Monday, October 1, 2012

New Area "Samut Prakan"

Well Hello Family,

Wow I thought my new week was going to be crazy! And yes it was actually very crazy. So I guess I will just start off with the question and answers! Well So my new Comp is from Farmington Utah. He is from my Stake, and his name is Elder Anthony Susi. haha! Crazy huh! Right now I am serving in Bang Na/ Samut Prakan. If you look at a map and look at the Gulf of Thailand you have a area called Samut Prakan. That is where half our area is. The other half is in the Khet Bang Na. Which is basically right below where I just served. Look at a map of Bangkok. You have Khet...and then you can see Prawet where I just served is actually almost right above where I am serving now. 
The ward is great. My first week we went and visited lots of the members they have some really fun ones here. They actually just got a new Bishop last week. So when we met with him we joked about both being new. He is super awesome and has only been a member for 4 years. We are actually teaching one of his daughters right now. His name is Bishop Peace or in Thai Otigan Santi. So very fun.  We get about 75 people to church most weeks. We had 73 yesterday but there was a stake thing in another ward so members where gone. We have about 13  Priesthood holders. This ward is doing really good!
Me and Elder Susi
Elder Susi and I  get along super good. We are pretty good friends already and we teach really good together.   So I think that we will have some really good success here. We got to meet our Ward Mission Leader brother Brian. he is from Malaysia and parents are Chinese.  He knows way more english than Thai! He is actually going to broadcast General conference in Thai for us. Because his wife and him both went to BYU Hawaii and his wife is Thai but served in Arizona.  So Brother Brians wife said she likes Conference more in english! So yay! They will have it for us. So we get conference a week later here. Yes it is on tape Delay. But hey. whatevs! It is conference! We also get the Liahona every month (Well Two every other month.) But yes it is the Liahona, New eRa, and The friend. So that is way fun! I love reading them. We get Thai and English!

It is kinda funny. Something Elder Pipat said to me is that he doesn't get why everyone thinks Thailand is Third World. So he likes when greenies come in with there Vitamins and their Boots and all the water proof Gear. So ya it is funny stuff! Anyway Our District actually has 3 greenies in it. We have a group of sisters that serve in the Bang Na Ward with us. And then Two more Companion Ships that serve closer down by the Gulf of Thailand. Or below our area. So our ward is actually in Samut Prakan (Different city than Bangkok) But considered to be in the Bangkok Stake. So kinda fun. It is an awesome ward! The other Elders go to a different Ward (Which might be a branch.) But yes we also have a church builiding here!

So anyway I want to talk a little bit about the week. Monday awesome had my last FHE! Best FHE Ever. Tuesday. Found I was moving! Wednesday Packed up! So hard! I Also Sent a package home! No pictures in it haha! No room. Sad to leave my area! I guess that is why I had to go! It was really hard to stay somewhere 4 transfers. I think I went there more than my Church at college:) So ya it was a little hard to let go. But This new area is awesome! We are right by the river going up to Bangkok. Follow the river and a little up is where we are. Thursday visited some new investigators, Gay and Nung. Friday visted Shayne and some members. We went inviting and we handed out 8 Books of Mormon. Got two return appointments and sat down with one person. Saturday we ran some errands and stuff met more members! Sunday we walked a Recent convert to Church who is in a wheel Chair! he is so awesome! He is such a dedicated person! We also taught Noot and we gave her a date! It was her 4th lesson! and it was very awesome! Taught her the gospel. We gave her a date for the 13th of October! So anyway very awesome!
FHE in Bangkok
Anyway, it floods a ton where we live! It has rained everyday and is very rainy because we are closer to the coast I imagine! Ya It is awful to ride down flooded streets your shoes get wet and then you hit speed bumps and almost fall off. O ya. I ride my bike everyday in this area!

Today we are going to the Alligator Farm here in our area! So that is really fun. You get to feed alligators with a stick that has meat on the end! So I will let you know how it goes next week!

Have a great week!
Much Love,

Elder Landon Simonsen

P.S. So yea you know Elder Appleyard the English Chap! haha! Ya he is in my distirct! Elder Maples is our district leader.

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