Monday, October 29, 2012

Street Contacting!

Hello Family, 

Well I am really proud of my family today! Everyone is doing missionary work! I could say I have the best family ever.  My December transfer day is the 20th. That is a day before the end of the world. So that will be fun. I can't believe Transfers are already coming up the next week. Wow. Crazy. This transfer has gone by super fast! But we are doing good.

Pretty crazy stuff so anyway this week We got another dater her name is Gaw she is cool. She came to church yesterday and is really cool. She wants to get baptized as soon as possible. haha! really fun stuff. Go actually didn't get baptized this past week. He is for sure this Sunday. He moved it himself because he wanted his girlfriend and his Nephew who he referred to us the past week (Oat) to be at the baptism. It is truly awesome stuff. I am really excited. Although Oat is moving back to the South of Thailand where currently we don't have missionaries. But I am pretty sure we will start to move missionaries down there by the end of my mission. We have a unit down in Pu Khet that is doing really well. A unit is a kind of branch. No missionaries. And it isn't in a District or Stake. So anyway we hopefully want to teach Oat while he is up here. We actually will be hopefully extending a date to Pii this week he is awesome. He is really interested in the church he comes to church every week, but unfortunately he works really early to really late. So we can't meet him besides the day he has off. Which is Sunday. So at least that is good.

So anyway inviting was really hard for us a few weeks ago. So we started to do something else. "The Stand" at the local grocery market/thing on the corner where a bunch of people set up shops and sell stuff. So anyway we set up and we handed out 6 BoM's and got 3 return appointments and 4 Potentials. But overall really good. That is actually where Gaw came from. So it worked. Very awesome. We also went to the Naval Park so we ride our bikes around the park. Stop talk to people and then sometimes we get off and talk and walk. Maybe play some Bacchi Ball with some Drunk guys.:) haha. really fun. Anyway we talked to allot of people this week. It was really fun. And produced a lot more results than basically walking door to door.

This week we also have been visiting a lot of members. We were encouraged to start visting. And suprise!! Members started giving us food when we visit. haha. I guess sometimes it is inviting ourselves over. But hey. The members are so great here. They are really some of the nicest people I have ever met. This past week. I had my first Lasagna since last year. We went to Brother Bomb's and Sister Gai. Really cool. Brother Bomb used to play in a band and he always plays sweet songs on his guitar for us. He loves Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift. But also the Beatles and The Eagles. He is really cool. HIs family is awesome. We visit lots of people now days. We have had some good food too. So that is fun.

Well we also got a Senior Couple in our ward! yay! They are really cool! The Marvel's the are really cool. I got to translate most of church for them. I am pretty sure that they will be here. For a while! They are really nice and are from Weber. They are really fun and lively! Which makes me think! Grandma and Grandpa Ford should go on a mission! That would be awesome!

Ok well anyway we are going to go hit up the bowling alley today. Two games for 4 dollars on Monday! so yes fun stuff. The pictures I attached are of the Person I baptized this week. Sister Gwong (The sister investigator) But since it was a last minute thing she wanted the "The Big Elder Siam" to do it. haha! She thinks my name is Siam. She is awesome. For some reason people want the Big person to give baptism. Whatever. We are going to actually try and have Brother Bomb baptize Go. So that will be cool.

Ok so to answer questions, I never get used to the heat here. I am pretty sure I won't. I sweat so much. They actually had a Halloween Party in the Asok Ward. A White Member threw the Party I guess. But the missionaries serving up there got to go. They don't trick or treat here. Manly because you probably shouldn't be out trick or treating late at night. Everyone knows nothing good happens at night:) People still have Halloween parties, it just isn't celebrated across the country. Manily only in Bangkok. So anyway ya thats about it.

I hope you all have a great day! Love you all!

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