Monday, October 15, 2012

Conference Week

Well Hello Family and Everyone!

This week was pretty awesome! First some comments on my part. Is Ryan a Utah fan this year?:) Or is that just a shirt that he does work in? It looks like the house is going great! And wow is time flying, almost Halloween. The question of Halloween here is that they recognize it but they don't trick or treat or anything. You see costumes at the malls which might mean they have Halloween parties but I'm not sure! I don't stay out that late! Anyway Cam and Serena are going to be Captain America and the Captain America Cheerleader. sweet!

 Ok well anyway I am just going to go down my list I made so I don't leave question's out. The baptism was great. We actually had it on Sunday because we just did it after the second session of conference. Conference is done really cool here. They send use flash drives and just plug them into a projector. So we got to watch in English and everything. But they put the sessions like a half hour after each other so we get it done quick. Anyway so it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Elder Holland just finish talking about how when you baptize someone, that it should change your life just as much as it changes the investigators! That hit me deep. It isn't just for them. Yes it is their live changing, but standing in that water yesterday I thought about how  this experience changed my life. I thought about my baptism. My feelings. Helping someone change their life is the best experience you can have. She said in her testimony that it was a feeling that you can't express. But when you go down into the water and come out and instantly you can feel that you are changed. It was an awesome experience, I can't even type words that express my feelings. She truly wants to follow Christ, I loved her testimony and it is such a strong testimony. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to baptize her. Sister Nuujanaad Siichaphud AKA Sister Noot (Nud) is awesome she will be a strong member and the ward is already supporting her.

Anyway Brother Go will be getting interviewed on Thursday and hopefully baptized on Sunday. He is a great! He is already inviting his family to learn with us. So I am really excited for him. It is so fun to see people progress like him. Because he just hears commandments and he does them. So it is awesome! We also have a few others Phii(Pee) he is doing great, he came to confrence and everything. He is really cool and we want to give him a date soon.  We got a new investigator who has two kids.  Anyway she is awesome and is super interested in the Plan of Salvation. So anyway we got a call from the AP's this morning that is fun. They congratulated us on our hard work. Our area just got it's second baptism in a year. First in Six months. so yay! and we will be having another here this week!

Ok so Lauren asked about the baby tiger. Ya you get to feed it a whole bottle, but when I was feeding it, it started to suck on my arm and then it started to like nibble on it cuz milk wasn't coming out haha! So the people were like freaking out. It felt like I was playing with a big Oreo (the cat) It was really fun. I wish I got to hold a monkey too because they were fun. It was only six dollars and they gave you the big photo also. So ya great deal. We might go back later.

So on the Flooding ya not as much here. We didn't get hit as bad as we thought. It rained a ton. but the flooding hasn't been nearly as bad. So ya. I was scared to take my shoes off after I heard of some snake bites in the flood water. So ya crazy stuff. But anyway not to much flooding last week.

So as for English this program is going great here! We have gotten about 20 new students in 2 weeks. So anyway we have about 55 people right now. You have to remember that we only have 4 missionaries here. So that is a good amount of people to handle. We switch off Teaching English and Gospel studies every other week. So good program we are doing some good stuff!

This ward is so great, although they are very busy and lots of them work 5 to 6 days a week. So they are very hard working here.

As for dad asked do Thai people like to speak English. Yes they love it. They love American music! Maroon 5 came here to Thailand last week and all the members, investigators and English students asked us if we could sing or if we knew their songs. Haha! They love American slang. Plus when we invite the people usually bring out someone in there family that speaks a tiny bit of English. But then they realize we speak Thai.

So I will think of a list of stuff I want for Christmas. Maybe something. But ya doesn't really matter. Maybe some snow or a Stocking. haha!

Ok well that is it for today. I want to leave you with my testimony. General Conference was the best. In 7 hours we watched 6 hours on Saturday. I learned so much. One thing that really stuck out to me was the Lord's Will. We need to be willing to do the Lord's will at all times. We don't know his will but we know that there is a reason for everything! There is a reason I am here in Thailand. Why Cam is in Medical School in Texas (If he didn't go there he wouldn't be married to Serena). Crazy thing but as One of the last speakers said.  Look at all the blessings the Lord has given us. The Lord knows what we need and where we are needed. There is a time and a place for everything. I realize that  on missionary work. If we didn't go somewhere or say something we are missing opportunities of the Lord. I was called here to feed the Lord's Sheep. They are hungry and searching for the Gospel all over the World. That is why when you go somewhere here in the mission. You know that there is one of the Lord's sheep that is waiting to be fed. So we need to be able to listen to the Spirit so we can do the Lord's will. I love this Gospel I know it is true. It was possibly the best experience to be able to have a baptism here. It makes my testimony grow everytime I see someone come to know Christ! I love you all and thanks for everything.

Elder Landon Simonsen

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