big cities! It is pretty true. I think that it is because the people in big cities (at least in Thailand) are just more open to the western world. More open to other ideas and stuff. So anyway this week was awesome we have been teaching a ton of RC's We have about 12 people baptized in the last 6 months here. So we have a ton of RC work to do. Mainly because the missionaries teach the after baptism lessons as well. So our weeks are full of lessons. It is great. We are teaching about 15 to 20 lessons per week. If you didn't know. That is good for Thailand:) That doesn't include contacting, which we don't really count as lessons. Anyway work is really lighting up here right now. We should have 5 or 6 baptism in our branch this month. We also had 63 at church! So ya that is great! It is growing. There are lots of members that just need strengthening here. That are on the border of activity and just need to be loved. The Branch President is a stud. He is just doing boss work! Helping all our investigators and being awesome at giving RC's callings. So things are looking so good. Our investigators New, Ice, Poom, and PP are doing really good. It is so hard to get them all together at one time. Ice and New are ready and are doing excellent. Last week we didn't have time to play UNO so we are playing it this week at FHE at there house. SO it will be excellent. I love there family. Everybody calls PP the mini Simon (which is me) haha! I will send a picture with me and the family last week! So Wow is doing great! She passed her interview and is doing awesome. Already is helping her friends come to church. 3 of her good friends came to the baptism! It was awesome! The branch is also doing a way good job on fellowshipping her and helping her feel welcomed. So it is awesome. We also started to meet with Tanya she is from English Class. Really awesome. She has had lots of trials and stuff in life and she is just looking for the truth. I really hope she continues learning. But it was a great first lesson for her. So a little about Wow because you don't know her. She works for an oil company worked about 14 or so years. She is the manager of her division. She loves to speak English and is way fluent at it! She came to English class. Got taught an introduction lesson. And really thought that there was more in life. She has had previous problems in her life and she knows that the path she has chosen will benefit her. Her father passed away 30 years ago and she wants her family to be forever. She loves them. She loves to read and she has a super strong testimony. She will be an awesome member! Well I need to start going on my Over the Hill jokes before I run out of time!!! I love the work here in Bang Khae! It is going so great! We have one of the best branches in Bangkok! They are growing so much! It is great! The work here is on fire and I know that the Lord is blessing the lives of the people here in Thailand. He wants a temple here. And we need to have the faith to do it! If we all had the faith of momma Simonsen. Then there would have been a temple here a few years ago:) That was a great experience mom! We actually got to watch a few clips from 17 miracles yesterday and I thought of the pioneers trials and how everything will be all right if you put your faith in Christ! I know that my mom has raised me to have faith and you are the best example of faith mom! I know as you keep exercising it, you will see so many more miracles. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Love, Elder Landon Simonsen

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