Monday, October 8, 2012

Awesome Week!

Hey Family,

Wow Sounds like a really eventful week! Mission age getting changed and everything! That's good so now the sisters can't always pull the we are older than you card! haha! Anyway that is really awesome, so that lets us know to repent ye, repent ye and be baptized! Ok well anyway so I will start off with answering questions that is always easy. So yes we actually got another dater! It was awesome his name is Go. Scheduled for Oct. 19, He is doing really great. He loves learning with us.  He still is trying to get work completely off on Sunday's.  He said he talked with his boss to get off work until Church is over. So at least right now he can come.  This is just a problem because this society over here doesn't recognize a Sabbath day. Most people in America know already Sunday is a day that you rest, watch football, and have a BBQ with the family. They don't really have that here.
Elder Susi and Me on our Elephant!
Only $1.50 if you speak THAI!
Besides that we have Noot who is doing great still prepared for the 13th. She is Christian and so she is already familiar with lots of the stuff we teach. She wants me to baptize her. We obviously want to still try and get a member to do it. But she feels comfortable with me doing it cuz I am big.  So ya whatever. We also have a Pin who is the Bishops daughter. Doing really good.  She knows the Church is true! We also just started teaching brother Beck's Brother yesterday. He is really interested in learning. It was an awesome experience, because we found him on our own and can't ask the members for referrals! We have to wait for them to come to us. The Lord works in great ways. If someone is prepared they will hear about the gospel one way or another.  We also have a few other investigators,  but those are the really good ones right now.

So anyway this area is still supposedly not an easy area. The last baptism in this area I serve in was about 4 to 6 months ago.  This area is actually way more christain than any other area. We are hitting up around 30 percent Christian here. With about 5 percent Muslim. So the rest Buddhist. So it is way awesome!  So anyway that is what the area looks like. We actually don't have a lot of neighborhoods here. So we do lots of Street contacting.  We talk to people on the streets and we also have an awesome English program.  The members are really willing to help here. They are busy with their normal lives but at the same time easier to get there help with stuff.

We are working pretty good here. We had 20 lessons this week. First time in the long time. A good chunk of those are from our English class, so all is good here. We just need to keep putting our faith in the Lord and he will bless us!

In my new area the flooding is terrible! It has flooded 5 out of 7 days this week. When it rains it floods here. So it is crazy. I got a video of a street that was pretty bad. We are also right by a swamp so the water is gross. So we have to take our shoes off so they don't get destroyed/ smell. So that is always fun walking through calf deep water in swamp water. That you can't see the bottom of it. Shoeless. Anyway the Laundry man is awesome! Nothing better than having someone else do laundry and Iron your shirts and stuff! Haha! Sweet stuff! He also folds socks in cool balls!
Flooded Streets
So anyway the Crocodile Farm was pretty sweet! I held a Baby tiger. I had a choice between a monkey a baby tiger, or petting a big tiger. I figured feed and holding a baby one was cool so ya thats what I did. They had a sweet alligator show and like a MIllion or more Croc's So that was great! Although I forgot to take a picture with the Front that says Worlds Biggest Crocodile farm Anyway good stuff.
Me and Baby Tiger
It sounds pretty crazy back home. Everyone staying busy! Sounds like an intense month! Thanks everyone for all that you do! It really means alot! Keep up the work! Out here is the same old stuff. Just preaching the good word! It is always fun. All I know is that my time here is short. Everyday I look back and I swear it feels like yesterday I was at the MTC. But it really makes you want to work harder because wow. I am already on my second week here. And I am pretty sure time is going faster. So I want to take advantage of every moment. Even though inviting still is the hardest thing in the world and being rejected is never fun. That one person that is waiting for our message is our there. They are waiting for those white boys to ring the buzzer by the front gate! So I love you all and want to let you know the church is true! I am excited to hear the Good word next Saturday and Sunday. We are having a baptsim between sessions next week. So this is going to be a great week!

I love you all I know that this is the one and only true church.


Elder Landon Simonsen

P.S. Today we are getting hit by a tropical storm so raining. We are just going to the mall and getting haircuts and buying some stuff for the house. Maybe grab McDonalds or something. haha!

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  1. I enjoy seeing the different perspectives between Elder Susi and Elder Simonsen. Who knew they were not doing their own laundry. I wonder if that is everywhere or just this particular area.