Monday, October 22, 2012

Inviting in Thailand

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week boy pretty crazy, unfortunately not a new investigator this week. Due to the fact of a weird schedule, not too much inviting time. And we invited some tough areas (mainly Christain areas.) O boy those ones are tough. Why? because that is where white people live. haha. I think talking to white people is like the scariest thing in the world. JK. But seriously. I feel like I can't invite people in English that is mainly why. I actually have to translate in my head from Thai. It is kinda weird. But I don't speak the gospel in English too much, so it feels weird. So yes basically we are just working with the same people as last week. We got a lot of potentials and some people really interested, but our problem is we can't really teach single women. And that is who we run into a lot here. So anyway we got a lot of good potentials. Anyway no Go didn't get baptized this week. But...It was the best thing for him. It made him 10x's stronger and his desire grew so much. He just had some concerns, so we gave him another week. And BOOM. Blessings. He actually had a problem with getting work completely off on Sundays. But yesterday his boss told him that he can have it off all day, every week. Also he can still come to English Class (which is on Tuesday's, which was his old day off). All I know is that for some reason he needed this extra week. And it was a true blessing in his life. He has really been a great investigator. He is going to be a great addition to the 15 priesthood holders in the ward! The 16th. So yes. That is what we need for a temple here. Good stuff. Everyone else is doing really good. Pin is going great and Pii is doing alright (didn't come to church), We have a really good little family who is interested but she is worried to come to church because she doesn't want the kids to be disruptive. So we are working hard here. But yes we should have a baptism next week.

Ok so anyway this week on Friday, we had Zone Specialized Training. Which was really awesome. Elder Heap (Todd Heap's little brother) and Elder Toleman our Zone Leaders had a great training. really helped us this transfer setting goals and kinda going back to the basics. We talked about prayer and the importance of being specific when we pray, and helping investigators understand prayer. If you didn't know it is hard to help people who haven't prayed before to pray to a God. They usually do memorized prayers here. Or the follow someone. So every once and awhile in first lessons the people repeat what you say. Even if you tell them that we don't do that. They still do it. haha! really funny.

So we also had a devotional on Friday. It was a missionary who served here 35 years ago. He is in the bishopric of President Seniors ward in Arizona. It was an awesome Devotional and fun to here about why Thailand "Is the Best Mission in the World" haha. I am pretty sure most people say that about where they serve. But he had good points to share on why it was. I won't go into them but they where just about being diligent and hardworking and patient...etc. Really cool to see how much the church has grown here in 35 years. But in reality still the same Thailand we know today. People still have the same excuses at the doors. and everything. 

So funny story about patience.  So anyway we call the Old Grandma's here. Khun Yay's? Why it means like You Big. I guess old people. But anyway. While inviting this week, we ran into three of them. All said the same thing. So the story goes as the following..."Hello" How are you Khun Yay" Khun Yay says, "Not home" We say your home" She says, "I am a ghost" We say, " Can we give you a card." Khun Yay, "Not Home" We say, "Bye" Next house almost same story but instead of saying a ghost she said, "I don't know anything, I'm old" On the last house right when she said, "Not home" We just walked away. haha! Old people are so stubborn here. But it is really funny. The funny thing all these stories happened in a matter of 15 minutes so. Ya fun stuff. So anyway ya that is it for fun story of the week.

Ok so Anyway, fun stuff Yupin is getting married this week. And should be getting baptized in a week or so. So mom, ask her about it. Eli finally came back. I am so sad I missed it. But I also guess Best from my last area also has a date. So pretty awesome stuff. Our only two progressing investigators from last transfer are most likely getting Baptized. So exciting.

So today we are going to go to the Wax Museum up in Siam the Mall. Should be really fun I don't have any pictures of importance today, so i will send some next week.

Anywho that is about it. It only rained once this week. That I can remember. So yes good stuff. It is super hot and I sweat like a boss everyday.

Sounds like everyone is doing great.  I have a testimony I know that the church is true! And that it is important to be patient because we need to face trials and adversity with patience that the Lord will help us through. I love this Church and I know that through everything we go through the Lord is there helping us.


Elder Landon Simonsen

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